Powers you have never varied; it is based on how you use them’

Are you looking for Harry potter team names?

It looks like it is going to be a harry potter team names night.

Do you know!!!

J. K. Rowling invented the names of the Hogwarts houses on the back of barf bag?

You might not have known that the spells they used in the Harry Potter are English words with Latin translation like Hogwart’s motto is ‘Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus’ which means ‘never tickle a sleeping Dragon’

You can’t just drop names randomly; you need to know the Harry Potter team names meaning to set it and get it

Harry Potter Team Names

Harry Potter is undoubtedly one of the best books that have ever been produced. Though most of us read different types of books, Harry Potter has always stuck with us, all thanks to J.K. Rowling’s stellar writing. 

You must be thinking ‘what is the best team name?’ not to worry about that.

As we have saved some of the best harry potter names in a creative way.

Harry Potter Team Names List

Abigail FredericksAngelica KarumeHaley AbercrombieFred Vanity
Selina TandeLydia KarumeJulie NordenGeorge Nuts
Scarlet IidaLisa JenkinsOona BarnesChris Mina
Angelica ShinoharaPauline BickeringErica TandeJack Winikus
Nina BickeringElla SaxbyChie BickeringOwen Pickering
Goldie JenkinsRosalyn VaneAshley O’DowdChristian Prang
Mallory KarumeAbigail MuirheadMinerva NicolaRemy McGonagall
Oona KingJustine DawnGenevieve NordenCarl Hopkins
Natalie ToazerVicky ParkesScarlet WarbeckAndrew Matlock
Nina KingJo MaldonAlicia CodnorEthan Garland
Dinaz SturtonChie BallingtonKaori AbercrombieMichael Seaton
Romilda SloperPatricia ClaverdonLavender FredericksJack Anthony
Ruby BallingtonSaffron JonesRuth JohnsonYuvraj Olney
Ruth BickeringAlison HooperFay VanAdam Mallory
Imelda HopkinsDaphne PrickettAngelina ShimizuRoderick Tandel
Celestina CadoganAbigail KirkeTracie VanEuan Granger
Ginny MacduffAlicia MalloryIsmelda CadoganBoy Mina
Fiona JonesRuby NoelKate RobinsAlexander Noel
Fiona JordanKate McGonagallGoldie JoharTimothy Newton
Hermione ApplebyHermione DunbarEmily CullenWilliam Claverdon
Betty CooteSally BirchgroveAbigail O’DowdCharles Karume
Jo BickeringSophia GrangerNandini PrickettPercy Bhatt
Kaori TandeZakir MurphyFiona JamesCharlie Claverdon
Kellah AngelaBen SapworthySakura LynnBarry Shinohara
Jada HenryIain CadoganAngelina CreeveyPhelan Kelleen
Harry Potter Team Names
Harry Potter Team Names
harry Potter Team Names


If all you need is funny Harry Potter names then you are at the right place. We have collected some for you right here.

But, before we begin, let’s explore some more insights into Harry Potter

Harry Potter Popularity

The Harry Potter series has always been one of the most loved and lucrative film franchises of all time.

It has given us some of the most iconic characters. However, Harry Potter wasn’t always a dark and dreadful story with just serious tones.

 The series sometimes displayed comedy and some of these funny characters are not only funny but memorable too.

Having said that, et’s know some funny characters of Harry Potter!

Funny characters of Harry Potter

  • Professor McGonagall
  • Mad Eye Moody
  • Professor Lockhart
  • Argus Filch
  • Ron Weasley

So, now re-emphasizing these characters you must remember how funny they wear and laughter reached us when we used to hear their names.

So here are certain funny harry potter names that we have made and kept aside for you.

