Our obsession with mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns dates back to tales and folklores. It’s just a way of escape from reality that we’ve all used some time or another. Today we’ve come up with several mermaid names ideas, especially for millennials.

The usage of Disney characters and other names from fairy tales and folklore have increased way more in the 21st century than ever. This is mostly because of the increased imagination we put into our online content. This is why we need to be more creative with these names.

Not just that, there are also different interpretations and meanings of the existence of mermaids. People think differently and hence come up with different names of the same. This is definitely one of the major factors that need to be kept in mind.

Mythical Mermaid Names

When it comes to mythical names, I guess we all love to look for deep meanings related to the origin of mermaids. Folklores and stories that have been passed on from generation to generation also play a major part in this decision.

Generally, if you love the ocean, you must be knowing one of the darkest fairytales of all time, The Little Mermaid. The only name that comes to your mind is probably Ariel. The plot symbolizes the initiation of females into the world of men when the father is absent.

In Greek mythology, the sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck. Hence, if you want some good mermaid siren names, there are Adella, Coralia, Lorelei, etc.

There are other stories like The Yellow Dwarf and The Golden Mermaid with different endings and different main character names. For example= Bertilda can be one of the mermaid names for girls and Hudson can be one of the mermaid names for boys.

Here are some more examples of mythical mermaid names for you:

Babies Names Sprites Names Sapient Names Tots Names
Kinder Mermaid Unicorn Mermaid Guardian Mermaid
Wonder Mermaid
Friendly Names Bambino Names Delights Names Mermaid
Phalanx Names Playground Mermaid Minotaur Names Mermaidaza
Pop Mermaid Magenta Mermaid Napster Pop Names
Crib Mermaid Minotaur Mermaid Colossal Names Box Mermaid
Fantastic Recess Names Clues Names Sprite Mermaid
Shadow Names Numpad Namoryx Patrol Mermaid
Zealous Names Complex Mermaid Phantom Names Hug Mermaid
Tenacious Names Toon Mermaid Footprint Mermaid Namlux
Numerology Tikes Mermaid Tiny Names Toys Names
Ninja Mermaid Wonder Names Mermaids Mania Names
Novel Mermaid Phalanx Mermaid Omni Names Jungle Names
Dart Mermaid Mermaidocity Kinder Names Rock Mermaid
Vortex Mermaid Name Namish Mermaidnetic
Mermaidfluent Sanguine Names Icarus Names
Delights Mermaid
ABC Mermaid Bazaar Names Mermaidzoid Rugrat Names
Bear Names Daydream Mermaid Crimson Names Lynx Mermaid
Mermaidaholic Box Names Blueprint Mermaid Mermaidbea
Enjoy Mermaid Cheer Mermaid Toys Mermaid
Adventure Mermaid
Tadpole Names Explore Mermaid Namely Zeal Mermaid
Toddler Names Amadora Magenta Names Crypt Names
Serendipity Mermaid Mania Mermaid Bam Mermaid Happy Mermaid
Pups Names Fawn Mermaid Rangers Mermaid Mermaids
Toys Names Guardian Names Footprint Names
Delights Mermaid
Novel Names Toddler Mermaid Sesame Names Just Mermaid
Sprout Mermaid Vortex Mermaid Buddies Mermaid Rule Names
Jive Mermaid Cerberus Names Aqua Names
Sanguine Names
Omni Mermaid Bam Mermaid Aplenty Names Sprout Names
Muse Mermaid Bub Names Spirit Mermaid
Parachute Names
Magenta Names Buddies Names Mammoth Names
Phalanx Mermaid
Joey Names Enjoy Mermaid Lynx Names Wonder Names
Magic Names Little Names Kinder Names Sprite Mermaid
Serendipity Mermaid Aqua Mermaid Crib Names
Daydream Mermaid
Little Mermaid Sanguine Mermaid Tadpole Names Tribe Names


