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The word Whitmire has a web popularity of 3020000 pages.


What means Whitmire?
The meaning of Whitmire is unknown.

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...Whitmire is vice chairman of the senate criminal justice committee and serves on the senate intergovernmental relations committee and the.
Whitmire is nationally and internationally recognized as an authority on the application and interpretation of ansi.
Whitmire is considered for city school board by stephanie k.
Whitmire is a native of virginia attended roanoke college in salem.
Whitmire is vice chair of senate criminal justice committee and serves on the senate finance committee and the senate intergovernmental.
Whitmire is president of the northwest ohio amateur baseball league and the northwest ohio director of usssa baseball.
Whitmire is a senior fellow at the james macgregor burns academy of leadership at the university of maryland.
Whitmire is director of national programs at the james macgregor burns academy of leadership.
Whitmire is also on the faculty of virginia episcopal seminary and is music director at st.
Whitmire is vice chairman of senate criminal justice committee and serves on the senate finance committee and the senate.

What is the origin of name Whitmire? Probably Germany or Greece.

Whitmire spelled backwards is Erimtihw
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Ihwiterm Mitrihew Rimehitw Rhiitwem Tmiiwehr
Misspells: Whitmite Whittmire Whytmire Vvhitmire Whitmile Whitmie Whitmirea Wihtmire Whitmier Whitmrie

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