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Thinking about starting a brand-new Chinese restaurant? Well, you definitely need the best Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas.

Wondering how to make the right selection?

Well, let’s strengthen the base knowledge!

When it comes to Chinese restaurants, it is not all the same. The Chinese restaurants have the world’s biggest and most diverse variety of flavors.

Wondering, What does that mean? Well, let’s know all!


 Recent trends suggest that people are truly developing a taste in Chinese food. And hence, Chinese restaurants are not skipping any way to experiment with fusions of Chinese food,, like American Chinese cuisine and Indian Chinese cuisine.

Considering which, here is a popular question we came across that says, What is a restaurant in China?’

Well, to understand that, we cant the deny the fact, there is a plethora of variety to offer.

And so, opening a Chinese restaurant would definitely be a profitable business decision.

Having said that, if you are fond of Chinese food, the good news is that no matter where you plan to start your Chinese-themed restaurant, you certainly have a chance to win the game.

Furthermore, Chinese Restaurant News magazine says that in the United States there are more than 40,000 active Chinese restaurants.

So, after knowing all the detail, let’s give an identity to your Chinese restaurant business

Here we are going to tell you about Chinese restaurant’s names and the process of naming the best one. Having said that, let us get you the first new


To start your new Chinese-themed restaurant, you have to make tons of business decisions. And for now, let’s focus on the idea of naming the business. After all, you are about to become a brand.

Tip to name chinese restaurant

Before opening a Chinese restaurant, one of the keys to connecting to the customers will be the name of the Chinese restaurant.

And so, naming your restaurant that can give them a clear idea of your signature dish can certainly be the best way to introduce yourself conveniently to Chinese food lovers.

Therefore, if you are wondering what is a good name for a Chinese restaurant?

We are here to provide you with the best name list for Chinese restaurants

Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas

Kung Fu Kung PoaAmazin’ Asian FoodThe Hot ChineseSan Dynasty Buffet
Dumped by a DumplingWe Eat Duck MeatThe Cantonese CoupleWen Do We Eat
Sweet and Sour DorkCluck Cluck Duck DuckFujian Fried RiceTreat of the East
Sweet and Sour SporkThe No Pot Hot PotChuckling Chow MeinDine with Chinese
Be Nice with Fried RiceChina BurgerViral Dim SumThe Ginger Cow
Asian CrabsWax on, Wax off Buffet.Dynamite Dim SumAll-Natural Chinese
Fortune DookieTall Wall Chow MienWonderful Won-TonsFast and Simple
The Fortunate CookieBlack Belt Spring RollWhimsical Won-TonsFruits of Mandarin
Hop on the Won TonGood Luck and Peking DuckChinese MedicineOriental Espresso
I Long for Won TonThe Corner of Chow and MaineThe Fried Won TonDinner Wisdom
Ma PapaThe Cheap ChineseDing Dong Hong Kong GourmetPurity Chinese Restaurant
No Mo TofuThe Sweet ChinamanOodles of Chinese NoodlesOrganic Oriental
Bad Driver Chinese RestaurantMSG: Yeah You Know MeLost in China BuffetBrisk Eastern Gourmet
Me Love Your TofuThe Vegan AsianHot Han Chinese FoodNimble Table
Chinese MedicineYin and YummyHefty Wen BuffetSprightly Chop Stick
Chinese restaurant name ideas

So, here is a starter, we have given you the first name list of Chinese restaurants to get you the idea. But is that all?

Well, you can be creative even naming your signature dish as it can further combine with the brand name.


keep reading!


When it comes to China the most pleasurable Eden of cuisines are found.

Among the numerous kinds of Chinese foods, there are some Chinese food names that are famous all over the world.

Chinese foods not only rule through Asia but it rules throughout the world.

It is necessary that you attract the customer by providing scrumptious names on the menu that customers just can’t resist ordering.

