One cannot think well unless they dine well’

The one place you would never get tired of going to will always be the Restaurants. When talking about restaurants, there is no way we can keep Japanese Restaurants out of it.

Japanese foods are very diverse cuisine and no wonder, a restaurant with a perfect cultural aura always stays in the thoughts of customers.

Considering the same, if you are some who is working hard to welcome your customers to experience the lip-smacking food with an amazing aura, you certainly need to pick the perfect name for your Japanese Restaurant.

Japanese Restaurant Names
Japanese Restaurant Names

So, saddle up because it’s checked out some best Japanese Restaurant names, so you can gain the attention of your customers in no time.

Here is a quick name list of good Japanese Restaurant name ideas:

KreozedRuzesAngry BirdsButterfly Roll
EgrexiStrelgretiaSashimi Nori RollNori Beef Roll
PhagruSthaithCrispy Prawn RollChicken Sashimi Roll
BusiriZondhuSashimi RollNori Roll
RandolaGodeskaphSalmon RollTuna Roll
HondriggElizabethGeek the Beef rollSteak Roll
ElsheUraphLobster RollPassion of Rice
KirdenZistosTempura rollAvocado and Tuna Roll
OkaishadRocandRoll in the HayShrimp and avocado roll
TirzringHakshaLasagna RollRolls Royce
Shiki-SakonShogunThe Honor BiteThe Cool Cat Knight
ShichigosanSen no RikyuThe Jamming AfternoonThe Cinnamon Lounge
BrushstrokeSan San KudoThe Dapper TreeThe Holy Balcony
Sushi RanImas TeiThe Electric LaneThe Honey Factory
RakuSushi YasudaThe Painted MomentThe Dapper Saloon
Momo MisoBento & TreatCitrusFabled
Sake & YakiThe Tempura TreatIncognitoPiccolo
Arashi UdonSushi NooriThe Bell TowerThe Cave
Kare Raisu KaféToshikoshi LoveSerenadeIntermission
Soba Noodle HouseThe Udon WarriorsThe OakLily

Found something?

But we know, it is just a first list and you wouldn’t want to stick with few options.

But, how to filter?

Here we go with the answers you need!

Interesting Japanese Restaurant name ideas:

Before finalizing the Japanese Restaurant name ideas, we would like to suggest you few very essential points that you must remember before starting your own Japanese Restaurant.

Things might seem so easy, but it is not causing if you are not a citizen of Japan then there are lots of stuff that you have to care about.

So, here are some points to Japanese Restaurant name which you will have to take care of. Ask yourself:

  • What’s your signature dish? Is it a name that can even be given to the entity?
  • What special you do for your customers? Can you give a specific word that can become a great name for your restaurant?

Got your answers and picked a name?

Now, let’s play with words!

Japanese Restaurant Names


Here are some quick techniques:

If there are a number of delicious dishes, you can pick the first letter of each word and blend well with special customer service.

Trust us, this will make you creative and get you the combination for so many names.

With that, here we are with you as a Japanese Restaurant Names Generator to get you the name list of the best combinations, you might want to look at:

The Seaside TreeThe Solar DemonThe Original BalconyThe Aqua Grill
The Coriander ChimneyThe Sapphire WindowThe Cocoa GoddessThe Violet Courtyard
The Moroccan WayThe Queen’s LeafThe Aroma BlossomThe Delhi Eats
The Pink HoundThe Big StreetThe Salty GoddessThe Caribbean Dome
The Fable BrothersThe Brimstone MerchantThe River HeartThe Bengal Door
Little ChinaIncognitoKarmaEnigma
RoadhouseThe MockingbirdThe CrownThe Pearl
BrimstoneAquaSaffronThe Goat
The Boiling ChamberThe Incredible ChamberThe Juniper HogThe Southern Exhibit
The Italian FlavourThe Savory GateThe Waterway MomentsThe Palm Willow
The Royal LobsterThe Northern ElephantThe Golden DomeThe Mad Spice
The Spring BiteThe Nifty ElephantThe Rare FarmerThe City Horse
The Sushi PersiaThe Enigma After DarkThe Bright MarketThe Waterfront Willow
QueensThe CrownThe CrownThe Nightingale
AquaThe HatCarnivalThe Vine
The LocketMedallionUnwindSerenity

Got some ideas?

Here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Try to give priority to the names that are easy to pronounce and easy to spell.
  • Make sure the name you are selecting relates to Japanese food or culture.

We understand, there is too much to pick. It is always going to be hard to get a good Japanese Restaurant name and the Japanese Restaurant Names ideas but here we are with both the things to help you out.

