We are in the 21st century where social media rules the world.

And while there are so many different platforms to express yourself and get to know the world around you, Instagram rules the social media game and also the hearts of our millennials.

And if you are already on Instagram, you would know that having a chic and unique Instagram user name is very important to grab the attention and make an impact.

So, to help you in upgrading your Instagram username, we are here to suggest you some cool and classy Instagram names.

To have some Instagram-worthy talks, have a look at what’s inside.


“The power of social media is that it forces necessary changes.”

Isn’t that true that social media has become a powerful tool to raise important issues, address concerning incidents, and also showcase new talent?

And that is also why Instagram is flooded with so many accounts today because it offers a safe space to everyone and anyone can be an influencer or public figure here.

Best Instagram Names To Get Followers

So, if you are one of those who are looking for cool Instagram names that aren’t taken because such a name will help them in grabbing popularity, fame, and recognition on this platform, then the usernames for Instagram provided below are for you!

Best Instagram Names To Get Followers

Since we are looking for the best Instagram names for you that will help you in gaining followers.

let us also recommend you some classy Instagram names that are versatile and check all the boxes that you have probably made for your ideal Instagram name.

Unique Instagram Names

And that can only be done if you would know what’s a unique username for Instagram? And so, here are some of our suggestions for the unique Instagram names for our unique readers

Unique Instagram Names

Although we are discussing Instagram name ideas we also want to put light on the significance of how you can choose a suitable name for yourself and why Instagram names are so important.

So, let us take a short break from finding classy and cool nicknames for Instagram and move towards the other part of the discussion.


“Don’t use Social media to impress people, use it to impact people.”

Classy Instagram Names
classy Instagram names

Social media platforms especially Instagram, are surely a place where you can make an impact and leave your mark.

And, if you have the right classy Instagram names to support your ideas, nobody can stop you from being a popular personality on this platform called Instagram.

So, earlier we were talking about telling you the significance of cool, unique, or aesthetic Instagram usernames and this is the reason behind the username chronology:

  1. Usernames are important on Instagram because it is a crucial factor since It’s the first thing along with your bio that comes across to users when they click on your profile.
  2. A good, unique, and thoughtful username will help to captivate the audience on Instagram.
  3. A good username is also important because if you’ll use an awkward username or you’ll make your username hard to find even if that’s your name, people won’t be able to find and follow you.
  4. Easy, and memorable usernames are more likely to be searched for on Instagram and they can directly impact your engagement levels and follower count on the platform.

And now that you know why a username is so important on this platform, you should also know how to choose the right name for your Instagram account.

But what are the best Instagram names and how to choose them?


Here are the details for the same:

  1. Use a screen name generator and consider what’s around you and what’s in trend while picking a name.
  2. Easy to spell, remember, and recognize the name that people can easily search for on Instagram.
  3. Don’t choose an old or used username that can make it super easy to track you.
  4. The name should be relevant to your account and the content you share. If it’s a food page, go with a food-related name and if it’s a travel page, go with the travel-friendly username.
  5. If it’s a financial account or even for an account, don’t use the same username and password combination.
  6. Try to at least have anyone from the following in your username: Catchy, funky, attractive, different, cool, aesthetic, new, clean, or iconic.
  7. Don’t use your email username, your full name, parts of your address, your phone number, or any other personal information.

Now that you know the complete chronology of classy Instagram names, it’s time to continue with our mission which is to provide you with as many Instagram username ideas 2020 as we can.

Attitude Instagram Names

Would you like to see some names suggestion that will showcase your attitude and enhance it? Do you know what are attitude Instagram names? then look at the suggestions given below

Grace ShowerGold UnseenSoakage StarSilver Shades
Awesome WhisperTonight GamerPink AwardBeacon Bin
Daisy LouiseBad CaptainSilly PieCaption Master
Misnaming LoveBad ChattyLover DropperNature Nut
Garden RoseCrazy Anyonegender femaleTexas Tiger
Windy MillerDead DealDrone GroundBeijing Band
Sandman GirlDeal AnnealHappy SaintTraining Tent
Pill HeadDeal CerealshimmerBilly Hills
Silent EyesYoyo GuitaristNightingaleBusy San
CyberWorriorAwesome BeautyMagnificent-jellyBig Bites
White StormTop to FollowTriple AdorableMillion Mack
Nightingale SoakageMrExtinct HashtagSwag SwampedMisty Moles
Garden HeartHustle FlyswatLawrence LegendFifty Shades of Love
Awesome HoneyCriss CrossBuII FrogJupiter Fest
Love InstaKitty Bloom For the lolz Gods OwnNice TouchMollen Mist
Doll FaceGirl Moon MakerJanus RisingMicky Mack
Gold Gracetaken wineFloating HeartLovely Lads
Awesome Dreamergreek godBad CaptainJunior Jumper
Instant InstahulkYoyo GuitaristJawbreaker 13
Elegant PointElegant Pin-upTonight GamerRolodex Propaganda
Attitude Instagram Names

How would you react if we tell you that we have prepared an exclusive section filled with Indian usernames?

