“Put your shades on to see a magnificent world”

The world without glasses is pretty, but what makes it prettier are those dainty glasses.

Do you agree?

If you do, we are certain that you are well aware of the fact that wearing glasses is not merely a necessity but has become a fashion statement as well.

Following the same, if you are inspired to open Optical Shop in your locality or want to start a large-scale optical business, you are at the right place to figure the first step of naming your optical business.

And, we are here to make your work a whole lot easier by sharing some catchy and best names for optical shops, along with note-worthy suggestions.

So, get set scrolling!

Best Name For Optical Shop Name

Everyone has their own choice when it comes to specs or sunglasses. Moreover, every customer understands that not all glasses are alike. They all give your look a very different touch.

Cool and Creative Names for Optical Shops
Names of glasses frames

A good pair of glasses can make any boring look a whole lot unique and attractive. And so, there is another name for glasses, somebody likes

  • cat eyes,
  • other go for wayfarers,
  • office goers prefer rimless,
  • and some love aviators.

But what has become important over time is to keep up with the trend.

And as a shop owner, if you aim to become the trendsetter for your customers, you should not skip highlighting your specialty. So, now, let us be your Optical Shop Name Generator!

Here is a quick list of the best Optical Shop Names for you:

sportique opticalAlbaneseSamaritan Optical1PLUS1
Blue eye WearPexdaSkyline DesignIconus
Cuba visionPanorama VisionsCapreeSeeing Stars
Joss Spec wearThe Gift of SightishareCareShare Eyewear
Oriented OpticalsInspiring EyewearBountiful VisionAngel Eyewear
Eye Mood OpticEyExcelLerusoThe Eyes Have It
For eyesYou See I SeeVisionVentureLush
Well seen opticsRaysberryEyekindsbrilliance
Eye play worldSensualEyesCoastal eyewearAspirinEyes
Eye sightWatchablesWorldVisionWorksEye Specialist
Ovzerve OptiqueSecond Set EyewearFace KandyDimView
Gold Spirit Eye centerPeerGlimpsesSol Mate
Mode OptiqueMesmer EyesVisionallEgo
Eye champFadNew EyedentitySee4u
Marlen MooSeYourWayClearBenefittingEyeCarei2i Shades
SpecTrailsLensationz or LenzationzChamelKindPeers
EyeDiveSpecsensationalIndigo CustomEyesSee and Share
Aeron OptiqueEyepadHopeEyewearAlluraLens
ZwellStarCareyeEye Opt To WearLensesLink
EyeSecretsSimply eyesParumphCornucOptical
NorthLensAdvantaRayzU n EyeAllura
WestMan StyleGlareNationBenevoLensSharingVision
CrystaiSpexeForeSightSee The Need Eyewear

Wondering, which to select? Let us help you with selection criteria for your optical shop names!

Optical Shop Name Selection Ideas

To gain your customer attention, your shop name plays an important role. Hence, here are the things you can consider:

  • Pick the signature style optical service: If you are providing lens and trendy frames and want to highlight your speciality as fashionable optical glass provider, the selection of words to name your optical shop should have essence of style, fashion and trend setter.
  • Eye Specialist: If your shop associated with the benefit of eye check-up and specialises in providing glasses with number, the name should highlight the main service so you could get attention of the particular audience. Considering the same, the words you can choose to select the name can be more formal and linked well with medical criteria.

With that, we hope the aforementioned point must have given some ideas to filter the selection well.

If yes, let’s get some more name lists of some cool Optical shop names!

