One of the most important and straightforward decisions you will make when beginning a business is choosing a name for it. You should not take lightly the task of coming up with a catchy name for your cupcake or cake business. It’s one of the most crucial phases of launching a food-related company.

Cake Business Innovative Names

Over the past 20 years, consumers have continued to purchase sweets like cakes and pastries despite an increase in healthier lifestyles. Here are a few generic cake company names you can use for a bakery or cake shop.

We Take the Cake CakeCrafty Sugar Rush Suneza Cone
Tipsy Cake the Delicacy Bakolicke Flavyo
The Twisted Baker Polka Dots CraveCandy Cakes & more Le Creme Cone
The Cake Zone Liquid Temptations BakoFab Cake Frosting Brickel
The Cake Maker The Crazy Creams The Cakes Junction Feelin Cone
The Bleeding Heart Bakery Trendy beast EpicBako magicbar
Sweet Sensations Pastry The Seduction shop BakoCross The Hook Cakes
Sweet Dream Cakery The Dreaming GreyGoddess Cakes & more WhiteSmith
Susie Cakes Crazy Dreams FunSwing Cakes & more YoungVibe Cakes
Sugar Flower Cake Shop Good Layers BakoRelics Purple Daisy Cakes

The benefits of this business are apart from earning a handsome amount of money, you will be able to distribute happiness, grab blessings, and will have access to fresh and flavourful cakes whenever you want to eat them.

Cute And Catchy Cake Business Names

Cake Brands Names

So, let’s get started with our cake business innovative name ideas along with some marketing techniques for the same.

Cupcake Boulevard java Fresh FoodoFly Frosting BluMatter Floral
Cupcake Glory Fresh Flip First Cakessh Frosting Arpells Learning
Delicious Bakery Brekky Cakes & More BrettWood Cakes & More Godomma Co.
Delicious Creations Cupcakes Los Gatos Cakes Fresco Fill Frosting Welcotti
Frankencake Willy Ever Cakes VibrantMinch Soloness
Georgia Cupcakes Cakes Emerge UrbanBite Megamaven Co.
Honey Crumb Cake Studio Lip Pick Cakes Hence Frosting Meuven
Loveletter Cakeshop mark a Cakes & More Tidbits Frosting Giftitude Learning
Luscious Layers Bakery Zermyn Cakes Vibrant Cakes Basketude Co.
Magnolia Bakery Cakes Lyft Hopestone Cakes Alemon

Cute Cake Business Names 

Sugar Flower Cake Shop Urban Arabica Whole Awe Cakes & More Averren Learning
Sweet Dreams Bakery StillWater Cakes Grand North Frosting Encoren Floral
Tasty Treats Cupcake Shoppe Skip roots Cakes NorthWind Surf Memory Beat Co.
The Cake Pop Shop London Cakes & Mores GreatBreak Blackhex Cakes
The Magic Oven Cupcakes Street Days HappinHut Cakes & More Spadene Learning
The Twisted Baker Cassa Blancha OutWood East Mosson Floral
Totally Baked Cakes Young MIdTown Frosting Skill Eagle Co.
Whipped Split Berry Cakes FoodooStreet TenFold Cakes
Street Essence UrbanTasty Frosting betterWave Learning Come on in! Cupcake Shop
Hot Rock Cakes Cakes Culture HenryQuest Cakes & More Devista Co.

Cake Business Innovative Names

Do you know what else you need to make a cake business successful?

A bombshell name for your cake factory/bakery, and some foolproof ways to advertise your business. We are starting off with some cake business names for you and the first list is filled with catchy cake shop names for you.

Roeser’s Bakery The Sweet Spot Joyously Cake Frosting Dangy Dist
Pastries So Tasty The Fluffy Buns BakoClap Jolly Scoop Cakes
Oak Mill Bakery The Memorable Cakes MeltEclat MoonMist
Not Just Cakes Tagger AdornArts Cake Frosting Bregers Cakes
Naturally Delicious Sifted Sweets InfiniteEyes Cakes & more Firstly Cakes
Mr. Cake Goldy Goods BakoPillers Mistberry
Miette Cakes First happy CrownSense TinyPop Cakes
Luscious Layers Bakery Swissberry Cakes Company SandyTwist Upwave
Let Them Eat Cake The Cakesmith TwoDude Ronosso Cakes
House of Cakes Mighty loft Bakotale Foonoon

Cute And Catchy Cake Business Names

Sweet Straight To Brand Cake Business

Benefit from efficient bakery-related operations. Make the most out of your promotions and use social media, local media, discounts, etc to spread and promote your shop.