Would you like to see some classy Instagram names Indian?

Then come along with us and keep on reading.


“Social networks aren’t about websites. They are about experiences.”

And to have the right kind of experience on Instagram, all you have to do is understand its algorithm and use its accordingly.

Since we are being too specific about our classifications related to IG’s usernames, why haven’t we discussed girls’ and boy’s specific Instagram names?

Instagram Names for Girls

What’s a good username for a girl? Or what can be an attitude name for Instagram for a girl? Are you curious to find out?

Then let us quickly have a look at some cool, attitudes and cute usernames for Instagram for girls.

CrazyNature NutHoney Bear Pearlsdream girl
AnyoneNinty NunLil Miss Sillydoggie
GardenBeacon BossKitty Melodystylish queen
HeartCaption MasterLove Donorexamine
SidewalkMisty MolesRazzle – Dazzlebooty girl
EnforcerMillion MackRainbow SweetyLegionTrump
You are so WonkBig BitesRainbow Pearlsreaky girl
VegetarianBusy SanLover DropperDualrypt
AlienBilly HillsRose CatcherNatasha
BrainLovely LadsLovely DearMountainLight
Surfing ScooterMagical MutesBlossomonelessloneygril
Snake SuperLocal LionsLittle FingersNorcomm
Girls of NeptuneFifty Shades of LoveRainbow BloomsTonight Gamer
Windy OrbitsSilver ShadesLovely PoisonBad Captain
Broken PawsBabsmileshotladyBad Chatty
Dim TimBubblegumHyperFaceCrazy Anyone
Instant ChargerCutie BunbitchygirlDead Deal
 CrestSnuggle KittyCutieShiyaDeal Anneal
Anonymous GirlSquiggly Munchkinprincess-ShonaDeal Cereal
Tiny HunterMagic PeachMinyFizzYoyo Guitarist
Instagram Names for Girls
Classy Instagram Names

Done with our girls but we haven’t forgotten our boys at all.

Instagram Names For Boys

We know our boys aspire to rock the social media platforms too and that is why even they are in search of a suitable username for themselves.

And on that note, we present you some stylish attitude names for Instagram for boy Indian:

Dead DealCompact Racerassistendlessly forever
Deal AnnealFear SwagBGNoahWeasley
Deal CerealFreak BadcoupeSkull Crusher
Dead GuruFacer RacerToulouseRacer hell
Crazy AnyoneFeature Swagma bicheNomnomguy
Bad CaptainGamer SimmermeufCyberWarrior
Planet ZoomGamer SlayerCitigroupFreak Bad
Super SandyGamer TalesbijouBorn2Pizza
Candy CoughFar RacerboostClumsy
Heart TickerInterior BadbossCherub
Hello HellhorseriderchampionGreat
Swag SwampedwizardcousinJulia Smith
Smart Swagharryatomic7732Cute Magic
Veal DealpotterSeekerAmarcord
Bean Never Seendumbledoremusicdreamsandmagicnever old enough
Team of TangsZeusfragninfrerotZero Charisma
lonely boyberojgarr engineermecthe con she called love
ThomasdropoutZebulonSwag Football
bill gatessingerchamallowDolly Dolphin
Instagram Names For Boys

Before we say goodbye to you, would you like to read some of the most amazing and mind-blowing facts about Instagram? Here you go!


  1. Instagram is the second most engaged network, just behind Facebook which is on the top.
  2. The name Instagram comes from the mashing of “instant camera” and “telegram.”
  3. Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010, and gained 25,000 users on its first day.
  4. Instagram was initially named Codename, but then before its launch, the name changed to Instagram.
  5. About 995 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second and the first photo ever posted was of a dog which was posted by the co-founder, Kevin.
  6. The number-one most-shared food on Instagram is pizza.
  7. 80% of Instagram accounts are for personal use and 8% of all Instagram accounts are fake.
  8. Every month, there are over 16 million Google searches for “Instagram” and each day one hundred million accounts upload a Story on this platform while 80 million photos are posted and 3.5 billion likes are hit.
  9. There are at least 1 million advertisers on Instagram.
  10. There are over 290 million selfies on Instagram and they are one of the top uploaded pictures on Instagram too.

So, that’s all folks! We hope you like all the name categories given in this list and also the exclusive information that was shared with you regarding the importance of a good Instagram name along with how to choose one.


It is important to discuss classy Instagram names because this is a platform that is not just about you but also about your business, your interests, your talent, and everything that you can show to the world for the best.

Having an Insta worthy username that can get your attention, bring you, followers, make your Instagram game strong.

And, allow you to grow on this platform is as important as being relevant, updated, and active on this platform to stay in the limelight.

For more information and name suggestions, keep reading and keep learning.


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