Want to explore more of your magic knowledge and hence, start and necromancy business?

Well, that’s absolutely a wonderful decision!

Yet such unique businesses have their own hurdles like naming it but don’t let your hopes down as we will provide you with the best necromancer name ideas.

A necromancer doesn’t deal with common magic, but black magic and connecting themselves to dead bodies.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Not everyone can claim to be a necromancer.

Hence if you are one, you need to make sure that you give your best in all its aspects.

This article is the solution for all the budding necromancers out there searching for an identity for their new venture.

Let’s get a look over what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Best necromancers name ideas
  • Female necromancer name ideas
  • Male necromancer name ideas
  • Diablo 3 necromancer name ideas
  • Frequently asked questions

Let’s straight-up move to them!


Having the knowledge of wizards, supernatural magic is very attractive and exciting, hence becoming a full-time necromancer can be a really good thought.

Just like others, here also the stress of naming remains constant! So here are some ideas to involve in  necromancer names:

  1. This field shouts horror and fright. Since it’s more related to a horror genre, hence try to include such spookiness in your name! Indulge attributes that are scary and terrifying!
  1. Admit it, your main season would be Halloween, when there is a spooky and ghostly environment all around! Hence your name can be Halloween based too or Samhain, Celtic festival of the summer, that’s mainly connected to Halloween only.
  1. Your name can also be after the mythical creatures from all around the world or haunting gods. After all, all your teachings and scriptures are based on them only. So, why not acknowledge them and gain more inspiration!

All these ideas can be amazing for a new necromancer. Applying them is easy enough and doesn’t take much effort!

Look at some best necromancer names that you could go for.


Krebea The DeadthwhisperMoxuara The AbominationAniobea The ReviverVriovris The Deathstorm
Pibea of evil MaleficumTuroti The Devil stormZragrid The RottingBrisin Morte the deathwhisper
Moughana The MadWromira Howling UmbraMargery Daw darkeMerlin the Mad
Antioch Peverell VerminBob Ogden nightmareRehagan The RottingDoyus The Evil
Cuthbert KarkaroffDoge The Evil SpiritIgor Binns The DeadAmare The Sineater
Salazar Swine SlytherinColin cold CreeveyYireas The Evil SpiritConstructor of dead evils
Morag of HallowXeixaura devil IncarnateMayfair Witches of deathlandStoxiem evil Vacuity
Dead Mad FlandersPablo Swine NecrobarConstance Hardbroom MadChiothum The Necromancer
Vrazhar The NecromancerWrakar The RottingFester The BlightWoqurThe Paranoid
Xexhin The SineaterThe Evil DecayerStoxiem The MadVemorn The Curropted
Shexor The CorpseAsedulus The UndertakerOdrovok The CorruptedKadulus The Crippled
Shalazar The MuteSeipent The EternalThe Eternal evilThe Black Evil
Spirit of deadsMolazr The DarkThe Dark nightmareThe Dark Vice
Striodan The DeathwhisperVaxir The ConstructedGelekai The DeathhandKredan The Necromancer
Vaudulus The HaggardThe Inquisitor of sinsKing of DeathlandVavash The Haggard
Gitic The DecayerNatulah The CorpseLocia The CorpsemakerThe evil Nightmare
Kragami the DecayerSoven The MuteSoven The MuteSoven The Mute
Turoti The RottingGreirina The MadChririna The DecomposerZareas The Blight
Moughana The AdeptNeilian The RottingCedrem Sanguis herminNeilian The Putrid
Sahilde The UndeadProviah The CorruptedCresin The DarkmasterNomirn The Necromancer

Looking at these samples will give you a kickstart towards brainstorming new ideas regarding your necromancy business!

But what if you want to highlight specifically regarding necromancer being a male or female?

Let’s learn all the secret tips and tricks involved!



Just like every other field, necromancy is also not only limited to males. And when it comes to females who indulge in witchcraft, it sounds so badass!

Most importantly, it appears that your name should be badass too so that your name is enough to express the fear!

Look at such tips that might give you ideas regarding female necromancer names :

  1. Women working in necromancy sounds both adventurous and beautiful! So, you can try to highlight such women empowerment in your name. It should be powerful enough to break up all the stereotypes associated with women like you!
  1. If you want the name to highlight your own personal identity, then you can go for naming it on yourself only! Go for full name then add a badass attribute that characterizes you and your skill. This would fulfill two purposes; people will get to know you by your name and they would act with you accordingly by that badass attribute!
  1. As a necromancer, it’s your duty to portray a clear meaning as to what necromancy is. Therefore, your necromancer name should be something that displays a clear virtue of necromancy and that itself answers to all the myths attached to this witchcraft.