Be nice to your customers and always care for them by remembering their special occasions when they can need your help to make them more memorable.

Be ready for the holiday season. Remember to serve your best and make it a memorable one for each of your customers.

Always serve fresh cake and make sure the cream doesn’t stink even a bit.

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Frosted Crown Cupcakes Town Cube Hot Orbin Cakes & More AlphaClap
Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Shop Urban Grind DivineTreat Gift Rhythm
Homeland Bakery Purple Surprise SlingBerry Cakes & More Big Jade Cakes
I Dream of Cake MOjo House Cakes Tempteva Eat Treston Learning
Magic Batter Bakery Burberry Blast Custom Crell Cakes & More Bluecap Cakes
Milk Bar Awake Aqua Great Span Frosting Silvosafe Co.
Pearl Bakery Cakes Bellisreo Popping Pop Cakes & More Sigmex Floral
Polka Dots Wild Cakes & Mores UpperCrest Frosting Everlyn Learning
Sensational Bites Oh Cakes Morning Mozo Leffis Co.
Sprinkles and Sweets Cakes Bites WayMouth Frosting Trevia Square

Continuing with our hunt for cute business names, let’s see what more we have got for you.

Cake Business Innovative Names

Don’t make your parties boring without some cakes, cookies, and donuts. Add on some variety and give priority to the icing on the top. So, we just got done with some marketing and branding.

Gingersnap Sweets & Such happy Endings Yummlyn Oeniss Cakes
Flour Cake and Pastry Holy Glory Flavyon MaxBelow
Dream Day Cakes Rise & Roll BakoFiesta Uttering Cone
Dream Cakes just jack’s Flabbion SwirlyScoop
Cupcake Craze Spring Tap BlueFest Cake Frosting Rapidly Cakes
Creative Cakes The North Park Finlay Cakes & more Dreamon Cakes
Confetti Cakes Real Diasy StaticBerry Cake Frosting Drippity Cakes
Cakes N Shapes Soft Stella TwigoTouch Cakes & more BlueBriss Cone
Cakes Etc. Fluenze Flayelle Obe Spumoni Cone
Cake Factory Beleniss GoodTrail Funtail Cakes


Cute And Catchy Cake Business Names

And if you want your cake business to be in the top results of google rankings, you must follow certain things and do your work that will help your business get recognized. Starting with:

Cake Crumbs just Bloom OceanGrett Splitz candy
Cake Alchemy Two Best LovinCoast Cake Frosting Locossi Cakes
Buttercup Cake Shop Fruetta Rossella Cakes & more CherryZing
Beautiful Cakes marvella BakoCrafter Delibely Cakes
Bake for Me. MoonFruit Undive Cakes Delicasa
Babycakes Segment Pie Sinfull Cakes UpperCrest
Ambrosia Bakery The Cake baker Epic Wonder Cake Frosting The Waffle Cakes
Alliance Bakery & Cafe The Ultimate Cake zone Bakofrank Cake Frosting Maple Cakes
A Taste of Heaven Trott Cakes Felacia Cakes & more Dream Spoon
A Cake Occasion The Magma Cake Co CakesteMing Spontaneity


  • Be consistent with the name and address of your business. don’t change it often.
  • Keep your hours updated all the time. Make it convenient for the customers to reach or contact you.
  • Write a catchy, relatable and attractive business description that brings up the brand value.
  • Use a local phone number and the main number of your shop that is working and always available.
  • Properly categorize your business. To understand this point, see the below-mentioned details.
Butter Lane Mood Lift Cakes MidEast Cakes & More Vertical Thread
Cake and Art Jane Cakes & More CrazyFrank Cakes & More WellJoy Co.
Cakes Etc. Stream Street MayMade Cakes & More UrbenAble Learning
Crumbs Bake Shop Impressio Cakes CandelBerry Merion Co.
Cupcake Craze Steamy Cakes & More FoodCross Superex Learning
Cupcake Wizard Cakes Mine DailyZest Cakes & More NorthHex Co.
Dream Cakes Riverside Cakes Experiya Cakes & More TagWeave Co.
Dream Day Cakes Java Zest Cakes Trebbo tree Prosonn Floral
Firecakes Phress Aroma FoodinFrinz Seltronn Floral
Flour Power Cakery Green Acres JoyonJest Cakes & More Magma Learning

So, tell us, have you noticed, the importance of the name here that you are about to give to your business to channel your services and get recognized in the market.

