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The word Graef has a web popularity of 10900000 pages.


What means Graef?
The meaning of Graef is unknown.

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...Graef is the creator and series producer of in search of law and order.
Graef is evaluating transgenic soybean lines that clemente developed.
Graef is a distinguished military graduate of the university of texas at austin with a bachelor of arts degree in classical archaeology.
Graef is an associate clinical professor of pediatrics at harvard medical school.
Graef is adjunct assistant professor of horn at the depauw university school of music.
Graef is currently assistant principal horn of the indianapolis symphony orchestra.
Graef is a documentary filmmaker and an expert of the penal system.
Graef is having to add teaching and rebuilding to her list of coaching duties.
Graef is the fourth woman in new england division iii history to win 400 matches.
Graef is een voor deze streek karakteristieke boerderij.

What is the origin of name Graef? Probably Belgium or Germany.

Graef spelled backwards is Fearg
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Reagf Aferg Arfeg Ragef Gafer Farge Egafr Erfag Gaerf Rafeg Efarg Faegr Gfear
Misspells: Grsef Gtaef Glaef Gaef Graefa Garef Grafe Greaf

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