Are you a parent that is tensed about finding some really cool frat preppy boys name ideas for your baby boy? Then, this article will put a full stop to all your worries regarding the issue of the name!

Nowadays, fashion trends have extended to boy’s fashion choices up to prep and frat looks.

How they dress becomes a factor to judge their personality! And as a parent, it’s your duty to let your preppy and frat boy down by deciding on a boring name.

Moreover, a Frat outlook calls for a typical frat name too!

This article will provide you with a complete guide over frat guy names for your little one. Let’s see what we have an inbox for you:

  • Preppy Male Names Ideas
  • Typical Frat Boy Names Ideas
  • Frat Boy Last Name Ideas
  • Nickname Ideas For Frat Guys

Sounds so exciting! Let’s get started right away!

Preppy Male Names Ideas

Preppy male names in themselves hold the potential of portraying the elite and royal look in your boy. Along with the neat prep-style dress, a preppy name can do wonders to your boy’s identity! Let’s check out some cool preppy name ideas!

  1. A typical preppy name should be the one that gives you an immediate perception of a sharp white collared shirt, ivy league admissions, bright career and future! It should also reflect an image of a cool preppy boy dressed up all nice, if you want to land on a perfect name.
  1. Sometimes, people don’t wanna be all cliche and  want some family friendly name. In that case, you can choose something that reminds you of your heritage, or a name significant to family history, or an old ancient vibe name.
  1.  You must have a favourite fictional character that gives you all the preppy vibes inspiration for your baby’s name! If yes, then give your child that name too! This is the most liked idea as people love to name their child after some character they admire and want their child to have the same qualities as that person!

These tips would help you a lot if you have always dreamt of a preppy name for your boy! Here are some samples corroborating these tips.

Cool Preppy Names


This much quantity of names is enough to get an idea of what is expected out of you!

Now, let’s move ahead to people who are focusing more on a frat-style name!

Typical Frat Boy Names Ideas


As a modern parent, you would want your boy to totally rock in his young years in all fields of life! For this purpose, typical frat boy names can come in handy! Here are some mind-blowing ideas to pick out a frat boy name:

  1. It would be so cool if the name you choose depicts your child both as a backbencher and a topper! It’s not mandatory for a baddie to suck at studies. If you want your kid to be both studious and a chill person, this idea is the best for you!
  1. How about some opposite names to the personality you actually want? Yes, you can choose a name that actually gives a very scary and badass feel, or perception of a boy who is totally spoiled, but in reality your boy would be the sweetest kid someone could ever meet. This would be very interesting to try out!
  1. If you are more into people’s looks, then name your boy something that compliments his physical appearance, a name which attracts girls to him!

These are just the start and there are so many more ideas that you could get inspiration from! From the following examples of names for a preppy frat boy, you can decipher dozens of other ideas too!

Trendy Frat Boy Names

Zeta Zeta NuPi MuTau Zeta SigmaUpsilon Psi Eta
Alpha Kappa Omicron DeltaPhi Upsilon Gamma ChiTheta Upsilon MuSigma Lambda Lambda Psi
Eta Mu Phi ThetaIota Epsilon Theta PiMu Eta Iota UpsilonTau Sigma Theta
Zeta Tau Alpha OmegaChi Nu Rho EtaZeta Sigma Upsilon XiEta Psi Nu
Phi AlphaUpsilon PsiTau KappaSigma Psi Nu
Zeta TauPhi Chi NuPsi Pi MuIota Phi
Epsilon Eta Sigma XiOmega Phi Mu TauEta IotaOmicron Pi Xi
Lambda KappaPi Delta ThetaOmicron Epsilon ChiUpsilon Pi Omicron
Psi ChiNu Iota GammaSigma Rho Eta XiDelta Tau Mu Nu
Mu UpsilonChi ZetaChi Beta LambdaPhi Rho Omega
DunnBryantPsi Rho EpsilonSigma Beta Theta
HartWeberZeta Psi ChiRho Alpha Sigma
CunninghamBerrySigma Upsilon IotaOmega Xi
DixonPowersRho Mu Psi PiKappa Phi Mu
BarkerBatesIota Phi Beta GammaLambda Mu
Typical Frat Boy Name List

Look into these names and select what suits you and your virtues best!

Lots of you search for some frat-style last names too. So this next bit is for you!

Frat Boy Last Name Ideas

The last name holds a lot of importance since it completes your name! Every parent wants the best surname for their baby and especially if it’s a boy, then parents look for some frat boy last names to have a unique surname! If you are one of those, then we have some stunning ideas for you to have a frat boy’s last name!