YourSpecsClearShadePremoUnik eye Wear
ZenFlexSnizzoCon AmorFocus eyefit
BellizzV.isionSourceOpticEyeSpectacle shjop
EyeEliteHopeSpecs ZenWearThe Spect shop
HenceFlexHopeLensesFarelliDigit Spec World
Buddy SpecsXZ opticsFashionEyes CharismaBetter Opticals
Bloom eye opticRevision eye centerGeneroCityMia lee Opticals
The Vision SpaThe eye roomAzure Skiesjade Spect Store
Crazy Eye OpticianKlearer nCharitableLensesOpti flair
Opti mysticVision Quest opticMikavaEye play
Seeing CentricVision eye wearWe Care EyewearEver faithOpticals
Mc eyesOnntica eye carePhilanthrOptical VisionsTwo winky Opticals
Yes OpticalOpti galaxy1 for 1Aspect eye specs
Opti eye wearEyetone OpticalsBeneviewSpex fit
Ol brown eyesOptical AleutionFlossyNeo optique  
Elite opticsBright seenPerfect Vision and Gifting WorldEye mate
EyemaxOptimaxEye Made a DifferenceCaringEyez
Limo eye centerAmerica’s Best Contacts & EyeglassesMinh Chau opticalEyeland
Serene eyefitManhattan grand opticaloptical thirty 8eye 8 optics
Elly opticsview optical eyeglasses storeThe optic Zone incClear Eye
sportique opticalsilver lining opticians312 optical storeclear vision
Blue eye WearDevonshire opticalBruce Eyewear Inc.eye2eye
Cuba visionTarget opticalClearlyfocus
Joss Spec weargood see co.Modern Opticaleyezone

The High-Definition World

    “A clear vision is never a bad idea.”

Nobody wants to see the world in a blur. Every individual wants to be able to see those colors, words, and far away landscapes in the most spectacular form.

And you know what, your optics business is a damn big thing!

You are helping the world see things in high definition. A business like this surely requires a name that is eye-catching and gives your business a boom. 

Having said that, we have some Cool and Creative Names for Optical Shops:

Oriented Opticalswerby parkerEconomy Optical6by6
Eye Mood OpticLens CraftersOllie Quinnjust optics
For eyesAnthony Aiden opticiansThe optical Storenew vision
Well seen opticseye revisionAye Eye Cap’nsight
Eye play worldeyefit OpticsChucky Funs Glasses Zoneoptical world
Eye sightfix it opticalsGlasses ‘n Thingsc world
Ovzerve OptiquewinkyMcEye’sopticraft
Gold Spirit Eye centerbright sightThe Eyes Have itsun sight
Mode OptiquealuetionsPerformance Eyewareopti wear
Eye champglass sightThe Eye StoreFor Eyes Only
LensClapeye 4 uEye Eye EyePeeper Keepers
Marlen Mooblink shlinkLumos OpticalWe See You
SpecTrailsLazy EyeLight EyesHere’s To Your Eyes
EyeDiveCrazy Bobs Eye Service!The Eye ShopVision’s
Aeron OptiqueCyclops EyebuffingPrecious EyesTwo Eyes
ZwellStarScrewplate EyecareThe Seen StoreEye Balls
UrbanSeeStick in the EyeBlinkersAn Eye For An Eye
EyeSecretsBlind Willys Fashion SpecsPeepersLenses R Us
NorthLensIn and Out EyecareRoaming EyesEyes R Us
WestMan StyleShaky’s EyepatchFor Your Eyes OnlyBlinks
StyleHuesDuctape EyewearHere’s Looking At YouBlink Of An Eye
CrystaGeeky GlassesLooking Glass (Glasses)Eye Love Eyes
Optical IllusionsEyes With A ViewLook HereTwo Lenses
Sun SoulSpecsationalAspengloV.isionShare
Gracious GlassesLovelendsVisicareVividVision

A Reminder For Optical Shop Name Selection

At this point, are you confused on how to get your Optical Shop Name noted by as many people as possible?

We know it’s tough to market the business alongside some bug guns already existing in the business for gods’ years.

But remember it is not impossible. Just know, what you want to tell your target audience and you have won the game halfway.

We are here with some marketing techniques to help your business grow. This Section will get you a clear idea of the main reason for investing time in selecting the right name for your optical shop name.

So, don’t miss it!

Marketing Techniques For Optical Shop Business

Some clever optometry office names
  • Social media Presence: Your optical shop name will be well-known through the profile on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And so, easy, relevant name that highlights the speciality of your shop will be the game changer.

Quick Tip: Don’t fill it up with offers but tell them why buying glasses is important and a variety of names of glasses frames.

  • Newspaper Deal: Publishing your newsletter where you inform and advice people about eyesight, time to time eye testing, discounts, new launched range, and latest news can be the real value add for audience. And, with that, mentioning your trendy optical Shop name can be in your target audience memory. Isn’t!
  • Walk-in Power: The name of your optical shop in the locality will get you more walk-in deal, hence, giving your cool optical shop names can get your recognized well by your customers’. Think about it!
  • PR-Power: Building relationships is important for every business, but, first, you customer should step in to know more about you! So why not to make your catchy optical shop name be the conversation started!
  • Feedback Impression: Customers love to be noticed and if you win the deal of acknowledging your client’s feedback, the great optical shop names will be first thing that customer will share with other people. And remember, No marketing beats word of mouth.
  • Selling Stats: Find the Unique Selling Proposition of your store and put it out there with apt name of optical shop.

