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The word Helfrich has a web popularity of 395000 pages.


What means Helfrich?

The meaning of Helfrich is: help, support / rich, powerful, power

Lynne Helfrich says: It is a grand name! I love finding others with it. I wonder if they pronounce it "frich" or "frick" though?

Tom Helfrich says: This last name is almost certainly of German (or Dutch) origin [? French ? Very doubtful, unless one is referring to the Alsace-Lorraine wine region]. The (modern) German word "hilfreich" means (auf englisch) "helpful."

Peggy Helfrich Pike says: Well according to the family tree my husband and I have been working on it's German and migrating in to the Netherlandsand also England before coming across the ocean. There are different variation of the Spelling. Like Helferich,Helfferich and Helffrich. I was told by my Dad that it was his Grandfather who changed the spelling to Helfrich his Name was John Ralph.If any one out there can help me find more about finding out where I mite find some of my I guess you would call them distant relatives I would be so pleased.I also will share any thing we have.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Helfrich is like finding out that the most friendly person at the neighborhood pub is also the smartest.
Helfrich is actively engaged in fisheries research at the virginia tech recirculating aquaculture center and participates in virginia tech cfast programs.
Helfrich is a mediator approved by the hamilton county court of domestic relations.
Helfrich is the development manager for the drug discovery and development applications group at nugenesis technologies corporation.
Helfrich is licensed to work on a variety of aircraft and aircraft components.
Helfrich is a former american lawyer who has a criminal record and is representing himself in a trial.
Helfrich is in custody and is slated for a bail hearing on sept.
Helfrich is a 1975 graduate of the minneapolis college of art and design.
Helfrich is vice president of applied technology responsible for managing a worldwide team of pre.
Helfrich is the national account manager at verizon logistics ers.

What is the origin of name Helfrich? Probably France or Germany.

Helfrich spelled backwards is Hcirfleh
This name has 8 letters: 2 vowels (25.00%) and 6 consonants (75.00%).

Misspells: Helftich Hellfrich Helfrych Helflich Helfich Helfricha Hlefrich Helfrihc Helfrcih

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