Albus ShahDuncan FromeCameron OrpingtonAndrew Duffield
Gregory MachinGraham LamentAndrew QuentinUrquhart Baldock
Regulus PuceyMarcus BurkeAmycus TalkalotWinky Bishopper
Tristram LedburyTom PershoreMark LofthousePhineas Greengrass
Winky PhippsRodolphus PughDavid BerrowAvery Burke
Theodore DerrickStuart CarrowKris GreengrassRodolphus Bhagat
David MachinRufus SommertimeRobin LithgowRegulus Rowstock
Irving KartikScorpius BaldockStuart NettlebedLucian Montague
Mulciber GauntAlphard VanityRodolphus BulstrodeCorvinus Queensbury
Winky SommertimeAlbus RichmondCassius MitchamCassius Parangyo
David BaldockSimon GosforthCorvinus LaughalotPeregrine Crockett
Marcus MachinCedrella MurtonDuncan BaldockTristram Shardlow
Wilkes ParkinsonMillicent GuptaBarnaby LympshamDan Pritchard
Malcolm LedburyBridget TuttleTerence ParkinsonFelix Rayknolls
Evan MakehayMathilda DuffieldDan MalfoyCurtis Greenford
Malcolm BhatiaDiane HanleyRobin SnapeScorpius Phipps
Graham LazenbyDorea LeeCedrella MachinAdrian Meads
Russell KingCallidora LazenbyTrupti PenkridgeRodolphus Farley
Corvinus GoyleHestia MachinKatie LithgowAlphard Lithgow
Darius DedworthMildred GreengrassNarcissa WarringtonFelix Pummell
Orion CramKatie BassenthwaiteAdelaide TalkalotGormlaith Lucky
Bowen VanityPenelope HiggyKatie DavisCallidora Bhagat
Evan SommertimeJody MontagueMathilda DavisTracey Murk
Mulciber LazenbyBridget LeeMerula MalfoySadie Moore
Kris LeeOna OrpingtonUrsula HattonTracey Greenford
Harry Potter Team Names


If you are a fan of the fantastical, then you must love our collections of Harry Potter sports team names.

Quick Fact!

There have been over 80 different NFL players who are named Harry and there are 5 different players named Potter yet none have been named Harry Potter?

In this context, we can see that how important and how much fun it is when you find out the perfect nexus of your favorite player with your favorite Harry Potter fantasy football names and characters. So here we go!

Harry Potter fantasy football names List

Pansy Parkinson SyndromeDumbledorksKenmare KestrelsThe Chasers
Magic is MightDumbo & DumbledoreThe GrindelwaldsGoblets of Ire
The MarauderiansThe Luna LovegodsThe RemembrallsThe Deluminators
Wand You UpThe Roonil WazlibsSnitches Get StitchesGranger Things
Construction In-quiz-itorial SquadOrder of the PhoenixTeam Jacob
Names That Mean AngelWacky WarlocksThe ChizpurflesTrolls in the Dungeon
Naughty NicknamesGolden Snitches Get Stitches.Patronus PotterThe Quizengamot
Patonga ProudsticksGiblets of IreGorodok GargoylesThe Wizengamot
For Fawkes’ SakeGranger ZoneThat’s So RavenclawThe Keepers
Snapes on a Plane10 Pints to GryffindorThe DeluminatorsThe Confederation of Wizards
Moaning Myrtle MayhemWhat the FawkesYou’re a Quizzard, HarryGriffin
Wand You UpHolyhead HarpiesAppleby ArrowsThe Poltergeists
The ImperiusDumb & DumbledoreVoldy’s MoldiesSnitch in Time
Death OmensThe Half-Blood PrincesThe Holyhead HarpiesSnapes on a plane
Flitwick’s NitwitsHogwarts RejectsGobstones ClubWhat does the Fawkes say?
Famous Fire-EatersDumbledorksThe Gringott’s GoblinsFaster Than A Firebolt
Voldy’sThe Saucy TricksVoldy’s MoldiesSnapes on a Plane
Wand You UpThe Potion’s MastersDead SiriusThe Chinese Fireballs
Knights of WalpurgisFor Fawkes’ SakeKenmare KestrelsThe Muggles
The RemembrallsGrodzisk GoblinsPatronus PotterThe bloody morons
DumbledamnThe RavenclawsThe BillywigsSiriusly?
Tangent Alley TeamThe GryffindorsThe Three BroomsticksThe Almighty Huff-n-Puffs
Snitches and WitchesThe chosen onesTangent Alley Team
Knights of WalpurgisSmarter Than the HatGanged FeraniumPhoenix Army
Muggle MayhemMudblood MagiciansThe Ravenclaw EaglesGanged Feranium


