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The word Cortina has a web popularity of 58500000 pages.


What means Cortina?
The meaning of Cortina is unknown.

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...Cortina is without doubt the most beautiful and by chris daw on feb.
Cortina is the charming italian mountain resort host of the olympic games in 1956.
Cortina is one such physical modification that has evolved for protection of the developing gills.
Cortina is an ongoing project and that we are continually improving the spellchecker.
Cortina is one of the major features of the genus cortinarius.
Cortina is an ideal place for those who love excursions.
Cortina is more than just a tale about a best selling motor car.
Cortina is a hotel of upper medium class with cultivated atmosphere.
Cortina is not to be spent under the banner of sport only.
Cortina is the place to shop and relax in the italian sun.

What is the origin of name Cortina? Probably Italy or Spain.

Cortina spelled backwards is Anitroc
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Ritoacn Oitranc Oranitc Rtinaoc Naoctir Acintor Racoitn Ricaton Itnacro Oritacn Tcorani Niratco Intoacr
Misspells: Cortins Cottina Corttina Cortyna Coltina Cotina Cortinaa Crotina Cortian Cortnia

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