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The word Severin has a web popularity of 69700000 pages.


What means Severin?

The meaning of Severin is: Strict

alexa says: where does it come from?

Severin Meiland says: Severin coes from "severe" strict, or adament

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...Severin is a eighth grader at oec in his spare time he plays roller hockey and is a member of the local boy scout troop.
Severin is internationally renowned physician and assistant professor at the university of.
Severin is a member of the romanian chamber of deputies and member of the foreign affairs committee of the romanian parliament.
Severin is internationally renowned physician and assistant professor at the university of california.
Severin is situated is shaped like a stepped amphitheater descending from nnw to sse.
Severin is back with this revealing look at the world behind that most famous of defoe.
Severin is a researcher at the university of alaska fairbanks.
Severin is known for her succinct poetry and her love of nature which is evident in her most recent chapbook atatawi.
Severin is us and canadian representative for jaeger.
Severin is available for lectures and has an archive of still photographs and documentary films covering his various voyages.

What is the origin of name Severin? Probably France or Romania.

Severin spelled backwards is Nireves
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Vreensi Erevnis Evnires Verines Ineserv Visreen Ervisne Neerisv Nisveer Evrensi Esevnir
Misspells: Sevetin Severyn Sewerin Sevelin Sevein Everin Severina Sveerin Severni Seveirn

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