These marketing strategies are important to keep in mind while selecting the name for your optical shop as these shall be enough for you to make a banging entry in the business and get your dream business flourishing in no time.

Time to sneak-peek into more trendy names for the optical shops.

Awaiting EyesGivingGlassesfunglassesiShow
DemaGlamGlasses PlusCharitableVisionsarise optics
PhilanthroSpecsKarma EyewearSun VeilOOjos
DoubleVizionSeedsEyeCareAboutYouVision Ops
DivavistaBowixEyephoriaUSA Optical
DoublVisionSpec Styles and SmilesMirosoSEE
Breyet VisionsEyeMaticPrivateViewParis Miki USA Inc
Latin Oasis EyewearPairs for PeersShared ViewsOptical Underground
friend to friend opticsHeliosNamodaOptical Specialists
KindlooSurpreyesHumblyOptical Shop Aspen
ipopsGood Karma FramesCuraOptical Illusions
Outward FocusAll Seeing EyesXavionMyEyeDr.
BeneficalensOptiSunsNoble GlassesMott Street Optical
Eye Wear and ShareEye 4 EyeOboticMK2 Optical
Two Shades LighterWithin EyeshotSol ShadesMildex Optical
Shady LadiesArc FlashSparklesqueManhattan Grand Optical
SolariumArtistic Eyewear Lux Eyewear And VisionaryLensCrafters
SolsunEye on SightLoving EyesLens R Us Optical Inc
SpecTechSolsiQuestVisionIlori Optical
EyegiveEyeSoarSouliteILORI Optical
SeeWhyOptical.XpressionsLingoSpecsVuGarrett Leight California
sharin shadesWayfarerMiradaForEyesEyeglass World
HopeLensSol StunnersEyeglasses Around The WorldCostco Optical
CityBrett OpticalEyeCareBenefitssmartSetCohen’s Fashion Optical

Opt To Be An Optician

“Deep dive into the business and suggest the glasses that suit everyone.”

A person who wears spectacles, sunglasses, or lenses on a Day-to-day basis will keep looking for what’s new in store for them. That’s where you work as an optician comes into the picture. You have to suggest to them what’s best for them with convincing reasons.

Do you specialize in Consultation?

If yes, well that’s the criteria for the unique selection.

So, don’t stress on What are some unique optical shop names, we have covered for you in this optical shop name list:

ViewBerry OpticalsEssentrixStaySpiky OpticalsCarytown Optical
LovinEye OpticalNorthEdgeYouAdornBlack Optical
EyeShadesSignex OpticalsFlembena1001 Optical
CrystalGear OpticalLe MessaEyeTranceAeroNext Opticals
GoodLens OpticalsEliteEyeAccoWaveAstroShade
East LegacyPixie OpticalZeonZest OpticalsObliQ Optical
UrbanSight OpticalEssen OpticalCelesten OpticalEyeHood
TwinSpaceMystevaRosabellyHashtag Opticals
BlueAngel OpticalEyeGrid OpticalClaraCasaEyeCurves Opticals
EyeDots OpticalsSightCrownDenzyDive OpticalsUrbanSense
Noyoniss OpticalScottish OpticalsDefitive OpticalsRejoiceFrame
Moremist OpticalsTrezzen OpticalRetroFrameFrankpro
The gift of sightSpec TrailsMode OptiqueFor eyes
The eyes have itVision VentureEye Play WorldTarget optical
RaysberryNew EyedentityEye ChampBright sight
Eye Mood OpticLensationzFor EyesStyle hues
Mesmer EyesFace KandyOriented OpticalsLenses r us
The gift of sightSpec TrailsMode OptiqueLight eyes
The eyes have itVision VentureEye Play WorldLens clap
RaysberryNew EyedentityEye ChampEye2eye
Eye Mood OpticLensationzFor EyesGood see co.
Mesmer EyesFace KandyOriented OpticalsThe seen store
Eye DiveXZ OpticsAzure SkiesPrecious eyes
North LensBloom Eye OpticVision Quest OpticTwo eyes
Unik Eye WearThe eye roomDigit Spec WorldEye balls

The above-mentioned names are not enough? Don’t worry we have another name list for you ready!

