A candle loses nothing by lightening another candle’

Isn’t it true!

Do you wonder, if you can be the same candle by starting a candle business?

Well, starting a candle business is one of the most rewarding small enterprises you can embark on. After all, people don’t just buy candles as presents, but also to fragrance and beautify their homes and businesses.

Besides, as a matter of fact, but also it offers minimal starting expenses, requires little equipment, and can be completed from the comfort of one’s own home.

Unique candle business names


Customized products, such as candles, are among the fastest expanding segments of the country’s small business sector.

Following all the points above, who would not want to give a try to candle business.

So, if you are also on the same, we have got your back to get you started with the candle business by providing the best Candle Company Names along with all the important facts to stand out successfully in the market.

So, no further ado, let’s get started!

In this article, you will get the unique and unused candle company names, and if you stay till the end, you will get all the details for starting your candle business.


A company’s name is an essential consideration that must never be forgotten and should never be taken for granted. And so, investing the time in selecting the best name for your candle business is going to take you to the first step of success.

How? Well, keep reading to explore!

And for now, let us get you the first list of candle label ideas:

Candle company names
Waxjack candleSerenity ScentsKnight GlowStar Candle
Illume CandlesSmells GoodLiving Flame CandleSwan Creek Candle
Lighter candleCandelariaMadewellThe Flaming Candle
Candelvana CandlesDany & SonsMilkhouse Candle Co.The Very Good Candle Company
Sweet Breath CandlesPurple BroomMore Than a CandleVirginia Aromatics
Mountain Lux CandlesCandle LightCollective CandleWax and Beyond
A Little CandleWishful BlazePaddywax Candle BarWax Quest
Brite ShineWonderful WicksProsperity CandleWell Whirl Candles
Glowquest candleGolden flame candleRoot CandlesAmple Bow Candle Co.
The Crafty CandleVoluspaScentsability CandlesArchipelago Botanicals
Rainbow candleHoliday CandlesHome GlowBullfrog Candles
Face Body SoulEco GloVillage CandleStarlight
PotterwyxSwan CreekSerenity CandlesCandle Cabinets
Soy Works CandleHerbs & ArtsSoy SereneClassy Twist
Wicky Flame CandleGood nightIncredible CandlesStinky
Bright light candleFabulous candleHigh flair candleMaking Scents
Soft SerenityKai & CoFlourishing FlamesP.F. Candle Co.
Trusted TwinkleCandle CaddyFoggy NotionStar Brite Illuminations
Lights on candleCandle EnchantmentMulti-brand candleMake Scents
Two GuysFlickerKandlestixGlow Home
Candle QueensWicks & MoreVivente CandlesDecocandles
Joy CandlesShinning candleThe LuckyShorties Candles Co
Glass WaxDecorlight candleUrban BurnGood Smells
Citrus Blossom Soy CandlesFlickersCandle AttractionFlamecast Candles
Living FlameRejuvenationThe Unique CandleJust Candles

Liked the names so far? But confused to be sure on your best selection?

No fret! Let us share the important tips you can consider beginning!

Candle company names


This indeed the most asked question that tends to confuse a lot of candle business owners. Hence, here are to suggest you some filters you can apply for the selection of your candle business names:


Tip 1: Ask yourself! How do I make my candle business stand out?

  • Whom are you going to serve?
  • What is your target audience?

The answer to your above question will lead you to the next most important filter, i.e.

Tip2: Know Your specialty!

  • Your candles will enlighten the church and other religious places?
  • Or will be more relevant for gifting purpose?
  • Will my product be better for, wedding favors that are within your budget?

Wondering, how it will help you in selecting the best name ever for your candle business?

Well, the name should bring up the essence of your business. Hence, your filters will get you closer to the words you need in your business to gain the audience’s attention.

So, ready to become a BRAND?

If yes, now, let’s have look at the next name list of Candle business!


Candle company names

Your company’s name is essential Your company will get more notice and attract more customers if it has a clever name.

Check the below list of catchy names for the candle business.