So here are some more options.

Sushi Restaurant Name

Sushi is one of the most famous dishes in the world, and it is the prime dish of Japan. It is not just a famous dish, it is also a dish with no haters.

Sushi Restaurants are specialized in just one type of food, and that’s sushi. Many restaurants in Japan are based on the specialization of the food.

So, if it is especially too, here is the name list of Sushi Restaurant Names:

The Noodle RooftopThe Incredible DeerThe Hungry RoomThe Village Deer
The Savory LeafThe Fresh MomentThe Fresh ShackThe Whiskey Shack
The Northern CourtyardThe Corner TreeThe Juniper PersiaThe Caramel Dome
The Minty ValleyThe Sailing ChefThe Pink PandaThe Greek Blossom
The Caramel EmpressThe Beach TreeThe Curry ChickenThe Amber Monkey
The PearlLilyThe VineyardThe Cottage
RevelationsThe WillowFluorescenceCrickets
CinnamonLittle ItalyHibiscusParamount
The GalleryAquaNovaCinnamon
The Mad AngelThe Big City AngelThe Square KitchenThe Wild Chamber
The Sumo ElephantThe Chopping WharfThe Caviar BayThe Harborview Bear
The Village OrchidThe Greek SpicesThe Holy LobsterThe Fiery Well
The Hot LighthouseThe Fable MonumentThe Bright EmpressThe Vintage Cottage
The Thai VineThe Sumo FishThe Chocolate BoarThe Painted Wharf
The OakAmuseQueensThe Lion
AbacusPurityThe GalleryRye
The EmpressFriendsKarmaCatch
QueensRevelationsBambinoThe Crown
MirrorsLittle PersiaThe ScarfAmuse

Want to be more creative?

Creative and Funny Sushi Restaurant Names

When you have flown with a specialized restaurant, then it is very important to know the different variety of Sushi and Sushi rolls.

In the world, there are about 86 types of sushi rolls alone.

So even if it is not all the types, make sure that you have multiple varieties of sushi rolls in you restaurant.

Japanese Restaurant Names

Here giving funny and creative sushi roll names is going to highlights uniqueness in your restaurant and so it is essential that you give creative sushi roll names.

The Pink ViolinThe Pearl AppleThe Fire NightThe Mad Angel
The Corner OrientalThe Coriander JunctionThe Mellow CommanderThe Sumo Elephant
The Painted TulipThe Vintage GroveThe Honor WalkThe Village Orchid
The Central CowThe Sour FrontThe Minty DemonThe Hot Lighthouse
The Thai DinerThe Lakeside CastleThe Court FableThe Thai Vine
The CaneShamblesIntermezzoThe Oak
AuroraPetalsVeilThe Empress
Octopus SushiKazoku SushiThe Mammoth Palace
Eyaki SushiKaya SushiThe Electric ParlourThe Royal Chef
Sushi GenKantaro SushiThe Western ViolinThe Brimstone Dome
SushiioHikari SushiThe Dairy GrillThe Waterway Room
SushiverseHama SushiThe Wild AngelThe Spicy Pipe
Tosai SushiEbisu SushiThe Summer HeavenThe Monarch
Sushi YasakaSushi o KudasaiThe MomumentThe Lotus
Sushi Ginza OnoderaDojo SushiClarityAcapella
Sushi to SakeAsahi SushiMaximusInterlude
Sushi wa DisukiArashi SushiParamountShambles

So above mentioned are some of the funny and best creative sushi roll names you can keep for your sushi restaurant.

More Japanese Restaurant Name ideas

We know, after seeing so many names, you must be as clear as mud.

So, we tried to make the job easier even more.

Now we are going to give you some of the most important Japanese Restaurant name ideas which are going to help you in cutting down your list and coming out with accuracy.

After all, when you think smart, you get smart results.

So, here is what needs to be done:

Japanese Restaurant Names
  1. Pick the marketing Plan and see the requirements, and now analyze the list. Does this list fulfil the requirement?
  2. Has the essence of Japanese Culture?
  3. Is it industry related word?
  4. Is the domain available so you can create a website?
  5. Will it gain attention on Social Media Platforms?
  6. How much is the search volume of the word?
  7. Does the name have ancient or modern unique symbol based on the Japanese Culture that can work well as name and logo?

Trust us, this checklist will not only help you in selecting the name but even, help you to market the business effectively.

Interesting right!

If there is no name in hand yet, check out our next name list.

