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The word Montero has a web popularity of 84,900,000 pages.


What means Montero?
The meaning of Montero is unknown.

Oscar Barreda Montero says: I from cancun mexico

antolin montero says: my fathers last name is montero and he is from pachuca hidalgo mexico

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...Montero is completely redesigned for the 2001 model year.
Montero is refreshingly retro compared with other suvs.
Montero is a vast improvement over the last generation.
Montero is now one of the most advanced suv in america.
Montero is regarded as one of the most cynical players in world football.
Montero is one of the most versatile and successful trucks in its category.
Montero is considered by a majority of drivers as the most desirable and reliable vehicle for the haitian road.
Montero is at a disadvantage in the us market against such v8.
Montero is leading the effort in colorado to replace failing bilingual education programs with english immersion classes.
Montero is completely new from the aggressive front end to the spare tire.

What is the origin of name Montero? Probably Chile or Spain.

Montero spelled backwards is Oretnom
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Moroten Orteomn Etonmor Moneotr Omreotn Troemon Rotomne Troemno Eornomt Moonert Nmertoo Netomor Meonotr
Misspells: Monteto Monttero Montelo Monteo Monteroa Mnotero Monteor Montreo

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