Any successful business starts with a name, so let’s go over several names like  Label Mass, Recordsy, Labellux, Vox, etc which you can use to name your record label business, along with some straightforward advice to launch your music career in a flash!

Most people enjoy listening to music, so chances are they’ll be happy to share their favorite genre or most-played song with you if you ask them.

Additionally, the appeal of music is nothing new. Since the creation of the first caveman drum, mankind has been rocking out to melodious music for thousands of years.

Music is here to stay, whether it’s soothing jazz, operatic classics, techno-beat EDM, or twanging country tunes.

So starting your own record label company may be the best course of action if you want to satisfy your love of music while expanding your commercial interests into a sector that is always expanding.

How To Name A Record Label?

A record label is known as the record company or brand or trademark. Generally, fame is known by its name. So, you need to pay close attention to the name. No matter how many names there are, only a few names will stand out in people’s minds.

Below are some MUST HAVE GUIDELINES on naming a record label:

The name should be short and sweet and easily pronounced.

  • The brand name should be memorable, and it should communicate the value of your
  • Choose a unique name that let the audience know, ‘what’s in it for them’
  • Play with attractive words.
  • The name should have positive essence.
  • Get feedback about your name from those who are experienced in that field.
  • Hope the baselines mentioned above to finally understand the needs of your name has helped you well.

Once you are good with what you exactly need, you don’t have to go pick words for a dictionary that comes in relation to your business, but there are many great record labels name generators available online that can do the job in a jiffy for you!

Furthermore, to make it even easier for you, here we are with the fresh list of cool, best names that can bring you near to your name selection goal:

Have you made your choice?
Well, no fret, we have got your back!

But before that here is the Point to Remember!
Be aware of copyright and trademark certificate.

Now, let’s get some more strategies in place!

Ideas Shout World Records Name Tonic Record Allied
Label Mass District Records Recordsy Ideas Inside
Label Feed Midnight Records Record Music Stream
Record Duo Country Road Label Lift Apex
Record Tone Mix Tape Trust Name Vibration
Name Loop Music Mastery Unlimited Ideasvio Name Sharp
Record Strum Guitar Man Labeloont Vinyl
Name Tide Soundtrack Productions Name Wisdom Fusion
Ideas Machine Lil Ditty Records Theory Record More
Boom Double Rock Production Ideas Alto Name Strum
Name Aware Blue Town Syndicate Labelprism Record Trust
Name Inside Third Dimension Records Labellux Label Rate
Alto Acoustic Music Label Click Ideas Ride
Foster Harmonized Records Name Limitless Label Rise
Namedo Polygon Records Ideas Synth Ideasbes
Label Publish Disc-Over Records Nameooze Name Ark
Nameya Red Zone Entertainment Recordgenics Label Tenor
Label Dime Self-Inflicted Groove Recordarc Beats
Ideas Fusion Signature Tracks Radius Ideas Ghost
Recordbea Lucky Record Name Pop Record Chief
Label Rhythm Daily sound dose Name Fret Label Core
Tempo Blackjack Music Ideas Allied Label Trident
Name Ruckus Soundtrack Stack Record Radiant Ideas Trap
More Music Records Music Lab Studio Name Core Name Click
Ideas Genius Royaltracks Studio Broadcast Label Clef
Ceramic Hymn Records Label Rock Name Beats
Vox Impluse Music Lab Record Rewind Label Modus
Record Phantom Rock and Roll Records Spark Label Praise
Labeljet Midnight Records Record Flight Record Lift
Name Flow Swing time Music Ideas Share Name Pickup
Ideas Step Springer Opera House Name More Record Axe
Ideas Blackout Corner Stone Cues Poly Name Dream
Ideas Apex Summer Aria Recording Record Lime Ideas Mass
Assure Athenaeum Theatre Record Insight Record United
Labelporium Drumbeat Music Record Digi Record Verse
Label Play Noise Addicts Rocky Name Ceramic
Namegenix Folks Love Music Ideas Reckless Tribe
Recordsio Spot On Records Ideas Clef Record Tempo
Name Storm Alloy Music Honor Label Vibration
Recordaza Music Machinery Name Rocky Record Bold
Record Nocturne Belt Record Arrowhead Outlet
Ideasella Discovery Music Name Digi Record Groove

Best And Cool Record Label Name Ideas

How to Create A Record Label Name?

As mentioned, the name should be a reflection of your core business, the record label business has got the real benefit.
Record Label Company follows a pattern and theme.

