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The word Khouri has a web popularity of 682000 pages.


What means Khouri?
The meaning of Khouri is unknown.

Rene says: The meaning of "Khouri" is priest in Arabic (El-Khoury, El-Khouri, Elkhouri, ElKhoury, Kouri, Koury, Kori, Khori)

Web synthesis about this name:

...Khouri is an associate professor of medicine at the university of texas md anderson cancer center in houston.
Khouri is responsible for all banking relationships.
Khouri is also a skilled producer and director as well as a teacher and a broadcaster.
Khouri is a member of over 20 medical and scientific societies and has served on many of their committees.
Khouri is very much in demand by the top universities and think tanks in the world.
Khouri is well qualified to address these questions.
Khouri is the former editor of the jordan times and currently a syndicated political columnist.
Khouri is the relative nonchalance with which the us now views the troubling.
Khouri is certified by the american board of ophthalmology and is a fellow of the american academy of ophthalmology.
Khouri is fully versed in the latest techniques of cataract surgery.

What is the origin of name Khouri? Probably France or UK.

Khouri spelled backwards is Iruohk
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Khioru Iorkuh Huirko Houkri Ourikh Ihkuro Ikorhu Ikrohu Hroiku Hiokru Uroikh Uihrok Ukoihr Ruihko Khiruo
Misspells: Khouti Khoury Khouli Khoui Khouria Kohuri Khouir Khorui

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