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The word Mansilla has a web popularity of 9130000 pages.


What means Mansilla?
The meaning of Mansilla is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Mansilla is probably the only argentinean woman writer who fits almost perfectly in the generation of 1880.
Mansilla is proud of the neat little apartment she lives in now.
Mansilla is a spanish sociologist and journalist specializing in fashion.
Mansilla is still feeling the effects of the shooting.
Mansilla is losing hope of ever seeing her island paradise again.
Mansilla is a research coordinator at harvard project zero.
Mansilla is a senior lecturer in the department of linguistic applied to science and technology at the polytechnic university of madrid.
Mansilla is a member of the intelligent systems research group at enginyeria i arquitectura la salle.
Mansilla is technical director of robisan laboratory inc.
Mansilla is survived by two brothers and two sisters.

What is the origin of name Mansilla? Probably Chile or Argentina.

Mansilla spelled backwards is Allisnam
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Lamsinla Lmiasanl Alnalism Nimlaals Insallam Ilmalasn
Misspells: Msnsilla Mansillla Mansylla Manilla Mansillaa Mnasilla Mansilal

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