If you’re writing some Harry Potter-based fiction or looking for some cool harry potter group name for friends.

Then this Harry Potter team name generator is full of magic!

Based on characters from the Harry Potter franchise which includes books, movies & video games, we created this ultimate list of Harry Potter team names.

To be precise, you can explore here a lot like the list of wizard names.

Also, not only wizard names, but, you can also get house names, including Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Harry Potter team names using the Harry Potter name generator.

This is really useful if you know which house your character belongs to and how you want your character to be.

Having said that, here is a Harry Potter name list that includes random first names and surnames to inspire you to create your own Harry Potter character.

Siriusly?Accio Beer!Fantastic BeastsThe Merrows
The Gryffindor LionsTangent Alley TeamThe DumbledorfsDumb Bull Doors
The DeluminatorsGanged FeraniumMoaning MugglesThe Ravenclaws
Hungry Hungry HippogriffsThe Ravenclaw EaglesThe RemembrallsThe Slytherins
The GrindelwaldsThe Gringott’s GoblinsGranger DangerSectumsempras
Law and AurorBelgian QuafflesThe SkeetersGranger Zone
The QuizengamotThe Bouncing FerretsGimbi Giant-SlayersThe Elder Wands
The WizengamotNot Potter’s ArmyThe DeluminatorsDumb & Dumbledore
The KeepersThe PukwudgiesThe RememberallsThe Skeeters
The Order of the PhoenixVoldy’s MoldiesQuizzard HarryWigtown Wanderers
Phoenix ArmyThat’s So RavenclawVoldy’s MoldiesThe Dumbledorfs
Wand You UpThe MudbloodsMagic is MightThe Quibblers
The Hufflepuff BadgersChicken & QuafflesThe PhilosophersTeam Dobby
Accio Beer!Smarter Than the CatThe ClabbersThe Gryffindors
The PoltergeistsHappy GriffsThe House ElvesThe Chinese Fireballs
Snitch in TimeThe ProfessorsDumbledorksThe Half-Blood Princes
Snapes on a planeVoldy’s MoldiesLong Haired PillockThe Scarheads
The Slytherin SnakesThe DeluminatorsThe TinderblastsThe Quibblers
The Holyhead HarpiesGiblets of IreThe HogwartiansFlitwick’s Nitwits
The ChasersShadows and SpiritsPatonga ProudsticksThe Prisoners of Azkaban
Goblets of IreGranger ZoneThe WizengamotPride of Portree
Knights of WalpurgisThe Daily ProphetsThe SkeetersDumb & Dumbledore
Kenmare KestrelsThe MugglesYou’re a Quizzard, HarryThe Potterheads
Patronus PotterThe Horned SerpentsDead SiriusMudblood Magicians
Hit it and QuidditchSnitch in timeThe Daily PropheciesSlytherin to my Harry Pooter


Harry Potter Team Names

Harry Potter Scavenger hunt team names

You can always challenge hunters to find answers to fun, tricky questions about works of art with characters, creatures, or names of those in the Harry Potter books and films.

