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The word Loubser has a web popularity of 539000 pages.


What means Loubser?
The meaning of Loubser is unknown.

Petrus Loubser says: According to my parents it is of Swiss heritage and loubser means pruning scissors or secateurs. The first loubser to arrive in South Africa was a horticulturist. None of this has been confirmed.

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...Loubser is an archaeologist and rock art specialist at new south associates in atlanta.
Loubser is to strike a balance between making it easy for companies to come to the market and enforcing good corporate governance when they do.
Loubser is in 1990 aangestel as bestuurder van die tafel.
Loubser is extending standards and infrastructure to the rest of the continent.
Loubser is now with a us cultural resource management company in georgia.
Loubser is correct with regards to the limited amount of application software available for linux.
Loubser is a member of the european society for immunodeficiency and has a number of european and american research collaborations.
Loubser is dit ironies dat sy die minste samewerking van die politieke verenigings op kampus kry.
Loubser is dedicating much of his life to becoming a better player.
Loubser is busy working toward the development of a bone.

What is the origin of name Loubser? Probably UK or South Africa.

Loubser spelled backwards is Resbuol
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Olrubes Usborle Osburel Ubserol Bsuelro Robselu Urlosbe Reluobs Sberluo Bloures Rsuolbe Seborlu
Misspells: Loubset Lloubser Loubsel Loubse Louber Loubsera Luobser Loubsre Loubesr

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