Let us have a look at another cakes shop names list to get an idea of what your shop will sound like.

21 Cupcakes Cakes Dimension BungyBuddy Cakes & More SeenGreet
A Piece of Cake Bakery EgoEast Cakes Vibe Handel Cakes & More Crevent Learning
A’s Exquisite Cakes Cozy Coco UrbanLoft Frosting Gifting Curves
Big Sugar Bakeshop Temptresso FreshLayer Cakes & More Funloft Floral
Breads Bakery Still Latte WhiteFlag Frosting Spressio Co.
Cake and the City Bakery The Cube Parlour JollyCrew Cakes & More Zitton Learning
Cake Monkey Bakery Honest King Just Eat it! Frosting Superfence
Cakes N Shapes Hot Rock Cakes FoodMinute Cakes & More GreenCrest Co.
Colossal Cupcakes Cakes Weller BakedSense Frosting Lyssa’s Cakes
Cubes Baking Co. Cakes Welsay Derben Daisy Cakes & More Uptown Cakes

And those were some short and sweet business names and now it is time to know what all categories are available for you in this business.

Just pick some options where you know you can excel and then just go with it. your cake shop will be a huge hit for sure.

Now let us have a look at some more names related information.

Bake Me a Wish joss Cakes Olden Freun Cake Frosting TipTap Cakes
Brown Sugar Bakery Fluokist Colosso Cakes & more Minima Cakes
Butter & Scotch Mosstue BakoOvation NatuPick Cakes
Cake Alchemy Good Measure memory Season mesmer Cakes
Cake Power Cake Face Bako Boulevard Frubrite Cakes
Confetti Cakes Zeppoli Cake CandyMandy Funkist Cakes
Cupcake Creations Slice of Dreams MottoPause Cake Frosting Treebon Cakes
Cupcakin’ Around! Better loft Bakobrella Leafkiss Cakes
Deep Sea Sugar and Salt Grisssom Twist BlueBrox Cakes & more SunMoss Cake Making
Extraordinary Desserts Sugar Plums MarsChino Cake Frosting ResistScoop Cake Making

The Cake Counter

So, here are some cake business names to provide you with a more variety of titles for your cake counter.

The Elegant Truffle Central Perk EliteCrew definitive Cakes
The Sweet Fix Bakery The Daily Grind SpringSense sweetDays
Tip-of-your-Tongue Cupcakes The Bux Cakes CappaCaleCakes DangyDang Cakes
We Take the Cake Buzzy Cakes & More TwentyCity The Cakes ery
XOXO Cake Pops Small Wonder Cakes StarMore Cakes & Cafe Delishly Cakes
A Cake Occasion Naked Cakes & Mores Kryoss Cakes GoodGlaze
A Simple Cake More Taste Cakes SureScape DayBreak Cakes
Babycakes TruBit Cakes NatureCurl Great happy Cakes
Baker & Spice Vibe Sip Cakes UrbanAero Cakes FirstDelight
Buttercup Cake Shop CrestMind Cakes Easterly Cakes & Cafe CravinCafe

Cute And Catchy Cake Business Names

How many of them have you shortlisted for your business name?

We are pretty sure these cake shop names are stealing your heart and you cannot wait to crown one of them as your cake business’s official name.

Cakes Shop Names

Choose a name that sounds warm and inviting, is memorable, distinctive, catchy, and easy to spell.