So, to do that, let’s explore with the Harry Potter Scavenger hunt team names list

The PoltergeistsHogwarts School of WizardryHungry Hungry HippogriffsDeath Eaters.
Pride of PortreeYour mom’s a HorcruxThe Daily PropheciesBrainless Muggles.
Not Potter’s ArmyBelgian QuafflesMudbloodGranger Zone.
The PukwudgiesThe Bouncing FerretsThe QuibblersTom Riddlers.
Voldy’s MoldiesKnights of WalpurgisSirius is the new BlackDumb And Dumbledore.
The Dream OraclesErised’s DesireI got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t oneMind Wizards.
The PrincesThe Chamber of SeacrestI’ve got your Nine and Three Quarters Right HereBrainless Nicks.
The Slytherin SnakesThe Gryffindor LionsBut I AM the Chosen One!Hufflepuff Headboys.
The DeluminatorsDungbombs.Headless Ghosts.
Hit it and QuidditchThe Inquisitorial SquadMoaning Muggles.10 Pints To Gryffindor.
Accio Beer!Scoundrels and SaintsHall Of Prophecies.Granger In Danger.
The MudbloodsThe GrindelwaldsAngry Snitches.Hogwarts Dropouts.
The Gryffindor LionsThat’s So RavenclawLazy Squibs.Snapes On A Plane.
Law and AurorThe MudbloodsHungry Hufflepuffs.Malfoy’s Manners.
The QuizengamotThe PrefectsHairy Potters.Mad Muggles.
The HufflepuffsThe PukwudgiesBloody Morons.Dumb Bull Doors.


If you are an Indian there is no doubt that you would be looking for the Harry Potter team names in Hindi.

There is no greater fun than converting the standard International names into a desi version of them.

When you are changing the Harry Potter team names into Hindi it is essential that you know the Harry Potter team name meaning of each and every name

You can also use the Hindi version to scratch out some Harry Potter group names for friends too. So, here go with the list

Harry Potter group names List for friends

 Dumbledamn The MaraudersThe DeluminatorsThe Hogwartians
Law and Auror Dead SiriusTrolls in the DungeonThe Rememberalls
 Hit it and Quidditch Blast-Ended SkanksThe Confederation of WizardsGriffin
Crookshanks for the MemoriesIt’s TriviOsah, not TriviosAHThe SeekersSnapes on a Plane
Chicken & Quaffles Neville Gonna Give You Up, Neville Gonna Let You DownThe DugbogsThe Chinese Fireballs
 ImpeachimentaPatonga ProudsticksWhat the Hell is a HufflepuffThe Almighty Huff-n-Puffs
Moaning MugglesMagic is MightThe Elephant ManDead Sirius
 Trolls in the DungeonThe MarauderiansThe Bouncing FerretsTangent Alley Team
 Hogwarts RejectsOrder of the PhoenixThe Luna LoversSnitches and Witches
 The Half Blood Artist Formerly Known As PrinceThe ChizpurflesSnitch in TimeThe Billywigs
 Peter Pettigrew’s Petting ZooMoaning Myrtle MayhemHappy GriffsThe Three Broomsticks
 Xeno Feeling MyselfWand You UpThe Unregistered Animagus’The Order of the Phoenix
Accio BeerFamous Fire-EatersThe SlytherinsTeam MollyWobbles
 Wizarding WildcatsGorodok GargoylesSnitches Get StitchesThe Poltergeists
 Snapes on a PlaneDumbo & DumbledoreThe Chamber of SeacrestPride of Portree
That’s So RavenclawThe Luna LovegodsQuerulous Quirrell LassesThe Dream Oracles
The Quizoner of AzkabanThe Half-Blood PrincesThe GobstonesThe Princes
Team QuizzitchHogwarts RejectsThe Slitherclaw RavenpuffsThe Mudbloods
 The QuizengamotFor Fawkes’ SakeLaw and AurorThe Gryffindor Lions
 DumbledorksGrodzisk GoblinsNever tickle sleeping dragonsGanged Feranium
 99 Problems But A Snitch Ain’t OneSmarter Than the HatTeam SevenGobstones Club
 The RememberallsMudblood MagiciansThe Prisoners of AzkabanKnights of Walpurgis
 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Beer (or Wine)Appleby ArrowsMinerva’s MastermindsErised’s Desire
In-Quiz-a-torial SquadVoldy’s MoldiesWacky WarlocksThe Inquisitorial Squad
 You’re A Quizzard, HarryMinerva’s Mister MindsThe Fire CrabsScoundrels and Saints

Here are some of the questions that have been frequently asked of us.