Flame GameCandle CityGentle Glow
Soy SelectionMake ScentsLavish by NatureScents from Heaven
Soft SerenityWitty WickLong Life Beeswax CandlesSoy Delicious
Candle CollectionQuick WickMad GlimmerSweet Cakes Candles
Light Up LifeWell-WickedMagic Fairy CandlesThe Lucky Candle
Flourishing FlamesGlamorous GlowMisty Candle Co.Tipsy Candle Company
Creative Candle Co.We Know WaxNectar RepublicVirginia Candle
Wax WondersCandle CornerPerfect WickVoila Flame
Elevated EleganceCandle Co.Purple Sun Candle CompanyWax and Wick Candles
FlickerCandle CollectiveRenegade CandlesWhiffs of God
Time to TwinkleFlame GameRose the CandlemakerA Little Candle Co.
Serenity ScentsCity CandlesWicks & MoreCandle Royalty
Wax WorksFlame FameFruity FestivesRoyal Candles
Trusted TwinkleSoy SereneWicks n’ MoreKandle Kings
Wick PickLit LifeGlass WaxSmells Good
Light Your FireMatch to FlameBig Ole WicksCandle Queens
Go for GlowCandle CreatorsCandle KingsCandle Kingz
Relaxing RadiancePerfect MatchBag O’ WaxKris Kindle
Flicker of LightEco GloCandle QueensWax n’ Wicks
Twinkle TimeFlicker to FlameBag O’ WicksCandle City
LowlightGlisten and GlowGood SmellsWax n’ Wix
Home GlowElegant RadianceMelted CandlesFamily Candle
Lighted LuxuryFierce FlamesThe Melted CandleWax & Wix
Glow HomeCandle CityMelted WaxFriendly Candles
Welcomed WicksSlow BurnWax & WicksNice Smells

So, got your options handy?

But, still curious to know if you can get some more ideas?

Candle company names


Keeping in mind the filters, here we are now with Here is the name of the list of celestial names D&D to make your candle business stand out!

Lil’ FlickersStinky Candle CompanyCandle CradleAroma Candles
Love & AestheticsStone CandlesScentLoveMoonlight candle
Lovely LightsThe Candle CarversCandle CaddyBrighter candle
Magic MoonThe CandlestickThe Melted CandleEnlightenment candle
Modern CandleTime & AgainCandle CoveMagicglow candle
New Flame CandlesVision CandlesThe Captivating CandleRainbow candle
Pink Cupcake Candle Co.Vivente CandlesCandle CaveLife-light candle
RejuvenationWax BlingFantasy CandlesStar candle
Rustic Candle Co.White BarnCreative CandlesBedwax candle
Scents n MoreZip Pop Candle Co.Holiday CandlesFlame wax candle
Nature’s Breeze CandlesSweet Breath CandlesCandle CreationsIncredible candle
Candle LoveCandle EnchantmentScentJoyFireflair candle
The Scented CandleClassy CandlesColorful CandlesGood night candle
Homestead CandlesCandle JoyJoy ScentsWaxwenky candle
Waxy WondersClassic CandlesClever CandlesSweet dream candle
Creative CandlesSerenity CandlesJoy CandlesWaxmax candle
Candle CreationsCity CandlesCandle KidsHeziglow candle
The Unique CandleDark Room CandlesSet The MoodKnight glow candle
The Perfect CandleShadowlight CandlesKandle KidsUnique candle
The Crafty CandleCandle ConnectionRomance CandlesBedtime candle
DreamCandlesCandles R UsCandle CodeLovely look candle
Pioneer CandlesCandles PlusSensuous SmellsHoneymoon candle
DreamScentsAll About CandlesCalled Out CandlesWishful blaze candle
Cool CandlesLightsource CandlesFlickers Candle Co.Elite wiks candle
Wildflower CandlesThe Candle CompanyThe Candied CandleHigh flair candle

If yes, that’s Great! Because we are not yet finished with our ideas for you as well!

Candle company names


  • Make use of abbreviations.
  • Make your mash-ups.
  • Use mythology and literature as sources of inspiration.
  • Make use of foreign terminology.
  • Make use of your name.
  • Take a look at a map to see where you are.
  • Change things up a little.
  • Form a joint venture with another business.

