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The word Giordani has a web popularity of 7120000 pages.


What means Giordani?
The meaning of Giordani is unknown.

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...Giordani is a member in the financial executives institute.
Giordani is pointing out something to his manicurist.
Giordani is best known in venezuela for having authored a college text that holds up north korea as an example to follow.
Giordani is not the kind of person to shy away from a challenge.
Giordani is a true leftist fundamentalist on economic matters who as recent as 1995 was praising the succes of the north korean economy in his academic.
Giordani is back as executive vice president and cfo at icn pharmaceuticals inc.
Giordani is a consultant to high net worth individuals.
Giordani is a new member of the advisory council of the investment management consultants association.
Giordani is to present a lecture on granular synthesis to the faculty of electrical engineering at the university of perugia.
Giordani is scheduled to sing mario cavaradossi in a performance of tosca at the wiener staatsoper.

What is the origin of name Giordani? Probably Italy or France.

Giordani spelled backwards is Inadroig
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Oigarind Rodagnii Dorinaig Idgoinar Rdaogiin
Misspells: Giordsni Giotdani Gyordani Gioldani Giodani Giordania Goirdani Giordain Giordnai

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