Applying these tips, you will surely be able to think of brilliant ideas for your name.

For an easy start, have a look at these sample badass necromancer names for females.


Laverra The ReaperAmohilde MolderQueen of fire and bloodZelig La Croix
Stureas The UndeadVarotia The HallowedMallus The EvilPetra The Sineater
Egaevris GraemeGrebea The RisenVrotulah The UndeadPiocilia The Blight
Braucia HaggardStrureda The WraithMissDeathwhisperFeibetha The Paranoid
Kreiverra The ExaminerYaurina AlureUwradita AnatomyDead Grim Boulder
Nelian the undertakerDeadly Soul eaterThe Red Blood queenCresin The Darkmaster
Sahilde The CorpseDarky the MadQueen of deathlandGreirina The Shade
Emaress The nightmareRed dark shadowLaereda The deadthCroucrux The Reanimator
Gireas The MuteTaxis of the DeadYaurina Alure of EvilsPuness The Crippled
Moxaura The InsaneBeihilde the GorishThe Pumura CraneVourina The Decomposer
Kragami the DecayerRed bloody soulEcthrois Evil GravesVicious Blight Deathwhisper
Turoti The RottingThe ImmortalThe Lone Razorback swineFurry jester Hawk
Moughana The AdeptGreirina The MadStorm Cloud doomThe Canine Death Being
Sahilde The UndeadNeilian The RottingThe Ugly haunt devilFeline Evil whisper
Cupeth The RenovatorProviah The CorruptedWild Sun SwineWoqurThe Paranoid
Nazeebo The DarkNelian The NecromancerFester The BlightEdebrix The Soulreaper
Sharael The DemonAgner The SineaterStoxiem The MadParallel Howler Deathwhisper
Stepeste The SoulreaperWazor Dark NightshadeOdrovok The CorruptedMaxime The Deathwhisper
Strureda The WraithPitulah The Evil CorruptorThe Eternal evilPaxton Dark Rex
BoneDock Evil SaintDark EvilUmbraThe Dark nightmareVemorn The Curropted

This much variety is enough to get an idea of what is expected out of you while thinking of a female necromancer name!

Now, let’s head over to the male section of necromancy names!


As a male necromancer, you need to be extraordinary to outshine all others as mostly, through what we see, there are male necromancers.

Hence, you have high competition and you need to embrace it! To start with, you tend to have a strong name for yourself!

Let’s look at what can you choose:

  1. As a male necromancer, to make your name sound more dangerous and terrifying, you can associate it with devils and monsters that could scare the hell out of someone. This would make your name so impactful with less effort.
  1. It’s always safe to go on with some funny ideas! Necromancy is a really serious and intense field to enter, that’s what everyone perceives it to be. But if you want to change it and hold on to a unique approach, this is the time to go ahead with funny necromancer names. Some pun intended name won’t affect your motive, instead will give a new perspective to necromancy.
  1. Every necromancer has its own unique special power that actually paves its way to success. You can actually include such special power in your name. This would help in raising your spirit and motivate you to act wonderfully!

These tips would be a great help for you to proceed further in your name selection process.

For the time being, you can have look over some famous necromancer names that males can choose.



Wrauxir The CarverNaughrin CraftGidrex PayneZromien Whisper
Otauxor The AnimatorSadulus The MadGitos DreadmoreIstrozhul Crow
Laubres The ResurrectorLioxiem MagnusKroqur HaggardZrelos Whisper
Reidum The DecrepitCerow BlackhandShelazar SanguisVromek The Mad
Vioyor DictionCarius The HarvesterHidhos IncarnateNanus The Paranoid
Shoucrux SanguineKeghrin The MaggotDizis HaggardFixhin Hex
Yequr The ReanimatorLauwix GravemoreZigrim The DissectorRexiem Rane
Divok MaleficumDripeth MorbideBraedhir The WraithZridan Ashes
Caverra The RenewerChibres The DefilerEsaleki The WraithChramirn Magnus
Grixor DoomweaverHoudrex NecrosyseSaxhin The TyrantGeidrim The Eternal
Chiogrim The DecrepitAkalaer The DecrepitXaxir The RaisedCiobrix Anatomy
Riozhar PutrescenceSudhur AnatomyTidrem CarnagePezael The Fleshrender
Xaepeth The InsaneKomon The MaggotRemin The HollowCawar The Manifested
Haeleki FesterKrapent SiphonVrakai The AnimatedProubaem The Examiner
Apubrum The ReaperChrezhar The FeebleZramek MetusRadrex Anatomy
Lodhir CraneGrixius The UndeadLawix NyteUzakras Gloom
Prabrix SanguisShaghor CalamityBrelos BlackPeqrax The Crippled
Eciqis HaggardXiodulus MorticeDuprix SolaceZrecular Deathbloom
Briozael SanguisGoumin NecrosyseSouwar MaleficumDrethum Haggard
Fiothes CalamityIgabrix MaleficStuthir The CarverEyaukai Crane

All these names can be good to go for!