Flour Cake and Pastry Celesta Cakes MayMasti Cake Frosting MayLizz Cakes
For Heaven’s Cakes! Cakeberry BrownWaves DayWish
Frost Me Gourmet the Cake Walkers BakoWish Gonizz Cakes
Green Goodies Sweet Sensation MoodFlip Cakes & more GoodDream
Holy Cupcakes! Sweet Young SwissTooth Cake Frosting Tapps Cakes
House of Cakes The Great Rolling Robbin’s Cakes & more Flabbo Cakes
Indulge Cupcakes The Breadline FunCurves Sunville Cake Making
Made in Heaven Cakes Born Sweet MaddinMax Cakes & more RealLoving
Milk Jar Cookies Confection Cakes JazzFrosting Margonna Cake Making
Not Just Cakes Absolute Pies FoodCave Frosting Freezing Bay Cake Making


Think Like Google and act like a huge business, think and research before getting into action.

The Rolling Pin Quick Kaffe Semi Eater Cakes & More CrazyFiber Learning
The Sweet Side NorthSip Cakes Easterlyn Frosting Sensiflex Cakes
Top Tier Treats Virgin Surprise BlueHOuse Cakes & More Rex Learning Cakes
Your Story Cakes Neon Caffe Eater Daisy Wisemax Co.
Urban East Cakes Under 88 Frosting Fregdex Learning
Come on in! Cupcake Shop More Surprise Foremost Taste Embero Cakes
A Love for Cakes Cakes Elements OpenBrook Posito Learning
Angel Food Bakery Taggl Cakes Frosting Pixel Frosting DailySense Floral
Baked Red Aroma GroundUp Cakes & More Uppex Learning
Butter Cake Shoppe Caffe Rovio Awake brew GoodBliss Floral

Catchy Cake Shop Names

The cake is for life, not just for birthdays! So, your drool-worthy dessert aka cake is actually meant to eat every day and not just on birthdays. Keeping that in mind, we have created another list for you.

Check out these cake brands’ names and give them an opportunity to serve you.

Cake Bash NatureClap Cakes BlueBay Cakes WildOne Cakes
Cakes of Paradise MushMist MeltEclat Cakes NorthWind Cakes
Cobblers Cakes & Kream Roomberry Cakes BlissBrite Cakes & Cafe DrippinDuts
Come on in! Cupcake Shop Naturefest Cakes CityWynk Cakes muskyRustic
Cupcake Addicts FunFlex Cakes JoyJoss Cakes DayGret Cakes
Cupcake Couture NutriMiller Cakes TopCrown JavaYum Place
Cupcake Jones Liberton Cakes Elpron Cakes BetterBake cafe
Cuppies & Joe Alphamate CityMinute OutWood Cafe
Deja Vu Cakes NatuerByts FabCurves Cakes & Cafe SnowDeer Cakes
Eddie Bull Cupcake Shop GrowVilla Cakes WillowWay Cakes GrandNorth Cakes

Cute And Catchy Cake Business Names

Keeping in mind the purpose, reputation, and idea of your business, we have created each cake business name for you.

If you look at them all closely, every name has the capacity to define and run your business swiftly. But having a choice everywhere makes things easy and let us be the one who decides the fate of everything.

PURE Cupcakes Crummiest Dream Foodong Cakes & More Ripple Cakes
Simply Desserts Three Forks Cakes FoodCrest Frosting Helvenn Cakes
Sugar Shack The Poss baker FoodFestiva Fundae fest Cake Making
Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique It Happens FoodWave Cakes & More Flefty Cakes
Sweet Corner Bakeshop Kustom Cakes & more DIngDong Cakes & More Peccollo Cakes
Tastebud Temptation Cupcakes Hillberry Cakes Brown Crunch Englishberry
The Art of Cupcakes Ancient Sip FrameFlip Cakes & More Orangebit Cakes
The Cravory Memorella UpDegree Frosting Funnista Cakes
The Cupcake Craze White Surprise MotiveSpace Cakes & More HappyString
The Frosted Fox Cakes Street Aha Moments BlackAce Co.

So, take your time and see which particular name you want to be associated with your company and give it the popularity, growth, success, and achievement that you are looking for.


Branding, marketing, strategizing, planning, acting, and deciding, there’s a lot that goes into establishing a business and a suitable name is also one of them. Knowing how and what to do and keeping a list of all the essentials with you reduces your stress and saves your time and hard work from being spent on wrong or unnecessary things.

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