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The word Sanyal has a web popularity of 405000 pages.


What means Sanyal?
The meaning of Sanyal is unknown.

Maitra says: I belong to the Maitra clan

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sanyal is a highly respected scholar with some exciting ideas about the future of urban planning.
Sanyal is an exponent of the new wave that has hit the arena of bengali films in the recent times.
Sanyal is chair of the department of urban studies and planning at mit.
Sanyal is the first indian artist to receive this honour.
Sanyal is a recent graduate of waterloo mechanical engineering.
Sanyal is a software developer for the db2 udb application development team at the ibm toronto lab.
Sanyal is a member of core committee overseeing this program and will teach both bis597 and bis591 courses.
Sanyal is independently funded by the nih for his studies on portal hypertension.
Sanyal is assistant professor of french at the university of california.
Sanyal is continuing her training in music under smt.

What is the origin of name Sanyal? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Sanyal spelled backwards is Laynas
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Salnay Lnasya Aylasn Anysal Nyalsa Lasyan Lsanay Lnyasa Ylaans Lynsaa Salayn
Misspells: Ssnyal Sanyall Sanial Anyal Sanyala Snayal Sanyla Sanayl

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Rachel Sanyal
Utpal Sanyal
Rebanta Sanyal
Biaas Sanyal
Unmisha Sanyal
Kailash Sanyal
Asim Sanyal
Suchismita Sanyal
Partha Pratim Sanyal
Surendra Sanyal
Sonia Sanyal
Haripodo Sanyal
Jayeeta Sanyal
Jaya Sanyal
Pundarik Sanyal
Ishani Sanyal
Subhasish Tapaswi Sanyal
Kanu Sanyal
Saumya Sanyal
Satya Sanyal
Pausali Sanyal
Kasturi Sanyal
Amba Sanyal
Sanchita Sanyal
Prithviraj Sanyal
Saswata Prasad Sanyal
Rathin Sanyal
Ravi Sanyal
Sudeepa Sanyal
Arnab Sanyal
Satyajit Sanyal
Jagannath Sanyal
Sujata Sanyal
Sukanta Sanyal
Nila Sanyal
Protima Sanyal
Arnab Kumar Sanyal
Sunipa Sanyal
Shan Sanyal
Ankana Sanyal
Milan K. Sanyal
Sangita Sanyal
Anirudhya Sanyal
Amalendu Sanyal
Siddhartha Saran Sanyal
Manash Sanyal
Aneesh Sanyal
Bob Sanyal
Mithu Sanyal
Priyasi Sanyal
Subhrajit Sanyal
Avijit Sanyal
Payel Sanyal