Mythical Mermaid Names

Time Mermaid Explore Names Chirp Names Pop Names
Dash Names Shadow Mermaid Bubs Mermaid Monkey Names
Spring Names Bear Names Build Names Scoot Names
Unicorn Mermaid Minotaur Names Cracked Mermaid Hug Names
Fawn Names Explore Mermaid Dynamo Names
Treasures Names
Sprightly Mermaid Village Names Happy Names
Serendipity Names
Colossal Names Unicorn Names Stargazer Names
Creations Names
Explorer Mermaid Zealous Mermaid Kids Mermaid Power Mermaid
Daydream Names Fuze Mermaid Scoot Mermaid Mania Mermaid
Treasures Mermaid Box Names Phalanx Names
Playground Mermaid
Toys Mermaid Happy Mermaid Smile Names
Playmate Names
Toon Names Frolic Mermaid Sprout Mermaid Fireball Names
Tact Mermaid Catalyst Names Cracked Names
Adventure Mermaid
Fireball Mermaid Happy Names Pal Names Tiny Mermaid
Omni Names Spirit Mermaid Country Names Phalanx Names
Jungle Names Pups Names Fireball Names Chirp Names
World Names Fair Mermaid Cheer Names Arcade Games
Parachute Names Enjoy Mermaid Cubs Mermaid Tikes Mermaid
Sprout Names Shadow Mermaid Icarus Mermaid
Footprint Names
Aplenty Names Sanguine Names Footprint Mermaid Icarus Names
Colossal Names Time Names Toddler Names Minotaur Names
Atomic Names Novel Mermaid Minotaur Mermaid Amuse Mermaid
Omni Mermaid Serendipity Names Jive Mermaid Stellar Mermaid
Tenacious Names Complex Names Bub Mermaid Friendly Names
Power Names Zealous Mermaid Pups Mermaid Aqua Mermaid
Fever Names Brainy Names Stork Names
Dynamo Mermaid
Cracked Mermaid Zealous Names Jam Mermaid Fair Names
Bubs Names Rock Mermaid Patrol Mermaid
Treasures Names
Visionary Mermaid Land Names Blueprint Mermaid Tots Names
Stargazer Names Magnolia Names Funland Names Zeal Names
Little Names Rugrat Names Guardian Mermaid Kinder Mermaid
Creations Names Adventure Names Crimson Mermaid Sprout Mermaid
Mate Mermaid Jam Names Companion Names Magic Mermaid
Playground Mermaid Fever Mermaid Fuze Names Tadpole Names
Box Mermaid Sprightly Names Peewee Names
Parachute Mermaid
  • Rale Mermaid
  • Reps Mermaid
  • Reports Mermaid
  • Safari Mermaid
  • Push Mermaid
  • Scouts Mermaid
  • Spring Mermaid
  • Smarter Mermaid
  • Serf Mermaid
  • Scape Mermaid
  • Skep Mermaid
  • Smar Mermaid
  • Shopper Mermaid
  • Smarts Mermaid
  • Speedy Mermaid
  • Single Mermaid
  • Signals Mermaid
  • Shadow Mermaid
  • Simple Mermaid
  • Shore Mermaid
  • Spark Mermaid
  • Soldier Mermaid
  • Station Mermaid
  • Sharing Mermaid
  • Sped Mermaid
  • Savers Mermaid
  • Star Mermaid
  • Spotting Mermaid
  • Scoot Mermaid
  • Ultra Mermaid
  • Sunrise Mermaid
  • Usa Mermaid
  • Tender Mermaid
  • Visit Mermaid
  • Vibe Mermaid
  • Surfer Mermaid
  • Trick Mermaid
  • Streams Mermaid
  • Urban Mermaid
  • Today Mermaid
  • Volta Mermaid
  • Unity Mermaid
  • Wise Mermaid
  • Utli Mermaid
  • Tsunami Mermaid

That was just about old folklore and mythical stories. If you’re not a strong believer in the above, we have prepared a list of mermaid names for business as well down here.

Mermaid Business Names

If you are looking for random mermaid names generator websites for your business, you need a lot more than that. It’s not just about the name but also about the significance of your business. Let’s give your mermaid business a proper name.

You can begin by figuring out the main or unique selling proposition of your business before thinking of a name. The next step is to include that character in the business name. For example- If you sell deep sea mermaid pearls, your business name could be pearlmaid or something along the line.

Brainstorm techniques that you can use to transform a business with creativity. Visualize the kind of business you’re trying to set up and add a matching adjective. You can also include a little hint about the type of products in the name as well.