Ready with more filters to reach the best candle scent name ideas?

So, let’s explore!


Do you know, What is the most widely used candle fragrance? Here is a name list for your reference:

  • Blue Spruce is a kind of conifer.
  • Stick of Cinnamon.
  • Cotton that has been cleaned.
  • Lavender.
  • Apple’s Macintosh computer.
  • The rose is red.
  • Very vanilla in flavor.
  • Now, you can take it as reference and check the fresh name list as suggestion:
Flame & WaxAroma NaturalsEarth ScentsSwan Creek
Lil’ FlickersAromatic FillersFabulous FlameBeeswax
Pink CupcakeBeeswax Candle Co.Face Body SoulVirginia Aromatics
StinkyBow and Arrow CandlesFlame & WaxCandelvana
Candle WarmersBullfrog CandlesFoggy NotionKai & Co.
Dreams & RainbowsCandle CoutureGrace DirectF. Candle Co.
Fragrance De-LiteCandle PlaceHello SpringTopanga
MistyCircle ShadowHerbs & ArtsBridgewater Candles
The LuckyCitizen SupplyIlluminax CandlesContinental
Brite ShineCupcake Candle Co.Incredible CandlesGreat Bear Wax Co.
Classy TwistFlame GameGentle GlowPurple Broom
Feather and WaxWick PickCandle CollectiveStarlight
Living FlameWax WorksGolden FlamesBright Glow
Yo Soy CandleElegant RadianceTime to TwinkleDiamond Creek
BeartoothWaxy WondersFlickerMia Bella
Candle LightClassic CandlesFlameCastShorties
Wooly WaxSensuous SmellsCandle ConnectionUrban Burn
Foggy NotionWicks n’ MoreWax n’ WicksHope’s Mystic Scents
Grace DirectCandle KingsGlowQuestThings that Make Scents
Hello SpringClever CandlesGlowry CandlesRejuvenation
Herbs & ArtsNew Flame CandlesLil’ FlickersRustic Candle Co.
Illuminax CandlesPink Cupcake Candle Co.Love & AestheticsScents n More
Incredible CandlesTime & AgainLovely LightsStinky Candle Company
The Candle CarversVision CandlesMagic MoonStone Candles
The CandlestickVivente CandlesModern CandleWax Bling
fragranced candles


Your business idea is unique, and you are aiming big, hence, even you are a small-scale company, for now, always remember, you will be the BRAND in the future.

Think Big, Achieve More!

SO, tell us, what impression you would want to give to your clients?

Very professional?


Funky candle providers?


We understand, after all, it is all about the blend of all qualities!

Professionalism is indeed important to retain your customers, creativity is required so you can grow and surprise your customers’

So, why not figure out some names that can highlight the blend well?


So, let’s get started with some cool funky candle names that are readily remembered, while names that explain what your business does for their esteemed customers.

Armadilla Wax WorksCup of CeremonyArmadilla Wax WorksRenegade Candles
Aroma Thyme AromatherapyDreams & RainbowsAroma Thyme AromatherapyRose the Candlemaker
Bee Healthy CandlesEarth GiftsBee Healthy CandlesScents from Heaven
Bluecorn BeeswaxEven Better ScentsBluecorn BeeswaxSoy Delicious
Broken Top CandleFalling into PlaceBroken Top CandleSweet Cakes Candles
Burn BritesFlame AllureBurn BritesThe Lucky Candle
Candle County Candle Co.Fragrance De-LiteCandle County Candle Co.Tipsy Candle Company
Candle WarmersHappy Nest CandlesCandle WarmersVirginia Candle
Candles LuminereIlluminationsCandles LuminereVoila Flame
Citrus Blossom Soy CandlesIllumine Candle Co.Citrus Blossom Soy CandlesWax and Wick Candles
White BarnFragrance De-LiteMagic Fairy CandlesWhiffs of God
Zip Pop Candle Co.Happy Nest CandlesMisty Candle Co.A Little Candle Co.
Cup of CeremonyIlluminationsNectar RepublicAshman Candle Company
Dreams & RainbowsIllumine Candle Co.Perfect WickBig Dipper Wax Works
Earth GiftsLavish by NaturePurple Sun Candle CompanyBowes Signature Candles
Even Better ScentsLong Life Beeswax CandlesClassy TwistBrite Shine Candle Co.
Falling into PlaceMad GlimmerCrusader Candle Co.Candle Cottage
Flame AllureKnight GlowDazzle Berry CandlesCandle Crew
Heaven Scent It Candle Co.Living Flame CandleEternal Light Candle Co.Candle Flicks
Homefront CandlesMadewellFeather and WaxCandle Wave
House of IntuitionMilkhouse Candle Co.Flame Candy Candle Co.Candles Burning
Image GlowMore Than a CandleFragrant JewelsSwan Creek Candle
Prosperity CandleCollective CandleScentsability CandlesThe Flaming Candle
Root CandlesPaddywax Candle BarStar CandleThe Very Good Candle Company
Virginia AromaticsWell Whirl CandlesWax QuestWax and Beyond
Candle company names