Harry Potter private story names

When you try to write something private which is basically meant for only a few people or any group of people then it is called a private story.

Here we have collected certain Harry Potter private story names which are beyond imagination.

The Crimes of Johnny DeppWhat does the Fawkes say?The QuibblersWand You Up
Appleby ArrowsGranger ThingsSirius is the new BlackMuggle Mayhem
Golden Snitches Get Stitches.Team JacobGranger DangerDumbledorks
The RavenclawsGolden Snitches Get Stitches.You’re a Quizzard, HarryWacky Warlocks
Phoenix ArmyGiblets of IreIt’s Levi-ooh-sa, not Levio-sah.Wimbourne Wasps
Slytherin to my Harry PooterGranger ZoneHarry Potter and the Goblet of BeerThe Imperius
Dumbo & DumbledoreThe Team Who Must Not Be NamedFaster Than A FireboltDeath Omens
The House ElvesThat’s So RavenclawThe QuizengamotFlitwick’s Nitwits
Peter Pettigrew’s Petting ZooThe DeluminatorsThe DiademsNearly Brainless Nicks
The Quizoner of AzkabanSiriusly?99 Problems But a Snitch Ain’t OneMuggle Mayhem
Law and AurorWhat the FawkesAlas, EarwaxThe Hufflepuffs
Mumbulus MumbletoniaHolyhead HarpiesAccio Beer!The Ravenclaws
The Azkaban PrisonersDumb & DumbledoreHungry Hungry HippogriffsThe Gryffindors
10 Pints to GryffindorWit Beyond MeasureWand You UpThe Slytherins
For Fawkes’ SakeBut I AM the Chosen One!I’ve got your Nine and Three Quarters Right HereMuggle Mayhem
Siriusly?For Fawkes’ SakeThe Professor Pop-And-LockheartsThe Dark Forces
Shadows and SpiritsSnapes on a Plane10 Pints to GryffindorThe chosen ones
Pride of PortreePansy Parkinson SyndromeI got 99 problems but a snitch ain’t oneKnights of Walpurgis
The Cockroach-ClustersErised’s DesireThe Roonil WazlibsThe Remembralls
The Gringott’s GoblinsProfessor Lupin’s Time of the MonthIn-quiz-itorial SquadDumbledamn
Ganged FeraniumThe RemembrallsThe MugglesThe Chamber of Seacrest
Trolling BogeysSnitches Get StitchesMumbulus MumbletoniaThe Saucy Tricks
Your mom’s a horcruxHogwarts School of QuizardryErised’s DesireThe Potion’s Masters
Kenmare KestrelsDumbledorksThe Dream OraclesThe Grindelwald
DumbledorksSmarter Than the HatThe bloody moronsPatronus Potter
Harry Potter private story names


To give Harry Potter team names you need to know about the 4 different houses in Harry Potter and those 4 different houses are

Wondering, What are the 4 different House in Harry Potter?

There are 4 different houses in Harry Potter and these are:

  • Gryffindor house
  • Hufflepuff House
  • Ravenclaw House
  • Slytherin House

Now, we hope you must have got some more ideas to select the best name.

But if you are still puzzled and wondering What should I name my Harry Potter group chat?

You’ll notice that everyday names you come across could be a great name to use.

Harry Potter group chat

So, whenever you want to name group chat then it is important that you know how does the group related to each one of you and how the group relates to Harry Potter.

