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The word Carasco has a web popularity of 1740000 pages.


What means Carasco?
The meaning of Carasco is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Carasco is today a center of handicraft and industrial activity.
Carasco is in charge of work at calakmul and can be reached at inah merida.
Carasco is played by steven becker and the padre being played by charlie kay.
Carasco is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful listener.
Carasco is centre of industrial and handicraft activities.
Carasco is quite the tigress when it comes to her son.
Carasco is a professor of law at the university of windsor and has been a dynamic force in pushing the issues of educational and employment equity on.

What is the origin of name Carasco? Probably France or UK.

Carasco spelled backwards is Ocsarac
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Acoracs Asarocc Arocsac Rascoac Coacasr Caorcas Rocasac Sacocra Arsaocc Acarocs Osracac
Misspells: Csrasco Catasco Calasco Caasco Caraco Carascoa Craasco Carasoc Caracso

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Carasco Carasco Carasco Carasco Carasco

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