Jot down a list of specific keywords for your mermaid names for business and try to club them together as a single word.

We’ve used several brainstorming techniques mentioned above to share these examples with you:

Specter Names Delights Names Pop Names Crypt Mermaid
Village Mermaid Wonder Mermaid Favor Mermaid Magic Names
Alpha Mermaid Sprite Names Wonder Mermaid Argent Mermaid
Aegis Mermaid Mate Names Aver Mermaid Play Mermaid
Best Mermaid Build Mermaid Ark Mermaid Jive Names
Axen Mermaid Specter Names Accelerate Mermaid Ave Mermaid
Anytime Mermaid Ninja Mermaid Omni Names
Benefits Mermaid
Bubs Mermaid Atlas Mermaid Frolic Mermaid
Serendipity Mermaid
Colossal Mermaid Agents Mermaid Bargains Mermaid Apex Mermaid
Vortex Mermaid Aura Mermaid Aurora Mermaid Sprout Names
Awry Mermaid Bench Mermaid Anything Mermaid
Basement Mermaid
Bard Mermaid Buddy Mermaid Archive Mermaid
Visionary Names
Ammo Mermaid Clues Names Dash Mermaid Agile Mermaid
Atto Mermaid Toys Names Dart Names Playful Names
Archives Mermaid Jolly Mermaid Advisor Mermaid
Absolute Mermaid
Daydream Names About Mermaid Arid Mermaid Attic Mermaid
Pop Names Akin Mermaid Rock Names Ality Mermaid
Begin Mermaid Alliance Mermaid Recess Mermaid
Magnolia Names
Azure Mermaid Answers Mermaid Aim Mermaid
Answer Mermaid
Ace Mermaid Zeal Names Article Mermaid
Awards Mermaid
Avatar Mermaid Asset Mermaid Active Mermaid Play Names
Dash Names Aware Mermaid Spirit Mermaid Aqua Mermaid
Angel Mermaid Ague Mermaid Anywhere Mermaid Dart Mermaid
Bazaar Names Ahead Mermaid Balance Mermaid
Articles Mermaid
Allure Mermaid Rule Names Beast Mermaid
All-Star Mermaid
Axis Mermaid Action Mermaid Bubs Names After Mermaid
Curb Mermaid Crossover Mermaid Bloom Mermaid
Crawler Mermaid
Clone Mermaid Catalyst Mermaid Czar Mermaid Buys Mermaid
Blox Mermaid Charts Mermaid Boost Mermaid
Checker Mermaid
Conscious Mermaid Chart Mermaid Crown Mermaid
Collection Mermaid
Calculator Mermaid Browser Mermaid Core Mermaid
Beyond Mermaid
Bytes Mermaid Craft Mermaid Collections Mermaid
Century Mermaid
Creators Mermaid Bow Mermaid Charter Mermaid Create Mermaid
Cavil Mermaid Crafter Mermaid Companies Mermaid Buyer Mermaid
Browse Mermaid Butterfly Mermaid Concept Mermaid
Courses Mermaid
Collect Mermaid Collective Mermaid Comparison Mermaid
Blessed Mermaid


