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The word Merlo has a web popularity of 27400000 pages.


What means Merlo?
The meaning of Merlo is unknown.

Len says: In Sicily the word Merlo is a Raven/Myna bird that can be taught to mimic speech. where my name came from

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...Merlo is also called villa de merlo is about 625 miles west of buenos aires in the province of san luis.
Merlo is placed close by the sierras de los comechingones in san luis province at 780 km from the city of buenos aires.
Merlo is about 625 miles west of buenos aires in the province of san luis.
Merlo is named director of the penn institute for economic research.
Merlo is presenting a unique new product at the agritechnica 2001.
Merlo is also present with sister companies in germany.
Merlo is thirtyfive years old but certainly does not look it.
Merlo is unmistakable in the unique expressions of our 1999 merlot.
Merlo is writing his songs since he was 15 years old.
Merlo is a full time licensed real estate broker with 11 years experience in the south florida real estate market.

What is the origin of name Merlo? Probably Italy or France.

Merlo spelled backwards is Olrem
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Meolr Rolem Reolm Lroem Mrole Oreml Loemr Leorm Erolm Lorem Molre
Misspells: Metlo Merllo Mello Melo Merloa Mrelo Merol Melro

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