But if you are still having doubts or not convinced with your own ideas, then opt for a necromancer name generator.

Without wasting time and energy, you can get multiple necromancer names in a fraction of seconds plus the quality of names they provide is to die for!

Now, let’s gain some insights regarding virtual necromancers.


Necromancy has expanded so much that now you have access to many virtual video games like Diablo 3 where you can play as a necromancer.

But either in real life or video games, you need a name that highlights your identity.

So let’s learn some tips related to online necromancy team names:

  1. Try to recreate your favourite necromancers from some fiction or movie. By taking such inspiration, you can finally try to be your favourite necromancer character that you once desired to play!
  1. In virtual gaming, all the scenes that you are gonna come through deals with dragons, dead, ghosts. Hence, try to have an all rounder name that depicts you are ready to face all of them.
  1. Still out of ideas? No need to worry as warlock name gen is here to save you from such a task! This generator provides you with unlimited warlock names for your gaming adventures! They provide names with superb power potential and having the capability to instill fear among other’s minds.

These tips would help you improve the quality of your name to the next level, and you will yourself see the wonders!

Furthermore, here are some sample names that one can go for using in virtual gaming platforms.


Griogrim AshesFaedan HaggardSog’drarOnaxoth
Nacilia SanguineChriwith The DecrepitBir’axarSornunek
Zrawith The DemiseTilian The SoulkeeperGuth’tannichTarzaller
Waecular The DemonYoubaem GrimmMargunuthXolvuuth
Kixas NaxxremisZrumien MorticeDalvomothIlvaxal
Cirius VoidYacrux The AnimatedOgrozThastruneg
Divok NightfallKrekai The SerpentDolgranuthZilrades
Vriokhar BlackhandZrepent CrowZag’drodRorrauz
Drotic The DarkmasterXogremachBrogthukRingrodon
Kiogrim CarnageKergrellechBrolvachDalrath
Caerael The PlaguemasterGorgunEralidRornod
Chebaem SolaceUzzogSazzegAlmoral
Sadhur The DecomposerDegmaxathKoth’todorTrilgal
Pouthir The DemonArrezathAgthuthSozguxin
Wrudrim The RisenOlmennadTrollmekDerthraz
Geidita The ConstructorXaglimothKaz’gathDrangrolath
Vranoth AnatomyMozodonRir’gothonUrgrukos
Wrowith The DemonMallmakathOstrogKiggamil
Norow MaleficumKag’thimasHysiuseiSynalise
Drevras PayneErzallazKlephantheiMephissis

Research about these warlock names, you will get to learn a lot of lessons from these thriving necromancers.

With the right techniques, no one can stop you from being the next famous necromancer!

So go rock it!


  1. What is a good name for a necromancer?

A good necromancer’s name should signify a haunting and evil spirit. It should be short and precise in its motive.

Magic, terror, horror, dead bodies, and all the spooky things should be depicted by that one name.

For you, the above-given tips and sample can prove a complete guide as to how to obtain a good necromancer name.

  1. Can you be a good necromancer?

Yes, not all necromancers are evil.

Some are good that help people in trouble regarding evil stuff.

  1. What does necromancer mean in the Bible?

According to the Bible, a necromancer is someone who practices magic or black magic consisting of having a connection with the dead to communicate with them either by summoning their spirits or raising them bodily to discover dark secrets or foresee the future.

  1. How do I become a necromancer?

If you want to become a necromancer, start learning the beginner and advanced spells.

Then have good textbook training. Now comes the stage to practice such spells without committing murder by taking certain precautions.

With such a strategy, you are good to go!

  1. Can warlocks be necromancers?

Although, warlocks are patrons with their specialized powers and knowledge can categorize them into powerful necromancers.


Normally, naming can be really difficult and when it comes to naming a necromancer, things can turn next to impossible!

But nothing can be impossible when we are here!

This article has already provided you with must remember tips to help coin the desired necromancer name for you! With ready samples, your work here is almost done! Henceforth, if you are in search of a good necromancer name, you know which article to go through!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!


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