Some Clever Optometry Office Names

We understand, sometimes, it is not easy to get the exact name you look for once filtering your selection criteria. And so, it demands smart tricks to select the best name.

Keeping in mind the same, here is a quick name list of some more optical shop names for you. Check it out!

The Spect ShopEye PlayCharitable LensesPeepers
Revision Eye CenterEye EliteOpti MysticElite Optics
Seeing CentricEye made a differenceJust opticsBright Seen
SHOP DivineOPTICAL BrightNAMES PublicSHOP Sapphire
NAMES ValorSHOP NomadNAMES AtlantisOPTICAL Darling
HealthyOpticalOPTICAL CurvyNAMESioOPTICAL Expert
SnapOpticalOPTICALquipoNAMES DonnaSHOP Cart
ModOpticalOPTICAL AcuteSHOP AnonNAMES First
SparkOpticalOPTICAL DaisySHOP StrikeOPTICAL Fix
PixOpticalSHOP ComplyOPTICAL MisguidedNAMES Bod
MintOpticalOPTICALaraNAMESdeckNAMES Fame
OpticalLoveNAMESologySHOPorzoSHOP Mode
OpticalWinNAMES VogueOPTICALdoNAMES Fathom
OpticalKeyNAMESpadOPTICAL PepperSHOP Stylish
OpticalPixOPTICALellaNAMESoozeSHOP Lineage
OpticalRedSHOP IllusionOPTICAL StakeOPTICAL Capital
OpticalActSHOP ZipSHOP SymmetryNAMES Premier
OpticalClassNAMES StyleSHOP SupportOPTICAL Quick
OpticalAgeSHOP StellaOPTICAL CrossroadsNAMESoryx
OpticalMegaNAMES SenseNAMES KeepSHOP Primary

And now, the last list of exciting and best optical stores names awaits you along with some information that will help you in getting a better insight and make you sound like a pro in the business of optics.

Another names for glasses
OpticalExploreOPTICAL FineNAMES InsightSHOP Alaska
OpticalPremierOPTICAL CabanaSHOP SupplyOPTICAL Rover
OpticalSupremeNAMES FixSHOP FaithNAMES Amber
OpticalDazzleNAMESluxNAMES BuncoNAMES Advance
OpticalUpperOPTICAL NimbleOPTICAL ReflectOPTICALbea
OpticalEvinceNAMES DivideThe Eye storeNAMES Praise
ExOpticalNAMES TouchSHOP DraftEye secrets
WebOpticalEye DiveOPTICAL VirtueBlink shlink
ShopOpticalNAMES CollusionSHOP DukeOPTICAL Unique
ArtOpticalNAMES PrevailSHOP JamSHOP Empower
DigitalOpticalOPTICAL ZooSHOP SyndicateOPTICAL Affiliate
TechOpticalOPTICALzillaNAMES BarterNAMES Void
NetOpticalSHOP DeluxeOPTICAL DecadentOPTICAL Resolve
ProOpticalOPTICALwindNAMES PharaohNAMES Spike
TeamOpticalSHOP TrustOPTICAL SupplyOPTICAL Road
GlobalOpticalNAMES AlaskaSHOP DivineSHOP Reflect
OnlineOpticalNAMES MillOPTICAL WanderOPTICAL Aid
AllOpticalSHOP InnovateSHOP CubSHOP Dusk
SmartOpticalNAMES DiamondOPTICAL GoddessNAMES Majestic
LoveOpticalNAMES InsigniaNAMES AlleySHOP Modsih
HomeOpticalSHOP FadSHOP FascinationSHOP Ace
StudioOpticalSHOPadriOPTICAL RitzyOPTICAL Wear
TravelOpticalSHOP TuckNAMES SpurNAMES Sturdy
CloudOpticalSHOP MissNAMES ParamountNAMES Sheer

Time For Optical Shop Set Up Cost

Apart from these business names, we will tell you How much does it cost to start an optical shop, and this will give you a complete understanding of the whole business and its procedure, which will further help you in building a plan of action.