So here we go with the finest list:

Creative Chinese food names ideas

 General Tso’s Chicken Bang TofuBeggar’s ChickenSizzling Rice in Tomato Sauce
Crab RangoonBright Pearl AbaloneBraised Sliced Pork with Preserved VegetablesSteamed Pork with Rice Flour in Lotus Leaf
 Egg RollCaterpillar Fungus DuckCold Chicken Cooked in WineStewed Spring Bamboo Shoots
 Sesame ChickenCrab and Fish StomachsDongpo Braised PorkStir-Fried Spring Chicken with Chestnuts
 Wonton SoupCrab-apple Flower CakeFish Ball in Light SoupChinese noodles
 Fried RiceDried Pot TofuFried Eel SlicesChow mein
Sweet and Sour ChickenFive Colours Fish CakeFried Pigeon with Spiced SaltNoodle soup
 Orange ChickenFlower Mushroom FrogFried Shrimps with Longjing TeaZhajiangmian
Hot and Sour SoupSteamed Pumpkin DumplingsFried Stuffed Bean Curd PasteLamian
 Pot StickerFried Tofu Curd BallsFried Sweet and Sour PorkLiangpi
Phoenix Tail ShrimpFuli Roast ChickenHangzhou-Style Duck Pickled in Soy SauceLo mein
Potato CroquetGinger DuckOld Duck Stewed with Bamboo Root & HamBiangbiang noodles
SilverFish Fried EggHay Wrapped Fragrant RibsRed-Stewed DuckSliced Noodles
Soy Braised Mandarin FishJade Rabbit Sea CucumberSauteed Broad Beans with HamCentury egg
West Lake Fish in Vinegar SauceLotus Seed Pod FishSauteed ShrimpsKung Pao chicken

Got some ideas?

If you are wondering what is one of the most famous Chinese dishes called? You can leave that to us.

Top most famous Chinese dishes

  • Kung Pao Chicken
  • Spring roll
  • Dumplings
  • Wonton
  • Fried rice
  • Chow Mein
  • Hot Pot

Why are we reading this?

To make a mark in the market it is important that you bring a surprise element along with you. the easiest way is to highlight the yummy dish name on the menu!

Chinese Restaurants Name Ideas

Therefore here we provide you some of the catchy Chinese food names that we have brought up for you.

We are sure now you got into the game and you have set yours about giving catchy and creative Chinese food names.


Chinese people tend to develop an appetite for instantly cooked food to save time and led to the development of Chinese fast foods.

The fast-food of China is largely famous. Like so many other ethnic foods, the category has evolved over time to adjust to American tastes and fusions.

For example, a staple menu item of Chinese restaurants operating in the United States is beef and broccoli.

But in mainland China, this is not a traditional ingredient since Western broccoli is not native to the area

So here are crazily wonderful ideas of forming Chinese fast food names and gaining an edge over others.

BaoziBraised abaloneSeafood with bird’s nestEgg tart
Dim sumShaved iceShark fin soupEgg tong sui
PotstickerBeef chow funSnow fungus soupEggies
JiaoziBird’s nest soupSour spare ribsEight treasure congee
MantouBlack sesame soupWhite cut chickenTanghulu
WontonCantonese seafood soupWinter melon soupTangyuan
XiaolongbaoChar siuWonton noodlesTapioca pudding
ZongziCrispy fried chickenYeung Chow fried riceTaro purée
TangyuanDuck with taroYoutiaoTong Sui
Cong you bingGuilinggaoZhejiangRed bean cake
MooncakeLittle pan riceBuddha jumps over the wallRed bean soup
SachimaRed bean soupFried rice in Fujian styleRed tortoise cake
ShaobingRoast squabOyster omeletRice pudding
YoutiaoRoast suckling pigPopiahRed bean bun
Sugar paintingSea cucumberYanpiNuomici


This Chinese restaurant name ideas list would give you the list of ideas that you would need to name a Chinese restaurant.

Hereby as you are looking to begin a new Chinese restaurant it is important that you come up with noticeable and eyes snatching names.

Best Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas List

  • Know how your competitors work on names and make use of their strength to have a boosted opening.
  • Make a brand tagline that describes the best out of you. Connect people to get the money right.
  • Start brain storming your ideas and fusions of words that would fit your Chinese restaurant.
  • Never go too much fancy as they can backfire. Keep it simple, straight and easily memorable name.
  • To make a brand out of scratch you need to have originality at its peak and so make sure that you work on SEO of your Chinese restaurant’s name.