Ministry Of Magic.Slaying Slytherins.triking Slytherins.Pureblood Society.
Hogwarts Express.Free Dobby Campaign.Dumble Defenders.Heirs Of Slytherin.
Potions House.Potterheads.Snapes On The Run.Fizzing Whizbees.
Chamber Of Secrets.Soul Eaters.Headless Hunt.House Elves.
Floo Network.Scarheaded Ones.Goblets Of Fire.Team Loyalty And hard work.
Guiding Lights.Muggle-borns.Broomstick Battalion.Inquisitorial Squad.
Ravenclaw Club.Dark Marked.Sneaky Goblins.Phoenix Army.
Charmed Club.Deathly Hallows.Prisoners Of Azkaban.Mighty Magicians.
Diagon Alley.Look At Us.Score Seekers.Fantastic Beasts.
Potter House.Winning Prophecy.Faster Than Golden Snitch.The Chosen Ones.
Dark Lords.Wild Weasleys.Trick Turners.EverlastingFoces.
Daily Prophet.One-Eyed Witches.Cursed Children.Lucky Charms.
Blood Traitors.Half-bloods.Free Elves.Secret Serpents.
Magical Creatures.Dark Wizards.Dumbledore’s Army.Shadows And Spirits.
Wizards’ Gathering.Badass Muggles.Fire-Eaters.The Sorcerers.
Department Of Mysteries.Bloody Barons.The Snatchers.Obliviators.
Order Of Phoenix.Deadly Sirius.27JNXZSirius Blackmons.Wand Masters.
The Philosophers.Goblet Of Answers.The Beaters.The Elder Wands
The Deluminators.Nurmengard Prisoners.Muggles Guild.The Clabbers
Quizners Of Azkaban.SlytherinSnakes.The Nearly HeadlessThe Half Blood Artist Formerly Known As Prince
Unforgivable Curses.Dumbledorks.Snapes on a planeWacky Warlocks
Ganger’s Smartness.The Snitches.Snitch in TimeSmarter Than the Cat
Hogwarts Heroes.Dumbledwarfs.The BeatersAlas, Earwax
Proud Mud-bloods.The Quizzards.The SkeetersAccio Beer
Daily Prophet Journalists.Bertie Bots Every Flavor.The PhilosophersNice Legs Neville
Harry Potter group chat

We guess seeing so many Harry Potter team names you must.

What are the best Harry Potter group chat names for 3 friends?

The Harry Potter series started with a group of 3 friends

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.  

While mentioning this, If you are simultaneously looking for Harry Potter group chat names for 3 friends then you got the base accurately.

With an accurate base, there is a lot of great names to take out of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Group chat names for 3 friends

So, here are the best of Harry Potter Group chat names for 3 friends.

Knights of WalpurgisThe OakshaftsDumb & DumbledoreThe “We Support Edward Cullen” Group
Snitches Get StitchesHarry Potter and the Goblet of Beer (or Wine)The chosen onesDumbledore’s Army
The MaraudersChicken & QuafflesThe Bloody MoronsFifteenth-Century Fiends
The bloody moronsThe Half-BloodsCrumple-Horned SnorkacksFawks
The PrefectsQuerulous Quirrell LassesThe HedwigsFamous Fire-Eaters
GriffinThe PotterheadsGorodok GargoylesErised’s Desire
The ScarheadsChudley CannonsThe Roonil WazlibsGranger Danger
Magick Moste EvileDumbledore’s ArmyFlitwick’s NitwitsThe Dugbogs
Smarter Than the HatPigfartsDead SiriusYou’re a Quizzard, Harry
Hungry Hungry HippogriffsBut I AM the Chosen One!Patronus PotterFor Fawkes’ Sake
10 Pints to Gryffindor Erised’s DesireThe ImperiusEnchanting Bakers
Snitch in timeThe GobstonesThe Chinese FireballsThe Lumos Maximus Group
Pansy Parkinson SyndromeBuckbeaksThe ChasersThe Horned Serpents
It’s TriviOsah, not TriviosAHNever tickle sleeping dragonsKrum Fan ClubThat’s So Ravenclaw
The Elephant ManFaster Than A FireboltThe TinderblastsDumbledorks
The CleansweepsThe Order of the PhoenixBlast-Ended SkanksThe Muggles
Patonga ProudsticksThe Gryffindor LionsAccio Beer!The Team Who Must Not Be Named
The QuizengamotWizarding WildcatsThe WizengamotThe Dark Forces
The TrioThe QuibblersThe OrderWillow Smith and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Minerva’s Mister MindsScoundrels and SaintsThe Daily ProphetsThe Chizpurfles
What the Hell is a HufflepuffThe HufflepuffsThe Professor Pop-And-LockheartsThat’s So Ravenclaw
ImpeachimentaWimbourne WaspsFantastic BeastsThe Daily Prophecies
Harry Potter Group chat names for 3 friends

