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The word Urbano has a web popularity of 152000000 pages.


What means Urbano?

The meaning of Urbano is: From The City

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...Urbano is a regional rail transit system currently under development and construction in san juan.
Urbano is the backbone of the regional transportation plan that will provide the island.
Urbano is to develop the next generation of puerto rican professionals who will continue the task of championing the.
Urbano is designed to bring a new mode of transportation to the most congested sections of the san juan metropolitan area.
Urbano is an oval laid exactly along the lines of the old ingleside racetrack.
Urbano is the largest infrastructure project being built in puerto rico.
Urbano is a very international undertaking requiring.
Urbano is mistaken when he says minority organizations are formed to promote difference.
Urbano is advised that the procurement of foreign steel constitutes a violation of the buy america requirements that should be remedied promptly.
Urbano is a publication specialized in urban investigation.

What is the origin of name Urbano? Probably Italy or Spain.

Urbano spelled backwards is Onabru
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Urobna Obnuar Raonub Bourna Rbauno Banour Oruanb Robuna Anbour Obanur Ruoban Auborn Oaburn Naorub Raboun Uronab
Misspells: Urbsno Utbano Ulbano Ubano Urbanoa Ubrano Urbaon Urbnao

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