The Vintage RoomThe Private WalkQueensMaximus
The Olive BadgerThe Waterway ExchangeAromaClarity
The Central ElephantThe Aroma CommanderRetroCitrus
The Chopping OrchardThe Mountainview ArchivePetalsChance
The Incredible SmithThe Mellow FenceThe BoarIndigo
HibiscusThe spicy hubSweet tupeboscon
The Gallery VictoryThe Corner After DarkThe Solar After DarkThe Underwater Beehive
The Big City GateThe Dapper AngelThe Cool GardenThe Copper Place
The Fantasy ViolinThe Fresh ElephantThe Fable SpicesThe Oval Lantern
The Spicy SalmonThe Electric TableThe Holy MockingbirdThe Oval Garden
The Jade PizzeriaThe Saffron EmperorThe Sailing GenieThe Modern Diner
AceInterludeSkywardThe Gallery
LagunaMelting PotThe CaveButlers
The LocketThe HummingbirdThe TulipWhisperwind
The ParlourAtlasSimmer DownLittle Persia
The Glass CastleThe Sweet PlaceThe Little SaloonThe Sailing Demon
The Waterfront ParadiseThe Island TreeThe Harlequin FlavourThe River House
The Emerald HeartThe Chili MarketThe Modern FiddlerThe Holy Harvest
The Champagne WayThe Southern ClamThe Abacus OrientalThe New Fable

Make sure that the name that quick, simple yet trendy. Too much fancy can be dangerous!

Well, a name becomes BRAND if you strategize.

And so, picking the right strategy to name your business help you market it even better. So here we go with the finest collection of some interesting Japanese Restaurant Names:

The Sugar MapleThe Underwater WayThe Mad SharkThe Streetwise Hound
Melting PotThe GardenAbacusMedallion
MeadowsNirvanaThe BoutiqueEureka
KingsizeMelting PotEnigmaSunset
PodiumThe PearlThe CottageMedallion
BenihanaFreshness BurgerThe Silk WokThe Royal Afternoon
Onigiri OtokoYakisoba O ThabemasuThe Original CastleThe Paradise Kitchen
Tokyo to YokosoFeng SobaThe Cocoa VaultsThe Chocolate Exchange
NatsuhibushiOcha o tabemasuThe Abacus FarmerThe Waterway Fiddler
MastuguchiObento kudasaiThe Silk WindmillThe Champagne Bistro
The Bento HouseBinchoMoonlightLittle Persia
Kissa TantoBerghThe WallArch
Naruto RamenAjisen RamenSplashThe Crown
IchibanyaMatsugenOlive GroveGem
Hokka Hokka TeiHolbenMeadowsIvory
The Gallery WokThe Mountainview GateParamountKarma
The Lavender FenceThe Bengal MarketChapterAurora
The Bengal HouseThe Forest ExhibitTreasureParagon
The Hot JewelThe First MonumentThe DepotSimmer Down

We are sure after reading these points you must have made up some changes in your name list and that is good progress.

Now you know how important is naming and how smartly you can get a perfect name and behalf done with your work.

Reading these points must have assisted you to cut down a few of the names and you must be now left with very few.

Read further because we are not stopping unless we find out a perfect Japanese Restaurant Names.

Funny Japanese Restaurant Names

Japanese Restaurant Names

You can always add fun factor to the name game.

Making a sarcastic name is not that easy cause you to have to be sure that in the efforts of trying to be funny, you don’t directly or indirectly hurt the sentiments of the Japanese Restaurant

You can always add new and creative puns this is the best way to attract customers.

You can add different types of puns all around the restaurant so it would show the efforts you put into your Japanese Restaurant.

So here are some comical and funny Japanese Restaurant names which are going to bring a definite smile as you read them.

The French HeavenThe Emerald AngelLittle PersiaCastle
The Fire BondThe Cinnamon ClamThe Harlequin OrientalThe Rare Dragon
The Italian BoulevardThe Cocoa MockingbirdThe Caribbean TulipThe Honor Victory
The Streetwise MissionThe Cinnamon EatsThe Arctic FenceThe Spaghetti Kitchen
The Indian OrchardThe Mad MonkeyThe Corner MonkeyThe Bamboo Chamber
The Queen’s WindowThe Violet LilyThe Sushi StreetThe Indian Mission
LemonAmigosGraceThe Oak
GastrognomeParlayRootsThe Square
BondsNightowlThe LighthouseStreetwise
The Mountain DevilThe Boiling EmpressThe Caramel HarvestThe Underwater God
The Savory WokThe Western BalconyThe Narrow StrangerThe Tandoori Sisters
The Village ChickenThe Glass BlendThe Spiced PalaceThe Comet Tower
The Jade SharkThe New FrontThe Aqua HarvestThe Eastern Tiger
The Nifty PipeThe King’s PlaceThe Silent PeasantThe Tropical Persia
AmigosAcapellaUnwindThe Pearl
AquaBasilBonesThe Cottage
BlossomsPodiumGastrognomeThe Tower

Now when we are already sharing the funny list, lets have a look at some Japanese comic character as well, and see if that can bring up more fun.

