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The word Oros has a web popularity of 11100000 pages.


What means Oros?

The meaning of Oros is: from the hungarian word orosz russian

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...Oros is governed by a board of directors consisting of three directors from the four quadrants of the state and two at.
Oros is now a worldwide solution and service provider for the high technological.
Oros is recognized as a leader in the market of noise and vibration analyses.
Oros is minority leader of the republican membership.
Oros is chairman of the boards special committee on economic development.
Oros is a registered trademark or trademark of abc technologies.
Oros is a specialist on the international and comparative politics of east asia and the advanced industrial democracies.
Oros is founder and chief executive officer of aether systems.
Oros is that it lets you build models very quickly and bring results to management in the language that management understands.
Oros is a registered trademark of sas institute in the united states and other countries.

What is the origin of name Oros? Probably Romania or Russia.

Oros spelled backwards is Soro
This name has 4 letters: 2 vowels (50.00%) and 2 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Orso Roso Rsoo Oosr Soro Roos Osor Sroo Soor
Misspells: Otos Olos Oos Oro Orosa Oors Orso

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