Well, you can try Coke Studio, the word ’coke’ has got no direct reflection of the music industry but the overall them they follow of creation of the music studio made the name successful.

Points To Consider For Best Record Company Name Selection.

The theme matters.

It doesn’t have to be a meaningful name, yet attractive, and should follow the core of your record label company motto.

  • Associated words can also do the wonders like ‘studio’, productions, record tracks, etc.
  • Hope it has given a way of bringing all thoughts in one direction while selecting the best name.

So, why not select some, right away! Check some more!

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It is rightly said, ‘learn from others’ experience’, it will save your time to reach success’. Agreeing?

If yes, keep reading because we are taking you on a quick knowledge tour so you can get more ideas :

Ideasify Music Monsters Label Movement Record Project
Record Broadcast Hit Factory Label Disclosure Record Sage
Label Scribe Turnt Up Music Record Redux Label Songbird
Label Outlet Record Tap Name Distortion Name Scale
Outlet Ideas Change Ideas Divide Record Loud
Name Step Tenor Record Scale Push
Name Beat Ideas Pitch Rocky Ideas Flow
Ideas Redux Modus Label Tempo Limitless
Label Canon Ideas Vibration Label Horizon Record Big
Record Fusion Label Wave Label Outlet Label Sound
Label Groove Record Movement Record Dime Label Tonic
Ideas Count Record Scribe Label Line Ideas United
Name Measure Name Shotgun Ideas Wavey Label Poly
Ideas Cloud Ideas Rave Name Mastered Label Share
Label Mass Ideas Rock Record Deep Record Tide
Ideas Split Name Round Record Rise Ideas Change
Name Blues Name Power Label Canary Record Union
Ideas Spark Record Modus Record Vibration Ideas Key
Ideas Largo Name Arrowhead Ideas Ceramic Ideas Amp
Name Amp Label Triad Record Mix Ideas Vex
Name Made Record Horizon Record Chorus Ideas Voice
Ideas Verse Record United Name Share Name Big
Name Dance Record Electric Name Honor Ideas Blues
Record Genius Name Rhythm Record Timbre Label Reckless
Ideas Assembly Name Aware Record Step Name Strum
Record Lime Label Tap Ideas Triad Ideas Inside
Name Champion Label Sharp Ideas Stream Name Editor
Name Verse Name Publish Ideas Flow Record How
Ideas Trill Label Wavey Ideas Reckless Ideas Time
Ideas Move Ideas Note Record Tenor Ideas Scribe
Label Blank Ideas Mixed Label Chamber Name Change
Record Disclosure Ideas Dance Record Rave Ideas Rock
Record Coda Name Push Ideas Light Ideas Stance
Record Blues Record Bass Ideas Lift Label Stream
Clef Name Lift Ideas Apex Label Edition
Name Accent Name Beats Blackout Label Allied
Label Movement Roll Label Dime Ideas Point
Label Sonic Label Crowd Heart Ideas Wavey
Ideas Grave Label Raw Horde Name Capital
Name Big Name Redux Drop Pickup
Name Voice Label Major Ideas Ark Label Redux
Record Mastered Record Split Label Bold Ideas Pickup
Ideas Surge Ideas Light Ride Name Ghost
Label Tenor Name Scale Record Stance Record Vox


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Best And Cool Record Label Name Ideas

What Are The Four Major Record Labels?

There are various record labels in this world, but only four companies are at the top. All these are very ancient and very popular among the people.
They are,

1. Sony Music Entertainment
It is known as ‘Sony Music’. It is an American global Music entertainment company. It was originally found in 1929 as the name of “American Record Corporation”.

2. Universal Music Group
Universal Music group is commonly abbreviated as UMG. It is a worldwide Entertainment Corporation. UMG Corporate Headquarters are located in Hilversum (Netherlands) and California(America). It originated in September 1934.

3. Warner Music group corporation
It is known as WMG in short. It is an American multinational corporation. It is perfectly located in New York City (America). After Universal and Sony music, this company is the third-largest music company. It was founded by Jack L. Warner.

4. EMI Music Company

EMI Music Company is originally created in 1956, but it was launched in January 1973 as EMI Records Ltd.
It is a British company.

Later the label was launched worldwide. It has a branch in India. In India, it is called “EMI Records India” and is run by the director Mohit Suri.