Mermaid Business Names
Mermaid Business Names
Clutch Mermaid Choice Mermaid Brig Mermaid Care Mermaid
Complex Mermaid Champion Mermaid Control Mermaid Busk Mermaid
Blaster Mermaid Bucks Mermaid City Mermaid
Campaign Mermaid
Box Mermaid Boss Mermaid Chimp Mermaid
Catcher Mermaid
Bold Mermaid Breezy Mermaid Channels Mermaid Camo Mermaid
Cost Mermaid Check Mermaid Clever Mermaid Cache Mermaid
Capitol Mermaid Cities Mermaid Brite Mermaid Clubs Mermaid
Collector Mermaid Bliss Mermaid Connect Mermaid Cent Mermaid
Blink Mermaid Claw Mermaid Compass Mermaid
Connection Mermaid
Bevy Mermaid Classic Mermaid Centric Mermaid
Brokers Mermaid
Centers Mermaid Boards Mermaid Cloud Mermaid Capital Mermaid
Cyanogen Mermaid Certified Mermaid Bureau Mermaid Case Mermaid
Circles Mermaid Charm Mermaid Crimson Mermaid Born Mermaid
Buster Mermaid Bonus Mermaid Caster Mermaid Cupid Mermaid
For Less Mermaid Exact Mermaid Enjoy Mermaid Frame Mermaid
Flash Mermaid Equality Mermaid Earnings Mermaid Fixer Mermaid
Exciting Mermaid First Mermaid Discovery Mermaid Dish Mermaid
Doozy Mermaid Display Mermaid Edge Mermaid
Designs Mermaid
Directory Mermaid Dept Mermaid Delight Mermaid
Discounts Mermaid
Flex Mermaid Director Mermaid Faux Mermaid Den Mermaid
Direct Mermaid Excellent Mermaid Foster Mermaid
Essence Mermaid
Final Mermaid Drift Mermaid Express Mermaid Doup Mermaid
Foundry Mermaid Digest Mermaid Efficiency Mermaid
Dynamic Mermaid
Energise Mermaid Eco Mermaid Dr Mermaid Factor Mermaid
Form Mermaid End Mermaid Eden Mermaid Exotic Mermaid
Flax Mermaid Dart Mermaid Drive Mermaid Details Mermaid
Fresh Mermaid Feature Mermaid Efficient Mermaid
Effective Mermaid
Dollar Mermaid Ecru Mermaid Feeds Mermaid Flow Mermaid
Experts Mermaid Fortune Mermaid Dream Mermaid Flower Mermaid
Fast Mermaid Force Mermaid Empire Mermaid
Emotion Mermaid
Explosion Mermaid Delta Mermaid Elevate Mermaid
Forever Mermaid
Fans Mermaid Downtown Mermaid Forums Mermaid Dash Mermaid
Feedback Mermaid Earth Mermaid Folder Mermaid
Dreaming Mermaid
Essential Mermaid Favorite Mermaid Equinox Mermaid Expert Mermaid
Finders Mermaid Dawn Mermaid Demand Mermaid Energy Mermaid


If you were thinking of a business, this area should cover all your requirements. But if you’re just looking for random funny and multipurpose mermaid names, you’ll surely enjoy the following section.

  • Ready Mermaid
  • Plex Mermaid
  • Prize Mermaid
  • Proxy Mermaid
  • Programs Mermaid
  • Squad Mermaid
  • Snog Mermaid
  • Store Mermaid
  • Selection Mermaid
  • State Mermaid
  • Scat Mermaid
  • Scry Mermaid
  • Serv Mermaid
  • Spur Mermaid
  • Skua Mermaid
  • Signal Mermaid
  • Stamp Mermaid
  • Seekers Mermaid
  • Space Mermaid
  • Span Mermaid
  • Shine Mermaid
  • Shack Mermaid
  • Sample Mermaid
  • Stock Mermaid
  • Section Mermaid
  • Secrets Mermaid
  • Spirit Mermaid
  • Smew Mermaid
  • Scope Mermaid
  • Tags Mermaid
  • Tab Mermaid
  • Tunnel Mermaid
  • Ways Mermaid
  • Top Mermaid
  • Swift Mermaid
  • Tael Mermaid
  • Valley Mermaid
  • Widget Mermaid
  • Taste Mermaid
  • Think Mermaid
  • Vision Mermaid
  • Title Mermaid
  • Topics Mermaid
  • World Mermaid
  • Tracking Mermaid

Fun Mermaid Names

If you’re a teenager or someone who is naturally interested in mermaids and their history, these ideas of cool mermaid usernames would surely help you live your fairy tale. While you may never get to fully live your dreams of being a mermaid, you can use their names to quench your thirst for a while:

  • If you’re looking for something that’s subtle and funny at the same time, you could probably go for something like Aerwyna. Most people don’t know that it means “friend of the sea” so it’s always fun to see what interpretations they come up with.
  • Some of the cute mermaid names include Moana, Cari, and Delphine which is synonymous with Dolphin (Delphine is the French name). These are not only attractive but also sound sweet so it’s apt for kids.
  • When it comes to aggressive mermaid names, there’s Dominique which sounds exactly like some nuclear jargon. Then there are others like Zenevieva and Sequana too.

