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The word Majumdar has a web popularity of 5360000 pages.


What means Majumdar?
The meaning of Majumdar is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Majumdar is currently a professor and the vice chair of the dept.
Majumdar is another entrant in the new small magazine arena.
Majumdar is a scientist and head of aerial image exploitation laboratory.
Majumdar is an associate professor with the department of systems and computer engineering at carleton university in ottawa.
Majumdar is working on developments that could lead.
Majumdar is a frequent accompanist to the great ravi shankar and he performed with shankar and philippe glass on the bmg album.
Majumdar is looking at how complementary strands of dna might be used as transports and glue for assembling inorganic.
Majumdar is tackling this through the mechanics of molecules.
Majumdar is also interested in stainless steel and permalloys.
Majumdar is board certified in family practice and is a member of the american academy of family physicians.

What is the origin of name Majumdar? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Majumdar spelled backwards is Radmujam
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Jamduram Mduajarm Mjuamadr
Misspells: Msjumdar Majumdat Majumdal Majumda Majumdara Mjaumdar Majumdra Majumadr

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Majumdar Majumdar Majumdar Majumdar Majumdar

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Karobi Majumdar
Sohini Sircar Majumdar
Rina Majumdar
Kajal Majumdar
Payel Majumdar
Proma Majumdar
Bratati Majumdar
Pushpendu Majumdar
Romi Majumdar
Prayash Majumdar
Tapesh Majumdar
Arjya Majumdar
Nitai Majumdar
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Koustav Majumdar
Bishnu Majumdar
Mrinal Majumdar
Kanishka Majumdar
Devashish Majumdar
Shyam Majumdar
Sraman Majumdar
Saumitra Majumdar
Megha Majumdar
Sudeepa Ghosh Majumdar
Akhilesh Majumdar
Prabal Majumdar
Joy Brata Majumdar
Prateek Basu Majumdar
Angshul Majumdar
Paromita Majumdar
Abhishek Kar Majumdar
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Irani Majumdar
Rintu Majumdar
Jay Majumdar
Ruby Majumdar
Rajita Majumdar
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Aleena Majumdar
Rajbibar Majumdar
Karuna Majumdar
Dhrubajyoti Majumdar
Angshuman Basu Majumdar
Elina Majumdar Majumdar
Somen Majumdar