Before you go ahead with the selection, here are some more for you!

Since candles are now used for cosmetic reasons, you must decide on a name that reflects the artistic and imaginative nature of the purpose.

Wondering, how can you be super creative? Here is the trick!



  1. Top candle companies names like:
  • Diptyque.
  • Byredo. 
  • Le Labo. 
  • Otherland. 
  • Jo Malone. 
  • Overose. 
  • White Barn.
  1. Pick the name list by knowing What is the most popular candle company? Here are the best candle brands for your reference:
  • Other land.
  • Bath & Body Works.
  • Diptyque.
  • Homesick.
  • Green tree Home.
  • Nest New York.
  • Harlem Candle Co.

Now once, the list is made, you can now observe how these brands had strategized their business and selected such names!

This will enlighten you and inspire you to get you closer to the best name possible that matches the candle business name industry.

With that, we know it is indeed time taking, hence, we have got the name list for your selection right away!


We’ve included several names in the area below, and you may use them as inspiration to come up with and trademark your own company identity.

Candle company names

Here is the list of names for candles

Ashman Candle CompanyCrusader Candle Co.Candle WaveHomefront Candles
Big Dipper Wax WorksDazzle Berry CandlesCandles BurningHouse of Intuition
Bowes Signature CandlesEternal Light Candle Co.Classy TwistImage Glow
Brite Shine Candle Co.Feather and WaxAmple Bow Candle Co.Decocandles
Candle CottageFlame Candy Candle Co.Archipelago BotanicalsDiptyque Candles
Candle CrewFragrant JewelsAthenian Candle Co.EarthGlo
Candle FlicksHeaven Scent It Candle Co.Botanica RenacerFour R Candles
PacificaVoluspaBrookstone CandleGel Candles
PartyLiteWaxxy & Co.Budd + FinnGurley Candle Company
PotterwyxYLC CandleCandelariaHome Sick
Skye CandleAlchemy Arts OccultCandelvana CandlesHudson Grace
Superlyn Candle Co.Bee Healthy CandlesCandlewicIllume Candles
Thumbwick CandlesBliss NationCoco BellaKai & Co. Candles
ThymesBridgewater CandlesDadany & SonsKandlestix
Topanga Candle CompanyBright Lights Candle Co.Our Own Candle CompanyKorona Candles
Two GuysCandle Cave Candle Co.Purple Broom CompanyLAFCO Candles
CandlefishCandle DeliriumScentsationalsMystic Harbor
Circle E CandlesKeystone CandlesSeawicksBlue Mercury
Continental Candle Co.Laguna CandlesShining Sol Candle CompanyThe White Barn Candle
Desert SageLucca Great FindsSimple Body ProductsUnearth Candles
Dio Candle CompanyMagicGlo Candle Co.Starlight CandlesVillage Candles
Embers Candle BarMaple Village ScentsThe Candle LabWax Secrets
Flame FlairMile High SoapThe Primitive Candle CompanyWhite Pillers Candles
Granny Novelty Candle ShopMotive VotiveA Little Candle & Bath ShopWords Inspired Secrets Held
Great Bear Wax Co.Cali Custom CandlesBee Lucia WellnessBright Glow Candle

By now, we hope you must have the name list handy for the final selection!

