Foster - details and analysis   

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The word Foster has a web popularity of 326000000 pages.


What means Foster?

The meaning of Foster is: Of The Woods

Web synthesis about this name:

...Foster is senior scientist and associate director of the.
Foster is directing leadership studies graduate program foster has been a member of the state council of higher education in virginia and is presently a member.
Foster is senior scientist and associate director of the mathematics and computer science division at argonne national laboratory.
Foster is named executive director of syndication services at pbs.
Foster is not allowed to solicit prostitutes and then kill them to get his money back.
Foster is renowned for his ability to write bestselling novels in an incredibly diverse range of genres.
Foster is a dynamic new business founded to deliver a major public service.
Foster is hot to deliver in 1999 on one of the promises left from his 1995 campaign for governor.
Foster is defined as a member of pvpc or other individual responsible for the day.
Foster is also well known nationally and internationally for the network of executive women it has nurtured over the past nine years.

What is the origin of name Foster? Probably UK or New Zealand.

Foster spelled backwards is Retsof
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Forset Rsefto Otrefs Sterfo Roftes Rfesot Troesf Etrofs Forets
Misspells: Fostet Fostter Fostel Foste Foter Fostera Fsoter Fostre Fosetr

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