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The word Felix has a web popularity of 239000000 pages.


What means Felix?

The meaning of Felix is: Happy And Prosperous

per audun skulstad says: the name skulstad comes from a place between Bergen and Voss, Skulestadmo.

felix ijeh says: This is really interesting.

felix says: felix is latin, not russian or french. Why do you guys have to spread ignorance like that..?

Onome Felix Owholo says: Felix means happiness. Those called Felix are always happy no matter what!

Web synthesis about this name:

...Felix is welcomed into our lady of loretto church in cold.
Felix is radically different in his abilities from the boy we met on tuesday.
Felix is now of a size easiest to carry with no hands.
Felix is welcomed into our lady of loretto church in cold spring.
Felix is multimedia information authoring and management tool designed to facilitate the sharing of complex patient and process information across networks.
Felix is challenged to a fight by a hockey player who thinks felix is flirting with his girlfriend.
Felix is traveling to meet the father he never knew.
Felix is duped into taking a trip to mars and being forced to work in a martian task force.
Felix is stranded on mars and alerts the local population to his presence.
Felix is ready to greet your day with a smile on this good.

What is the origin of name Felix? Probably France or Russia.

Felix spelled backwards is Xilef
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Fexil Lxief Lexif Lifex Elfix Ilxef Xlefi Ixefl Fliex Elxif Ixlef Xlife Fxile Xefli
Misspells: Fellix Felyx Felixa Fleix Felxi Feilx

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