Here are a few funny mermaid names shortlisted just for you guys:

Focus Mermaid Faqs Mermaid Faro Mermaid Elite Mermaid
For Life Mermaid Finds Mermaid Fard Mermaid Daub Mermaid
Drip Mermaid Defense Mermaid Days Mermaid
Division Mermaid
Igniter Mermaid Gory Mermaid Fusion Mermaid
Invisible Mermaid
Justice Mermaid Incorporated Mermaid Grok Mermaid Impact Mermaid
Infinity Mermaid Insights Mermaid Gurus Mermaid Grand Mermaid
Glum Mermaid Key Mermaid Goto Mermaid Jam Mermaid
Grow Mermaid Guides Mermaid Groups Mermaid Gate Mermaid
Gator Mermaid Jawa Mermaid Hall Mermaid Go, Mermaid
Lanx Mermaid Joint Mermaid Intelli Mermaid
Growth Mermaid
Genie Mermaid Last Mermaid Guardian Mermaid Kith Mermaid
Humble Mermaid Heroes Mermaid Lance Mermaid Glut Mermaid
Hunter Mermaid Greatest Mermaid Harvest Mermaid Indy Mermaid
Headquarters Mermaid Haven Mermaid Huge Mermaid
Frisson Mermaid
Gap Mermaid Kyat Mermaid Ideas Mermaid Frig Mermaid
Insane Mermaid Kings Mermaid Geeks Mermaid Habit Mermaid
Indo Mermaid Gawk Mermaid Froe Mermaid Heart Mermaid
Grace Mermaid Kingdom Mermaid Kilo Mermaid
Ground Mermaid
Guava Mermaid Hometown Mermaid Intra Mermaid Genius Mermaid
Handbook Mermaid Joy Mermaid Keen Mermaid Herb Mermaid
Incredible Mermaid Heaven Mermaid Inspire Mermaid Hacks Mermaid
Graph Mermaid Global Mermaid Intro Mermaid
Grabber Mermaid
Hunters Mermaid Jump Mermaid King Mermaid Insider Mermaid
Hub Mermaid Instant Mermaid Kite Mermaid Gulf Mermaid
Jackpot Mermaid Golden Mermaid Friendly Mermaid Guys Mermaid
Glow Mermaid Iconic Mermaid Kine Mermaid Insight Mermaid
Happy Mermaid Horizon Mermaid Latest Mermaid Head Mermaid
Mountain Mermaid Meter Mermaid Navy Mermaid Oust Mermaid
Millions Mermaid Machine Mermaid Links Mermaid Patch Mermaid
Oxen Mermaid Pals Mermaid Mingle Mermaid Peta Mermaid
Own Mermaid Markets Mermaid Mobil Mermaid Lush Mermaid
Offers Mermaid Mystical Mermaid Member Mermaid
Nonstop Mermaid
Oracle Mermaid Marks Mermaid Okra Mermaid
Options Mermaid
Linq Mermaid Oasis Mermaid Live Mermaid Metro Mermaid
Myriad Mermaid Map Mermaid Official Mermaid Mixer Mermaid