With that, here is the Chinese Restaurant name list that can get you some great ideas for the selection

Asia TownFrank Fat’sKim SơnP. F. Chang’s China Bistro
BianyifangFuchun TeahouseKuo YuanThe Pagoda
Café de CoralGuo Li ZhuangLeeann ChinPanda Inn
Celeste ImperioHakkasanLittle Sheep GroupPeter Chang’s
China CoastHeichinrouMa Yu Ching’s Bucket Chicken HousePick Up Stix
CNHLSHong Kong Noodle CompanyMama Lu’s Dumpling HouseRepublic Cafe and Ming Lounge
Chinese Gourmet ExpressHouse of LouieManchu WokSam Woo Restaurant
The Chinese RestaurantHung Far LowMandarin RestaurantSichuan Food
Crystal Jade Culinary Concept HoldingsImperial Dynasty restaurantMaxim’s CateringStar Seafood Floating Restaurant
Din Tai FungJing FongMing PalaceTom’s BaoBao
Duck House Chinese RestaurantJoe’s ShanghaiMr. ChowWei Wei
FairwoodJoy Hing’s Roasted MeatNam KeeWest Lake Restaurant
Flower DrumJumbo KingdomNom Wah Tea ParlorWong Kei
Fong ChongJumbo SeafoodNoodle BoxWong’s King
Formosa CafeKai MayfairOma’s HideawaXi’an Famous Foods

Thus you are witnessing some of the best Chinese restaurant name ideas list that we have summed up for you.

Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

Chinese restaurant name generator is something that gives you hundreds of options to select new and innovative Chinese restaurant names.

Chinese Restaurants Name Ideas
Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

If you aren’t a citizen of China and you are trying to establish a Chinese restaurant, you need to follow certain parameters as you wouldn’t want to hurt Chinese sentiments and end up famous for completely wrong reasons.

Quick Tips For Chinese Restaurant Name Selection:

  • Prioritize your signature dish and make sure that you follow the Chinese Culture thoroughly.
  • Make note that you are not the same xerox copy of other Chinese restaurants have a uniqueness.
  • Value servicing your customer cause bad service with good food is not going to get you money.

So here is where you differentiate your restaurant from others. With that, we have got your back and would like to present our next unique name list

Xiabu XiabuGuandong GourmetThe NoMad RestaurantTrinity Place
Xian Heng InnChina LordSandwich cornerFish Kitchen
XLBCluck Cluck Duck DuckThe RosebudAbundance Chinese
YauatchaThe Hot ChineseFamous Restaurant NamesSouper Won Ton
Yung KeeFog Harbor Fish HouseThe Chocolate LogLoi Estiatorio
Spices from NingxiaHomestyle HawaiianChart HouseThe Old Spaghetti Factory
Fujian Fried RiceThe Chicken & the BeggarSottocasa Pizzeria HarlemThe Poke Co
Waterfront RestaurantTame the DragonJ Clarke’sLord Stanley
Nimble TableParallax RestaurantThe Wild SonThe Sichuan Hotpot
Junior’s Restaurant & BakeryChinese Chicken WingsCity Dynasty Asian GardenHard Rock Café
Shaker + SpearHumpty DumplingsBean Around the World CoffeesAmazin’ Asian Food
NightbirdChongqingYi Ya’s MasteryThe Discerning Palate
PM Fish & Steak HouseRocco’s CaféUnion Square CafeTiny’s & The Bar Upstairs
The Thousand-Layered CakeChinese Culinary GraduateOrganic YangDragon EatsProject Juice
Traditions Chinese RestaurantThe Disaster CaféRockin’ and RamenBang Chinese
Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

Food fun facts

Chinese foods are one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world. This might have led you to dig into Chinese foods. So here we have done the diggings to get you certain surprising facts that are

  • Chinese traditional foods are always served fresh. It contains huge quantities of veggies making it one of the healthiest foods.
  • There are about 8 culinary cuisines in China.
  • Noodles, rice and soup are staples.
  • Traditional Chinese foods are completely diary free.
  • Wasting food is a big taboo in China and so food is served as whole.
  • Chinese foods are made very soft as they use chopsticks and chopsticks can’t cut meat.
  • Every food in china has a superstitious symbol.
  • Lastly, China is the homeland of tea.