Now, let’s get some hands-on information that you need!

Candle company names


Well, we understand that if you are here, you must be in the initial stages of your business. And hence, must be collecting the best information for your business growth.

So, along with name suggestions, here we are with some most important answers you will need to get ready to be successful in your candle business!


  • How to start a simple nature state candle?

When compared to other hobbies, candle manufacturing has the distinct advantage of being readily turned into a part-time or full-time commercial enterprise.

It is advisable to stick with one or two items as a beginner and have a clear idea of the things you want to promote initially. 

Simple nature state candles are among the most rapidly expanding small enterprises in the United States today. The majority of people buy candles not just as presents, but also to smell and beautify their homes and workplaces.

To begin a candle-making company, you must first acquire the necessary knowledge and abilities.

  • Is it possible to make money from a candle business?

Candle manufacturing may be a highly lucrative business venture, provided the products are of high quality. In addition, earnings from the sale of candles are on the high side of things.

You may start your company with little or no money, which is one of its most attractive features. The manufacturing costs are also relatively cheap, and it is not a labor-intensive process.

  • What does it indicate when the flame of a candle seems to be bouncing around?

Some people think there is a language of the flame of the candle. A flickering candle flame heralds the presence of a ghost in their home.

The use of powerful, almost raw emotions is another conventional interpretation that may result in disputes. A flame blazing in the east direction indicates that your spell’s mental component is in operation.

  • What factors contribute to a memorable name?

While other names may have depth and meaning, “catchy” names are intended to remain strong in the minds of your target customers, no matter how many competing titles they may encounter.

These are the titles that stand out as being particularly noteworthy. Some of the most memorable names have even become synonymous with the item they are associated with.

Is it legal for me to manufacture and sell my candles?

Even while certain handmade candle types need more expensive ingredients than others, in general, candle makers may produce their products with little or no money up front to keep their costs down. It is simple to sell anyplace.

Candle company names
  • What should the price of candles be?

For wholesale orders, a typical pricing formula is to charge two times your cost, and for direct sales, you should charge three to four times your fee. If you choose another method, you may mark up your candles according to a proportion of your marginal profit.

  • Is it legal for me to manufacture and sell my candles?

Even while certain handmade candle types need more expensive ingredients than others, in general, candle makers may produce their products with little or no money up front to keep their costs down. It is simple to sell anyplace.

  • Is candle-making a prohibitively costly hobby?

Candle making is a low-cost pastime. You may get it for as little as 59.95USD, but as much as 132,55USD. This depends mainly on the kind of equipment you want to purchase and the amount you wish to spend. Candle making is an unexpectedly popular pastime and is even considered art by some.

  • Is it more cost-effective to purchase candles than to create them?

It has to be less expensive to manufacture them at home, right? Unfortunately, unless you already have a cabinet stocked with candle-making materials, producing your own may cost more than twice as much as purchasing one.

  • What is the best way to price handmade candles?

For wholesale orders, a typical pricing formula is to charge two times your cost, and for direct sales, you should charge three to four times your fee. If you choose another method, you may mark up your candles according to a proportion of your marginal profit.

  • Which candle size is the most popular?

8oz is, in my opinion, the best-selling and most lucrative size. We have bigger sizes. However, they are mainly used as price markers. Additionally, I price my smaller candles to increase their perceived worth compared to the 8oz candles.

  • Is it worthwhile to create your candle?

If you like the smell of burning candles and would want to learn how to create your own, you definitely should. It is more cost-effective to make them yourself in the long run, plus it is a lot of fun.

Keep in mind that it may also be very costly to reach a point where your candles are similar to high-end brands.

candle company names


The company and product naming processes should be understood by every Candle Business entrepreneur, as should the significance of a memorable business name. From the title alone, your prospective consumers should be able to tell what your business is offering to them.

Hopefully, the information shared has helped you to make the best selection for your candle company names along with candle business insights.

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