  1. For minimal efforts, you can choose your family name only if it sounds cool and bold enough to match the frat name you decided for your boy.
  1. If in your native language, there is a supreme god everyone believes in, you might name your son after that divine soul. Nothing is more powerful than holy god. This mixture of frat first name with holy last name would turn out amazing!
  1. A last name that highlights a unique characteristic of the family can be very frat and preppy for your boy! It can portray strength, being a warrior, or being fun loving etc.

All these ideas can be implemented to have a really good last name. Look upon some frat boy’s last names that you might like.

Frat Preppy Boys Name

Xi Gamma Phi GammaXi Nu Chi RhoTau Eta Zeta NuRho Alpha Eta
Xi Zeta ThetaEpsilon Sigma TauSigma EtaUpsilon Upsilon
Upsilon LambdaUpsilon ZetaNu XiEta Iota Gamma
Phi Theta RhoGamma Xi MuOmicron Omega OmicronZeta Chi Epsilon
Iota Rho Sigma IotaOmicron KappaDelta Omega EtaEpsilon Alpha Upsilon
RipTrevorZeta MuKappa Delta
RossCamAlpha Lambda Upsilon AlphaMu Omicron Delta
ZekeAndyPhi XiPi Kappa Kappa
TonyKevinTheta Kappa Sigma PhiTheta Psi Eta Nu
DevinTobyMu Nu PiChi Alpha
Delta Sigma PsiBeta XiGamma Upsilon TauEpsilon Alpha Upsilon Tau
Phi ChiKappa TauDelta Nu LambdaSigma Eta Delta
Xi Phi EpsilonSigma Lambda ZetaPsi Rho XiKappa Phi Eta
Upsilon SigmaChi Lambda Epsilon IotaBeta Chi Psi AlphaAlpha Psi
Omega Omicron IotaUpsilon RhoMu Omega RhoDelta Kappa Epsilon
Frat Preppy Boys Name List

Furthermore, all these can prove to be a wonderful choice for the last name.

What about those who also want a nickname for their child? Don’t worry! We got you covered!

Nickname Ideas For Frat Guys


Some people don’t want the frat style to reflect in the main name of their child due to formal purposes, but still want a way to give them a frat name. That’s why they opt for having a nickname for their baby! Here are some cool tips to keep in mind while searching for a nickname!

  1. A nickname can be something related to his obsession. For instance, any sports or a sports celebrity.
  1. Often nicknames are cute and adorable, so you can choose something that displays the decency in your child.
  1. It can also be named after the best talent your child has!

For you to get a better understanding, we have gathered some frat boy nicknames. Have a look at the table down below.

Frat Boy Name Generator

Xi Mu Sigma EtaEta Kappa OmicronGamma Chi DeltaOmicron Gamma Alpha
Eta LambdaOmicron Alpha PsiLambda Zeta EtaIota Rho Zeta Alpha
Epsilon Upsilon XiPhi Zeta LambdaOmega Sigma Gamma OmicronEpsilon Phi Kappa Iota
Zeta Omicron Phi DeltaAlpha ThetaPsi Kappa PsiMu Kappa
Beta Alpha MuTheta EtaTau Tau ThetaEta Phi Omicron Omega
Beta Gamma Chi PsiOmega Kappa ZetaTau Rho MuOmicron Alpha
Sigma Xi ZetaZeta GammaPsi Mu LambdaIota Tau Kappa
Tau RhoEta Pi Theta AlphaMu OmegaNu Omicron Pi Lambda
Delta Nu Psi XiPi Gamma Omicron UpsilonMu RhoKappa Iota Omicron Chi
Sigma Delta LambdaDelta Rho TauZeta Zeta Gamma MuUpsilon Eta Alpha
MattPaulyZeta Pi Kappa OmicronMu Beta Xi
LandonJustinEta Theta Nu GammaXi Kappa Lambda Omega
GarrettJasonRho OmegaDelta Phi Sigma
BowLiamPi BetaLambda Mu Eta
EthanNoahTheta Alpha GammaPsi Tau Delta Omicron
Frat Boy Name List

If still, you are very confused or really tired upon thinking upon the perfect name, then hand over this responsibility to the frat boy name generator!

These generators produce thousands of frat guy names in seconds, that too in a pocket-friendly amount! Hence, this could be the perfect option for you to rely upon for an amazing frat name!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does frat boy mean?

According to the frat boy definition, these are boys who dress up in a constant stylish pattern and are famous in their high schools and college fraternity.

2. What is a good frat boy name?

A good name for a frat guy is that resonates with the frat boy meaning and strikes with the boy’s fancy outlook.

3. What are some characteristics of a frat guy?

  • Frat guys have a usual pattern of dressing, that is very cool.
  • They use slang a lot.
  • Always prefer pastel colours
  • They always wear some kind of accessories for details and commendable footwear!


To conclude, having a frat boy name is the perfect choice to name your baby boy with. Moreover, with tons of ideas and samples provided to you, choose what suits you the best!

Also, hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.



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