Authentic Asian Restaurants Interesting Facts

Asian cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions usually associated with a specific culture through Asia.

Chinese Restaurants Name Ideas
Authentic Asian Restaurants
  • Asia being the largest and most populated continent, it is home to many cultures.
  • These vast culture people have their own vast characteristic cuisine.
  • Being from the different parts of the world, you probably know that the Chinese food from your go to takeout spot isn’t actually authentic Chinese food.
  • It’s heavily adulterated though it tastes like Chinese and gives Asiatic taste in its own way.
  • Chinese has a larger array of authentic cuisine.
  • The array of authentic Asian restaurants, travels with multiples of variations and vastly differs from one region to another.
  • That means expanding traditional palate to the world of other authentic Asian restaurants can be overwhelming. So, after knowing all the details, let us get you some authentic names for authentic Asian Restaurant

Authentic Asian Restaurant

China BakedEmber RestaurantThe Ginger CowNorth China CuisineCentral China Eats
Hudson ClearwaterSix Seven RestaurantKongfu CuisineChina Grub
The Polo BarFast and SimpleSpicy Indian FoodYummy in Yangzi
Carte ChinesePurity Chinese RestaurantSears Fine FoodNolan and His NoodleThe Emperors Dish
The Vegan AsianBad Driver Chinese RestaurantAwesome in TaiwanFish Cheeks
Hard Rock CafeLittle SheepThe Vegan BuddhistThe Chef in the Hat
Taste CornerGirl & the GoatChinese MedicineLe Bernardin
Firefly RestaurantI Long for Won TonFlying High Orange ChickenJiaodong & Jinan
The Plaza Food Hall USASzechuan DelightGinkoChina Bite
Desi AddictsZoftig EateryThe Chinese Chicken SpotBuvant Logo Mockup
Rusty PelicanHarbor House RestaurantHeirloom CafeEl Vez and Burrito Bar
Bao Pa KaoThe AviaryCharlie BirdThe Skinny Mongolian
Pure Thai CookhouseThe Melting PotPig’N PancakeBurger Lounge
Mastro’s SteakhouseBlue HillLe ParfaitMunch Box
750 RestaurantThe Marine RoomJean-GeorgesTrue Food Kitchen
Authentic Asian Restaurants

Funny Asian Restaurant names

Making use of humor is always a terrific way to help your Chinese restaurant to stand out among the crowd. In the world today, being funny is a strong tool that adjoins the strength of social media.

An amusing Chinese food name on the menu or in the restaurant name can lead to hundreds and thousands of free shares and promotions on social media and review websites.

When you theme your restaurant in funny mode then the biggest plus point you get is that you can make errors in the setups and yet it would look conceptualized.

We know that now you are excited to read out funny Asian restaurant names.

Therefore, without any due, we explore you to our treasure of funny names that our experts had been collecting for a long time.

chinese Mag The NoMad RestaurantChinese Culinary GraduateOrganic YangVessel Restaurant
Hillstone CoSandwich cornerThe Disaster CaféSeaweed and Soy
Fook Hing RestaurantThe RosebudTrinity PlaceStreet Taco
Authentic ChineseFamous Restaurant NamesFish KitchenViral Dim Sum
From The EastThe Chocolate LogAbundance ChineseThe Heavenly Country
Buvant comChart HouseSouper Won TonKing Dumplings
Captain ChineseSottocasa Pizzeria HarlemLoi EstiatorioBoucherie West Village
Hop on the Won TonJ Clarke’sThe Old Spaghetti FactoryFishing With Dynamite
Sea SpiceThe Wild SonThe Poke CoCitron Chinese
Dynamite Dim SumCity Dynasty Asian GardenLord StanleyOodles of Chinese Noodles
Duke’s SeafoodBean Around the World CoffeesThe Sichuan HotpotDine with Chinese
Elevation: Gourmet Chinese MealsYi Ya’s MasteryHard Rock CaféThe Stinky Tofu Longue
Felice 64Union Square CafeAmazin’ Asian FoodQing Dynasty
Quality ItalianDragon EatsThe Discerning PalateEPIC Steak
Fortune DookieRockin’ and RamenThe Chicken & the BeggarOverflowing Soy
Funny Asian Restaurant names

We are sure these names aren’t going to leave your mind for a while now.

