Do you don’t know how to ship cosmetics overseas?

Well, DTC cosmetics as well as other forms of beauty items are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

In fact, 52% of internet consumers stated they had previously purchased a beauty product from a direct-to-consumer brand.

This demonstrates that independent online beauty brands are in significant demand.

However, even with so much potential, there remain obstacles, particularly when it comes to delivering delicate cosmetics.

Cosmetics are available including both liquid and solid forms.

And, also a variety of packaging options ranging from plastic to glass. Some makeup products are more difficult to ship than less damaged or broken ones, depending upon the nature of makeup and the container it arrives in.

So, that’s why in this article we will discuss 5 tips on how to ship cosmetics internationally.

Let’s get jump into it!


E-commerce merchants must understand the ins and outs of delivering beauty products worldwide in order to capitalize on the global popularity of health and beauty products. The beauty industry’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce sector faces a number of challenges in terms of warehousing, logistics, and costs. Fortunately, with some assistance from the proper people, you can quickly start delivering health and beauty products overseas.

 To get you started, here are the six largest suggestions:

1. Wrap Things Up

Cover the makeup item in corrugate to safeguard it from any potential harm during shipping. Wrap particularly delicate things, such as pressed powders or eyeshadows, at least four times – the more cushioning, the stronger.

2. Keep High-Quality Warehousing in Mind

Your things will be housed safely and securely in a high-quality, well-organized facility. Many innovations third-party logistics firms provide numerous warehousing sites so you can keep your stock close to your clients, a practice is known as distributed inventory. As a result, an order can arrive at its destination sooner, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

3. Understand Your Product’s Ingredients

Knowing your product’s ingredients can help you determine if it will ship securely and in accordance with carrier standards. Recognizing whatever your makeup items are made of will help you prevent having them melt in a hot warehouse or finding out that you can’t ship to certain countries, especially overseas e.g., makeup with CBD or alcohol-based products.

4. Fill The Package with Fillers

Having unnecessary rubber matting, especially if it’s a small beauty item, can help hold your product in place. Fiberboard is a low-cost, environmentally friendly solution that can protect your product from moving. If your beauty items are liquid or loose pigments, and you’re getting issues about broken shipments, it would be a good idea to wrap them in a little plastic bag to keep them from leaking. This will also provide further dampness or moisture protection.

5. Invest In Insurance

Makeup is very susceptible to shipment damage, from loose ingredients to little parts like eyeshadow applicators. Even if you carefully prepare the order before shipping, anything might happen while it’s being transported by truck, rail, or air – especially if it’s traveling a long distance. Because it is out of your hands the majority of the time.

Purchasing shipping insurance to protect your goods is well worth the extra expense.

6. Recognize The Various Carrier Rules

When it comes to sending makeup, major shipping company names like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL have their own set of guidelines, primarily for items that may comprise combustible materials. To guarantee that your products arrive on time and in good condition. Read over your shipping carrier’s rules and guidelines ahead of time.

Let’s wrap this article with the conclusion.


To safely deliver your makeup products is very important to your clients. And, the above-mentioned 6 tips will help you to ship your makeup products overseas.

Hope you liked this article and it help you to fulfill your purpose!


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