Fun Mermaid Names
Fun Mermaid Names
Loin Mermaid Macro Mermaid Logic Mermaid Nets Mermaid
Muse Mermaid Neo Mermaid Mode Mermaid
Natural Mermaid
Move Mermaid Passion Mermaid Lucid Mermaid Native Mermaid
Mungo Mermaid Nexus Mermaid Panel Mermaid
Maximum Mermaid
Passport Mermaid Neat Mermaid Loop Mermaid Picker Mermaid
Paradise Mermaid Myna Mermaid Massive Mermaid Lung Mermaid
Love Mermaid Origin Mermaid Master Mermaid
Mountains Mermaid
Paradox Mermaid Pages Mermaid Non Mermaid
Number Mermaid
Load Mermaid Our Mermaid Locator Mermaid Mates Mermaid
Maps Mermaid Marker Mermaid Ment Mermaid Peak Mermaid
Maniac Mermaid Miner Mermaid Only Mermaid Maven Mermaid
Mount Mermaid Matcher Mermaid Ogre Mermaid Milli Mermaid
National Mermaid Locker Mermaid Mystery Mermaid Muno Mermaid
Nimble Mermaid Magical Mermaid Perfect Mermaid Niche Mermaid
Machines Mermaid Max Mermaid Neon Mermaid Mogul Mermaid
Mechanics Mermaid Matters Mermaid Perch Mermaid Option Mermaid
Registry Mermaid Results Mermaid Pure Mermaid Points Mermaid
Promotional Mermaid Products Mermaid Rail Mermaid Row Mermaid
Real Mermaid Register Mermaid Re Mermaid Rocks Mermaid
Priceless Mermaid Rah Mermaid Platinum Mermaid Rank Mermaid
Question Mermaid Pop Mermaid Profits Mermaid
Portfolio Mermaid
Project Mermaid Ratchet Mermaid Quint Mermaid Puma Mermaid
Quality Mermaid Pronto Mermaid Plans Mermaid Rise Mermaid
Rapt Mermaid Rancor Mermaid Point Mermaid
Revolution Mermaid
Reaper Mermaid Prime Mermaid Rewards Mermaid Priority Mermaid
Roma Mermaid Rally Mermaid Radiant Mermaid
Ratings Mermaid
Portable Mermaid Rating Mermaid Rapid Mermaid
Professor Mermaid
Rockstar Mermaid Professionals Mermaid Quad Mermaid
Practical Mermaid
Rules Mermaid Plus Mermaid Quat Mermaid Pro Mermaid
Royal Mermaid Program Mermaid Radical Mermaid
Reference Mermaid
Plethora Mermaid Realtime Mermaid Protector Mermaid Rater Mermaid
Request Mermaid Rogue Mermaid Runners Mermaid Ratio Mermaid
Quest Mermaid Premiere Mermaid Preferred Mermaid Quiet Mermaid
Rident Mermaid Pulp Mermaid Rich Mermaid Pros Mermaid
Rad Mermaid Plat Mermaid Rates Mermaid Quipo Mermaid
  • Ricochet Mermaid
  • Promotions Mermaid
  • Reporter Mermaid
  • Rainbow Mermaid
  • Redhot Mermaid
  • Spree Mermaid
  • Slash Mermaid
  • Spry Mermaid
  • Solution Mermaid
  • Soul Mermaid
  • Sites Mermaid
  • Session Mermaid
  • Spaces Mermaid
  • Spots Mermaid
  • Seeker Mermaid
  • Scapes Mermaid
  • Shares Mermaid
  • Scanner Mermaid
  • Sigma Mermaid
  • Saver Mermaid
  • Specials Mermaid
  • Slue Mermaid
  • Smart Mermaid
  • Stop Mermaid
  • Seek Mermaid
  • Searcher Mermaid
  • Sharp Mermaid
  • Sells Mermaid
  • Simply Mermaid
  • Viewer Mermaid
  • Very Mermaid
  • Supplier Mermaid
  • Vix Mermaid
  • Success Mermaid
  • Tera Mermaid
  • Tip Mermaid
  • Topia Mermaid
  • Week Mermaid
  • Wage Mermaid
  • Tactile Mermaid
  • Thrive Mermaid
  • Values Mermaid
  • Strategies Mermaid
  • Vest Mermaid
  • Useful Mermaid

With that, we’ve come to the end of the ideas, let’s lookup for some more similar queries now.


1. What Is A Good Name For A Mermaid?

● Sereia – meaning “mermaid,” this Portuguese name sounds like the word siren.
● Thaleia – also spelled Thalia, the nereid of the “blooming sea.”
● Urmi – this Hindu name means “wave of the sea.”
● Zenevieva – this Celtic name means “white wave.

2. What Girl’s Name Means Sea?

● Athena.
● Adira.
● Coraline.
● Cordelia.

3. How Do You Come Up With A Mermaid Name?

Read stories, identify your interest in the plot. Choose your favorite mermaid character and attach an adjective to make it creative.

4. What Name Means Ocean?

● Haf
● Bahari
● Jaladri
● Okeanos
● Pelagic

To Summarize

To cut it short, we’ve discussed the dynamics of mermaid fairy tales in detail. Starting from the ancient myths to business ideas, we’ve covered all that you need. You can take the help of these ideas and shortlist your keywords according to the area of your interest.

Then, attach a meaningful adjective to the same to highlight the creative aspect.
Tada, you’re done!

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