Below mentioned are the tips to plan a perfect business-

  1. Choose your location wisely, see which market is the most commonly visited by people and learn about your competitors in the area. See if you want to rent out a store or buy one.
  2. The most important after location is the equipment cost that needs to be kept in mind while chalking out the costing.
  3. If you are taking up a premise, sit with your constructor and check what will be the renovation cost, this will solely depend on your idea of the shop and the shop size.
  4. Do keep in mind what will be the cost of license and registration.
  5. Think about the manpower that will be required to run the store, budget it and recruit the staff accordingly.

We hope this is super helpful to you, and you are taking notes of all the important points.

Now, tell us, Are you able to pick out a few names from the list, if you are confused shortlist the names and take them to your friends or family to seek their help in choosing one name for your business?

No fret, we have more to explore!

A Dictionary To The Land Of Glasses

“Know all that you need to before entering the market.”

There are a few basics that you should brush up on while selecting that perfect name. But before that, you should know how to choose the best name.

A name that is simple, playful, easy to pronounce, catchy and unique. The trick is, your name should be only people’s minds all the time.

Also, the reader have you ever wondered what is another Optical Shop Name? Let us quickly take you through them.

  1. Spectacles
  2. Googles
  3. Monocle
  4. Bifocals
  5. Lorgnette
  6. Shades
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Trifocals
  9. Contacts
  10. Cheaters

This one is tricky; do you know what is one eyeglass’s name?

A monocle is the name of one eyeglass. It is a kind of corrective lens used to improve or fix vision for one eye. It is made up of a spherical lens with a wire loop.

This one is the last, to give you some knowledge on glasses, the types of glass frames names.

  • Full frame
  • Semi-rimless
  • Rimless

We are guessing this information was a guiding light for you. Without taking more of your time, check the last list below for cool spec’s company name.

FreeOpticalOPTICAL DiamondSHOP SpurOPTICAL Posh
SocialOpticalSHOPtasticOPTICAL HustlerSHOP Flair
WorldOpticalOPTICAL ArdorNAMES ZooSHOP Hazel
LiveOpticalNAMES WedgeNAMES AccelerateOPTICAL Remarkable
BuyOpticalSHOP BonesClear EyeSHOP Superb
AppOpticalNAMES WiseNAMES LostNAMES Loose
LifeOpticalFix it opticalsNAMES TouchNAMES Slender
DataOpticalGlasses n’ ThingsSHOP AviatorEye Mate
BlueOpticalSHOP LacedSHOP InstantSHOP Amenity
BigOpticalSHOP StakeNAMES PerfectNAMES Void
RedOpticalSHOP TrendNAMES ComplyOPTICAL Bolt
MobileOpticalOPTICAL OutpostNAMES NimbleSHOP Rapid
EasyOpticalSHOP IdealNAMES ManeSHOP Asset
ClubOpticalSHOP HackelOPTICAL OpalNAMES Majestic
StarOpticalSHOP DuneOPTICAL ClueOPTICAL Celestial
BioOpticalSHOP OriginalsOPTICAL First-ChoiceSHOP Ville
AirOpticalNAMES FosterOPTICAL ThreadsNAMES Zoom
GameOpticalNAMES ResponseOPTICAL DivideOPTICAL Chain
HealthOpticalSHOP ExtravaganceNAMES SinSHOP Caliber
MusicOpticalSHOP UniqueSHOP CommerceNAMES Cover
CityOpticalNAMES DiamondOPTICAL AlphaSHOP Sterling
ProjectOpticalOPTICAL ClassSHOP IntegritySHOP Vail
InfoOpticalNAMES RubyNAMES KartSHOP Barebone
NewsOpticalNAMES AtlantisSHOP SturdyNAMES Mode
DailyOpticalSHOP PathSHOP DirectNAMES Unlimited
PowerOpticalNAMES EternalSHOP AnonSHOP Kit
MaxOpticalOPTICAL RadianceNAMES SkegSHOP Action
SunOpticalOPTICAL AllyOPTICAL SuaveNAMES Outright

That’s all the information and names we had in store for you this time related to your optics business.


A business needs your 100 percent attention and hard work for it to flourish and stand out in the market against all its competitors.

For a new business, the first thing that reaches the audience is the name so it is very important to choose the name wisely that will add to your business.

Take all the time you have in hand to find the best fit and you are all set to hop on to the next step. Good luck!


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