What are Harry Potter movie team names?

When you are on the verge of making a movie based on the theme of Harry Potter then it is essential that you know how the series of Harry Potter was named. So here are some examples that you can grab on.

Demon-Dung CrackersFlitwick’s NitwitsDeath EatersThe Three Broomsticks
The MarauderiansThe Half-Blood PrincesWit Beyond MeasureThe Poltergeists
Granger ZoneThe GlumbumblesNeville Gonna Give You Up, Neville Gonna Let You DownDumb Bull Doors
The GryffindorsNearly Brainless NicksMagic is MightMuggle Mayhem
Moste Potente PotionsDumbledamnThe Slytherin SnakesGoblets of Ire
The Slitherclaw RavenpuffsQuizzard HarryThe Ravenclaw EaglesKenmare Kestrels
The ProfessorsFelix FelicesTeam QuizzitchTeam Dobby
The DeluminatorsExpecto-WinnoGrodzisk GoblinsThe Pukwudgies
Minerva’s MastermindsThe RemembrallsBelgian QuafflesMudblood
Wand You UpThe AshwindersTeam MollyWobblesMoaning Muggles
Triwizard ChampionsXeno Feeling MyselfBagel EatersThe Unregistered Animagu
Mudblood MagiciansThe Holyhead HarpiesPlease Buy Wizarding World GoldDumb-Bullock-Doors
Crookshanks for the MemoriesTrolling BogeysGobstones ClubGimbi Giant-Slayers
The Inquisitorial SquadThe RememberallsWoollongong WarriorsKnights of Walpurgis.
The Almighty Huff-n-PuffsThe Saucy TricksTangent Alley TeamThe Chamber of Seacrest
The Golden SnitchesTeam SevenGiblets of IreThe Diadems
The Prisoners of AzkabanThe MauradersYou’re A Quizzard, Harry
Trolls in the DungeonMoaning Myrtle MayhemThe BillywigsThe Princes
The Team That Shall Not Be NamedThe LiondragonThe MudbloodsWigtown Wanderers
Death OmensIn-Quiz-a-torial Squad99 Problems But A Snitch Ain’t One@JK_Rowling
Voldy’s MoldiesThe Luna LovegodsThe SeekersThe Hufflepuff Badgers
Patronus LegionSectumsemprasThe HogwartiansThe Confederation of Wizards
Happy GriffsExpecto PetroleumVoldy’s MoldiesSnitches and Witches
The Order of MerlinBlood BrothersHeidelberg HarriersHogwarts Rejects
Deluminating CandlesThe Dream OraclesThe CometsPhoenix Army
What are the Harry Potter movie team names

Final Verdict

It has been 2 decades yet we’re still huge fans and enjoy celebrating J. K. Rowling’s work by testing our knowledge on Harry Potter team names and trivia nights. These names aren’t far from bringing greatness to you.

So all that you can with Harry Potter team names is given here and we hope that you find us to be precise and helpful. Hope you enjoyed the read.


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