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What means Rasmussen?
The meaning of Rasmussen is unknown.

Peter Rasmussen says: "Sen" at the ends means "son of" in Danish...

Payton Lynn Rasmussen says: Hi, my grandparents are Julia Ann Rasmussen (Judy) and Dean Rasmussen

Georg L Rasmussen says: Rasmus is a man's name derives from the Latin name "Erasmus", which means "loved", "lovable." "Sen" means son of. So Rasmussen means "son of the loved one".

Web synthesis about this name:

...Rasmussen is the reinhold niebuhr professor of social ethics at union theological seminary.
Rasmussen is the quality control specialist for products and employees for illy expresso of america.
Rasmussen is experienced in all aspects of estate planning.
Rasmussen is a nationally recognized talent who participates in juried fine art shows.
Rasmussen is president of the badminton club and a member of the bridge club and habitat for humanity.
Rasmussen is probably one of the best rackets produced ever by carlton.
Rasmussen is a scientific advisor for research on african elephants there.
Rasmussen is attempting to accelerate an improvement in sino.
Rasmussen is not a particularly charismatic political leader.
Rasmussen is realistic about the current fixation on teen bands.

What is the origin of name Rasmussen? Probably Denmark or Norway.

Rasmussen spelled backwards is Nessumsar
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Ssumnersa Rsasumnes Mnassuers
Misspells: Rssmussen Tasmussen Lasmussen Asmussen Ramussen Rasmussena Rsamussen Rasmussne Rasmusesn

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Niels Hartvig Rasmussen
Jed Rasmussen
Kenneth Lunby Rasmussen
Chadric Rasmussen
Tine Ibman Rasmussen
Louise Top Rasmussen
Anders Thyme Rasmussen
Mona Rasmussen
Lisabeth Rasmussen
Anya Rasmussen
Kikki Rasmussen
Betina Melgaard Rasmussen
Pernilla Rasmussen
Leda Grace Rasmussen
Torben Buch Rasmussen
Kathrine Rasmussen
Mads Olander Rasmussen
Jeppe Rasmussen
Bibi Lund Rasmussen
Claus Hs Rasmussen
Ivan Rasmussen
Jennine Rasmussen
Henning R. Rasmussen
Jane Lemley Rasmussen
Mie Gyldendal Rasmussen
Leif Dorph Rasmussen
Kaspar Rasmussen
Morten Maagaard Rasmussen
Lone Bruun Rasmussen
Randi Rasmussen
Ryman Rasmussen
Marife B. Rasmussen
Curtis Rasmussen
Thomas Deleuran Rasmussen
Elmarie Rasmussen
Annette S. Rasmussen
Kasper Medum Rasmussen
Aage Japhetson Rasmussen
Christina Allum Rasmussen
Jayme Rasmussen
Peter K. Rasmussen
Chrissy Rasmussen
Gene Rasmussen
Bertel Rasmussen
Christina Roslev Rasmussen
Anita Pihl Rasmussen
Christian Hove Rasmussen
Homere Rasmussen
Carsten Schou Rasmussen
Soren Jarnum Rasmussen
Benny J. Rasmussen
Richard E. Rasmussen
Rl Rasmussen
Rasmus Nyboe Rasmussen
Kjersti Rasmussen
Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen
Michelle Aarenstrup Rasmussen
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Carlos Rasmussen
Bine Rasmussen
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Ilona Rasmussen
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Rasmus Thirsgaard Rasmussen
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Malene Bladt Rasmussen
Beau Rasmussen
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Lilli Thorndal Rasmussen
Erik Elmer Rasmussen