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Ideas Move Label Redux Name Theory Ideas Boom
Label Storm Ideas Lift Accent Elevate
Ideas Time Name Key Record Outlet Ideas Capital
Label Feed Record Dare Record Triad Name Flight
Ideas Sharp Record Beats Label Share Name Trident
Rise Record Echo Label Surge Label Fret
Label Blackout Label Raw Name Inside Ideas Cloud
Label Spotlight Name Duo Name Measure Label Vinyl
Record Modus Label Horizon Record Rewind Name Heart
Label Stance Label Dance Name Tide Name Round
Record Largo Label Spark Label Split Label Change
Name Inspire Label Vamp Name Cannon Record Storm
Label Modus Label Poly Record Ark Record Radiant
Label Pop Record Drop Crowd Label Pulse
Scribe Ideas Mix Ideas Limitless Record Clef
Record Wise Label Echo Distortion Record Pop
Name Tribe Elixir Ideas Big Name Ark
Name Cymbal Name Divide Rhythm Name Project
Chief Publish Ideas Publish Record Trill
Record Tide Verse Ideas Clef Record Stream
Name Chorus Record Rave Name Rave Label Measure
Ideas Round Record Reckless Record Mass Label Legion
Record Pickup Ideas Outlet Name Hook Note
Tempo Ideas Dream Label Siren Name Union
Name Sage Record Dream Ideas Core Trill
Edition Name Ruckus Label How Name Spotlight
Dance Name Rise Record Change Name Horde
Ideas Wave Record Plug Record Tune Ideas Capital
Record Cloud Record Electric Ideas Rave Record Vox
Feed Record Tone Ideas Point Label Inside
Ideas Chorus Name Point Record Songbird Label Count
Record Echo Bang Ideas Vamp Record Tide
Name Discover Ideas Duo Record Limitless Record Capital
Record Tenor Record Inspire Name Outlet Broadcast

Best And Cool Record Label Name Ideas


Label More Name Records Ideas Move Name Power
Record Blackout Label Step Name Note Ideas Trust
Label Tonic Play Capital Label Rhythm
Name Hype Vinyl Ideas Honor Hype
Elixir Label Mixed Ideas Control Ideas Spire Name
Artificial Record Scale Ideas Recordworks Cookie Ideas
Infinity Ideas Virtual Label Link Label Union Ideas
Service Ideas Cloud Name Nameverse Interactive Record
Recordistic Horde Ideas Recordry Tune Label
Framework Ideas Auto Name Hideout Name Nameish
Aladdin Record Magnet Ideas Bite Name Roll Ideas
Labelopedia Scale Label Macro Label Ideasnest
Ballad Label Cuts Name Compact Ideas Havana Name
Namely Pickup Ideas Recordbia Optimize Ideas
Key Label Ideasocity Labellance Cloud Ideas
Smash Name Dip Label Dude Label Cyper Ideas
Juicy Label Labelsio Presto Ideas App Record
Nomad Label Recordquipo Wire Name Pop Name
Classics Ideas Place Label Alpha Label Tale Name
You Name Shift Name Choir Name Mode Record
Sound Ideas Accent Label Hole Ideas Linear Name
Tempo Name Brew Record Novus Ideas Tempo Record
Ideasable Smart Ideas Vision Record Labelella
Logic Label Amp Ideas Nameoryx Dynamics Ideas
Takeout Ideas Crisp Label Auto Ideas Labeljet
Baby Name Tasteful Label Factory Name Nameella
Nameify Acclaimed Name Nameio Fusion Name
More Name Jam Record Domain Name Core Name
Records Record Beat Name Dine Label Model Record
Nouveau Label Nixon Name Dished Label Intrepid Name
Move Label Tasty Name Palace Name Vibration Record
Novus Record Piece Name Dream Label Genius Label
Slice Record Served Label Cannon Ideas Mecha Label
Desire Label Dream Record Tempo Ideas Barons Label
Feast Name Local Record Mass Label Hole Name
Elixir Record Loud Name Rate Record Loop Record
Sensation Name Duo Name Pickup Record Fiery Label
Fission Ideas Sensation Label Presto Label Accent Record
Bit Label Cubed Name Synthetic Label Interactive Label
Accent Ideas Wire Ideas Jam Name Cut Name
App Label Stand Label Smart Name Task Label
Soft Record Hack Label Move Name Lounge Name
Fiber Label Duo Label Upscale Label Sky Ideas
Desk Label Safety Label Domain Label Lounge Ideas

Columbia is the oldest record label, it was founded in the 18th century. But the name “Universal Music Group” is the most famous and favorite record label.