Do you know?

Dragonkin were said to type of monstrous humanoid which were believed to be cousins of the mighty dragon.

And so, tell us, would you like add a theme in a restaurant that can be dragnonkin theme?

Well, if you are thinking on those lines, here we are with some more ideas to pick!


Dragon is something that catch the eye of people in no time and people would to visit just for the Dragonkin.

And so naming a Japanese restaurant on dragon can be a great idea for business success.

But, it’s very hard to find out some of the catchy, cool and attractive Dragonkin Names.

So, here we are as Dragonkin Name Generator for you to get the fun name list:

LimestoneOlive GroveBrimstoneNightowl
Ember DaysKamakuraThe Northern DomeThe Indian Moments
Korokke HaiEdamameThe Pink After DarkThe Magical Blossom
YoshikiHeian-KyoThe Chopping LanternThe Sumo Goddess
Kappa MakiMidnight NoodlesThe Curry ExchangeThe Sapphire Walk
Ichiraku RamenKamabokoThe Comet ValleyThe Summer Word
Mirai SobaHouse of BambooAbacusHarvest
Domo FuraiIkuraPotroastCandle
AnagoEnni’s MythAquaMumbles
Casual KaisekiDragonkinLagunaSolstice
The Palm BistroThe Savory LilySaffronThe Jazz Crown
EurekaThe Jungle CastleThe TowerThe Aqua Laguna
The RoseThe Greek After DarkShazamThe Bengal Laguna
The PeacockThe Emerald LobsterThe LionThe Harborview Table
QueensStarlightLittle ItalyThe Hungry Cow
The Court FaireThe Pearl FishThe Whiskey AvenueThe Glass Duke
The Juniper PersiaThe Olive DreamThe Mammoth PizzeriaThe Mountainview Lane
The Grand VineThe Village ExchangeThe Honey OakThe Bright Tree
The Comet HookThe Proud SaloonThe Coffee LobsterThe Hungry Fridge

Got some?

Before finalizing any name for dragon make sure that the name is not already taken and it is completely creative.

Scroll more!

Cool Japanese Grill names

Teppanyaki which is also known as Hibachi in some country, it is the style of ancient Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food.

The word teppanyaki is derived from Tehran which means the metal plate on which the food is cooked and yaki which means the food is grilled, broiled, or fried.

Adding a cool Japanese Grill name is also an effective option that attracts customers. Cool names will allow the news to travel from people to people and town to town.

Therefore, here are some of the cool Japanese Grill names which you will be thrilled to use.

The Cool WharfThe Nifty HarvestThe Chopping ClamThe Baking Whale
The GoatRecessSkywardInterlude
The GardenAuroraThe HatFire and Ice
The MapleCandleCastleLily
Little PersiaIntermezzoChapterIvy
MirageKingsizeLittle ChinaAce
The Streetwise DomeThe Painted MerchantThe Old WindmillThe French Shack
The Hungry ShipThe Modern ViolinThe Mountain HoundThe River Hound
The Private WalkThe Coriander PlaceThe Palm PipeThe Spaghetti Door
The Beach HeavenThe Salty SistersThe Cool Cat BreweryThe Mountain Place
The Oval HogThe Bengal OrientalThe Underwater Street KitchenThe Bronze View
The LambPurityBlueprintLavender
The CrownThe Bell TowerAbacusRecess
ButtonsSolo MioLavenderJewel
AnagoKamabokoArashi SushiSushi Fumi
Casual KaisekiKamakuraAsahi SushiSushi Gen
ChanoyuKappa MakiDojo SushiSushi Ginza Onodera
Domo FuraiKorokke HaiEbisu SushiSushi John’s

You must have enjoyed the cool Japanese Grill name and we are sure you must be excited to add these names.


As we plan to start a Japanese Restaurant, we can see that there are thousands of Japanese Restaurants throughout the world. So it is very important that you highlight your Restaurant with creative and innovative names.

It is not just in the name, there is nothing you can do if the quality drops, so quality is something that needs care too. Yet, the name is always going to be the best ad for your restaurant.

I hope, our checklist for innovative Japanese Restaurant Names ideas helps you to name your dream business.

Don’t forget to share and Be creative!

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