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The word Krim has a web popularity of 34100000 pages.


What means Krim?
The meaning of Krim is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Krim is going to analyse the consequences of an accelerated sea.
Krim is awarded the presidential medal of freedom by president clinton.
Krim is a fiery warrior and lover that would make even her hero.
Krim is developing an image compression system based on mathematical computations.
Krim is een schiereiland dat de zee van azov afscheidt van de zwarte zee.
Krim is a frequent contributor to the steinbeck newsletter.
Krim is finally ripening funny it starts orange like a red tomato and is getting red all of my othere blacks did not have this hue.
Krim is getting a little tired of playing second fiddle to her admirers and insists he is dating other girls and has no intention of marrying her right.
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Krim is founding chairman and chairman of the board amfar.

What is the origin of name Krim? Probably France or Algeria.

Krim spelled backwards is Mirk
This name has 4 letters: 1 vowels (25.00%) and 3 consonants (75.00%).

Anagrams: Rmik Mirk Rikm Rimk Kmir Mkir
Misspells: Ktim Krym Klim Kim Krima Kirm Krmi

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Krim Krim Krim Krim Krim

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