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The word Idowu has a web popularity of 2520000 pages.


What means Idowu?

The meaning of Idowu is: Being born after twins

Idowu says: Idowu is a Nigerian name. Precisely a name among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. It is called Idowu to indicate the child who follows twins 'Taiwo' and 'Kehinde'. Idowu is considered as occupying a strategic position since he/she follows a twins The common appellation for Idowu is 'Idowu ogbo, abikerewu l'eti. B'o ba sun lo, a si maa ja'to' (Translation: Some of the words are deep Yoruba and cannot be easily translated) A common nickname for anyone called Idowu is 'ID Noble' shortened as ID. The origin of such appellation is unknown to me. That is all I can add about Idowu for now

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What is the origin of name Idowu? Probably Nigeria or UK.

Idowu spelled backwards is Uwodi
This name has 5 letters: 3 vowels (60.00%) and 2 consonants (40.00%).

Anagrams: Iduwo Ouwdi Oduwi Owidu Doiwu Woudi Uodiw Wudio Iowdu Douwi Wuodi Uowid Iuwod Udiow
Misspells: Ydowu Idovvu Idowua Iodwu Idouw Idwou

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