The name “Universal” stays deep in people’s hearts. Lucian Grainger is the CEO of this company.

How did this company become so popular? This question will come to our mind.

Because, they have the greatest artists in their company, and it is the most recognizable and biggest company. They also provide publishing, Merchandising services, and Music recording.

Well, you must be wondering, how this description can benefit you in selecting the coolest name?

If you observe the name and functioning of these companies, you will understand how a name reflects the idea of the business and hence in return compel customers to understand them even more.

Best And Cool Record Label Name Ideas

Name Becomes The Brand

So, with that, let us share some more interesting record label names that could match up well with your company motto!

Boot Label Forage Label Aladdin Ideas Connoisseur Ideas
Logic Ideas Radiant Ideas Melody Name Rubicon Ideas
Dude Label Citron Record Path Label Dude Name
Largo Label Captain Record Overwrite Ideas Place Record
Fix Label Sizzle Label Ruckus Ideas Time Ideas
Groove Ideas Lion Record Measure Record Tale Ideas
Nibble Label Horde Name Boom Label Hotspot Ideas
Move Record Operation Record Dev Ideas Fiber Name
Tune Ideas Vox Name Place Label Devine Name
Traditional Name Key Ideas Wrap Record Barge Record
Programmatic Record Atlas Ideas Crumb Ideas Titan Label
Mobile Record Chief Record Groove Ideas Dished Ideas
Alto Record Control Label Baked Record Mix Name
Ping Record Elevate Record Rubicon Label Citron Name
Ruckus Record Pivot Name Grill Ideas Piece Label
Tetra Label Timbre Ideas Palate Ideas Bro Ideas
Excel Name Cater Ideas Relish Record Boom Name
Intellect Label Cuisine Name Stake Record Rocky Ideas
Graphics Label Grave Name Sensation Ideas Binary Record
Tenor Label Dockside Record Aladdin Record Truth Ideas
Alluring Label Sound Ideas Bit Ideas Model Record
Intrepid Label Jam Label Toss Name Compact Label
Midnight Record Sky Name Allocate Name Chamber Record
Cellar Ideas Air Label Fret Ideas Illuminate Ideas
Classics Record Data Label Blues Label Machine Name
Union Name Minty Label Giga Name Secure Label
Step Name Pop Name Sonic Record Axe Label
Auto Label Hack Record Intellect Ideas Light Ideas
Luminous Name Hack Ideas Omega Ideas Raw Label
Cloud Ideas Dashing Label Secure Name Choir Record
Baby Record Barons Record Ballad Ideas Access Label
Hearty Ideas Fiery Ideas Wise Name Wire Record
Cymbal Record Deep Name Axe Record Air Ideas
Feed Name Secret Label Mastered Record Accent Name
Boom Record Incubator Label Rave Ideas Nocturne Ideas
Point Label Garnish Name Auto Name Groove Label
Hideaway Ideas Fodder Record Treehouse Record Joyous Record
Crisp Label Crispy Name Data Label Festive Label
Play Record Tasty Name Move Label Sizzle Ideas
Palace Label Lord Name Giga Record Sprint Name
Mecha Name Light Record Cannon Record Cuisine Label
Sonic Record Line Name Chamber Ideas Tonic Ideas
Local Name Baby Ideas Central Name Acclaimed Label
Hut Name Chip Label Devine Label Crumb Label
Omega Record Intellect Label Luminous Record Smoke Ideas
Bot Record Perfection Record Vex Record Air Label
Feast Ideas Gala Record Reservation Ideas Relish Label
Elevate Ideas Synthetic Label Vinyl Name Grill Name
Tap Record Connoisseur Name Reservation Label Shotgun Name
Fiesta Name Fix Name Wrap Label Whole Name
Check Ideas Fusion Ideas Modus Name Intuition Ideas
Feed Ideas Catalyst Label Mega Name Citron Record
Hotspot Record Sessions Label Condition Ideas Roll Label
App Record Rate Ideas Tale Name Binary Ideas
Palate Name Cut Label Brew Name Cut Name
Board Ideas Operator Record Boy Name Data Ideas

Best And Cool Record Label Name Ideas

To Summarize

Naming the record label company is a matter of being rhythmic with your business plans. The Best selection of the name can be done once you are thorough with your action plans. Because the name is a matter of Fame!

So, Choose BEST and Let Your Customers Make it a BRAND.

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