Then let’s go on further cause this is not it. We still have lot more ideas for you to exploit.

Origin of Indo Chinese Restaurants

When you are beginning an Indo-Chinese restaurant it is important that you have an itsy bitsy knowledge about its origin.

The distinct culinary style which combines aspects of both Indian and Chinese foods and flavors are Indian Chinese cuisine, Indo-Chinese cuisine, Chindian cuisine, or Chindi cuisine.

The origin of the most popular fusion food resides with the original Chinese ethnic community of Kolkata, who immigrated to India looking for a better life around 250 years ago.

To open different restaurant businesses in different areas, the Chinese immigrants adapted their culinary styles to suit the tastes of their Indian patrons.

Indo Chinese Restaurant names and dishes

Setting an Indo-Chinese restaurant name is not going to be an easy task as the name must satisfy both the Indian and Chinese cultures.

When it comes to the Indo-Chinese dishes, the main ingredient in all the dishes is normalized with the substituting of other meats, vegetables, or paneer cheese.

The nomenclature of the restaurant and the dishes are such that the main ingredient is mentioned first which is followed by the dominant tasting style such as “Chicken Chilli”.

Most Indo-Chinese cuisines are available in both dry and gravy versions. This variation arises based on the amount of sauce and fluids served in the dish.

Fortunately, after days of hard work, we have enlisted some of the clever and catchy Indian Chinese restaurant name ideas for you.

The Spring & Autumn PeriodSkillet CounterChinese EpicureEaten in Ningxia
Staple & FancyThe China King Supper ClubDouble KnotThe Offal Office
Jackie and the DragonTaiwan Yum YumCluck Cluck Duck DuckFamous Lunch
The Asian CriticThe ClocktowerHungry’s Kitchen & TapPinch Kitchen
Jade ShaomaiI Love Your TofuSmoque BBQThe Aviary
California Pizza KitchenHarvest BeatBamboo Dynasty Asian KitchenSpicy Dragon Noodle
Dante NYCChengdu’s PantryTeochew & HakkaKing Dumplings
Tiny’s & The Bar UpstairsSan Dynasty BuffetBad Driver Chinese RestaurantBreak Fast
Project JuicePinch KitchenPiccola Cucina Osteria SicilianaPetite Boucherie
Bang ChineseFruits of MandarinBlue PlateBasket Chinese
The Corner of Chow and MaineSweet and Sour DorkGuangdong & GuangxiChinese Agent
Sparta TavernaGreen LeafEmerald GrillEPIC Steak
Thai Me UpTHE GRILLHungry Chow MeinParallax Restaurant
Metropolitan GrillThe Tibetan VeganBuenos AiresA Menu in Taiwan
Mamma MariaQing DynastyTop of the MarkBarge Chinese
Indo Chinese Restaurant names and dishes

Hope you like it but yet that’s not it. We still have lots of ideas and lots of names for you.

Chinese restaurants name in India

When you want to establish a Chinese restaurant in India it is important that you know about brands.

There is no better place to learn about business other than the ones that are running their business prosperously.

Here are certain top best Chinese hotel names in India that are printing money with their creativity and leading the Chinese restaurant into profit.

  • Pa Pa Ya in Delhi
  • Stir Fry Drill in Mumbai
  • China Club in Gurgoan
  • Jail- behind the bars in North Delhi
  • Bar B-Q in Kolkata
  • Golden Dragon in Agra
  • Mainland China in Kolkata
  • Facing East in Mumbai
  • Tung Fong in Kolkata
  • China Kitchen in Delhi

These are the top 10 best Chinese restaurant names in India that are best to visit and have exposure.

Final Verdict

As you plan to start a Chinese restaurant, it is important that you begin smartly.

There are Chinese restaurant names shining all over the world. Follow the knowledge to get the direction for making a wise choice for Chinese restaurant name is going to help you reach high.

Hope you utilize our accuracy in observation and share about us.


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