Witches are the darkness that you can’t see with youropen eyes’

Is it the time of Halloween and you are trying to figure out the best name possible that matches well with your selected costume?

Indeed, you might just be feeling damn witchy to get some wicked witchy names.

Don’t worry as we have covered up all the categories of witchy names that you are looking for and this is the exact place for you to be searching for the Witchy name ideas.

And here is music to your ears!

This good read would only get the name list of Witchy names for adults, but even perfectly fit witchy names for girls who are young and witchy baby names.

So, let’s find out the best ones!

Powerful Witchy Names Suggestions

Before we start our note-making to find out the best witchy names, let’s know a little more details!

Witchies names

Witchy Concept!

The word witch is over a thousand years old. The old English formed the compound witchcraft from “wicce” (“witch”) and “craeft” (“craft”).

The word Witch has also been spelled “wicca” or “wycca” in Old English and was originally masculine.

So, as you understand the character traits, you must be eager to find out some powerful names that mean which

And, we have got a name list exclusively generated by keeping in mind the essence of ancient history that will make its presence visible in the current world:

Tovenaar UyathakathaCyst WitchyAnswer NamesBlink Names
Vedma VeneficusDais WitchyAnswers NamesBliss Names
Veshtica VidmaEgad WitchyAnything NamesBloom Names
Vjestica VrajitoareFor Sale WitchyAnytime NamesBlox Names
Witch: Maltese Wrach: WelshIdiot WitchyAnywhere NamesBoards Names
Wupo YalmogizJape WitchyApex NamesBold Names
Endora SeverusJumbo WitchyAqua NamesBonus Names
Licorice MidnightJunky WitchyArchives NamesBoost Names
Nightshade CauldronKnob WitchyArgent NamesBorn Names
Minerva SukieLieu WitchyArid NamesBoss Names
Worth WitchyListing WitchyArk NamesBow Names
Xpress WitchyListings WitchyArticle NamesBox Names
Yawl WitchyLists WitchyArticles NamesBreezy Names
Yeta WitchyMump WitchyAsset NamesBrite Names
Zen WitchyOf The Day WitchyAtlas NamesBrokers Names
Zip WitchyAscent WitchyAttic NamesBrowse Names
Zoom WitchyEnter WitchyAtto NamesBrowser Names
Edgy WitchyEternity WitchyAura NamesBucks Names
Funky WitchyMaverick WitchyAurora NamesBureau Names
Dashing WitchyAbout NamesAvatar NamesBusk Names
Spiffy WitchyAbsolute NamesAve NamesBuster Names
Hip WitchyAccelerate NamesAver NamesButterfly Names
Exclusive WitchyAce NamesAwards NamesBuyer Names
Grander WitchyAction NamesAware NamesBuys Names
Groovy WitchyActive NamesAwry NamesBytes Names
Immerse WitchyAdvisor NamesAxen NamesCache Names
Ambassador WitchyAegis NamesAxis NamesCalculator Names
Bestof WitchyAfter NamesAzure NamesCamo Names
Bilk WitchyAgents NamesBalance NamesCampaign Names
Bo WitchyAgile NamesBard NameCapital Names

Good Witchy Names

We all know that witchcraft is the practice of what the practitioner believes to be supernatural skills and abilities, such as the casting of spell and the performance of magical rituals. 

Witchcraft has been present in the central world at various times and in many diverse forms among cultures and religions worldwide, including both primitive and highly advanced cultures.

Witchy Names Idea

What is there in the name?

When it comes to deciding on a witch name, it’s just as much about the name as it is about the story behind it and associated with it.

Many Witchy names for the witches come from nature, folklore, and the gods of antiquity. Many names are drawn from ancient stories and are charged with mythic powers.

Some of the names on this list are steeped in history. Others are more famous now because of novels, movies or television shows.

Not making you to wait any longer as we know that you must be excited to read out the witchy names.

So, here are the names and not just the normal names but names meaning witch.

Boor WitchyAgue NamesBasement NamesCapitol Names
Bort WitchyAhead NamesBeast NamesCare Names
Cuil WitchyAim NamesBegin NamesCase Names
Touch WitchyAlity NamesBenefits NamesCatalyst Names
Town WitchyAll-Star NamesBest NamesCatcher Names
Tracking WitchyAlliance NamesBevy NamesBargains Names
Tracks WitchyAllure NamesBeyond NamesBasement Names
Trend WitchyAlpha NamesBlaster NamesBeast Names
Ammo NamesAngel NamesBlessed NamesBegin Names
Manyeo MayyaTemplates WitchyStart WitchyTrivia Witchy
Mchwi MfitiTender WitchyStat WitchyTsunami Witchy
Moloi MpamosavyTera WitchyState WitchyTunnel Witchy
Noid NoitaThemes WitchyStation WitchyUltra Witchy
Norn PenyihirThink WitchyStock WitchyUnity Witchy
Phu Thyu PythonissamThrifty WitchyStop WitchyUnreal Witchy
Ragana SaaxiradThrive WitchyStore WitchyUrban Witchy
Saga SahiraThug WitchyStrategies WitchyUsa Witchy
Sorciere SorcistinoTip WitchyStreaming WitchyUseful Witchy
Sorgina SosyeTitan WitchyStreams WitchyUtli Witchy
Store WitchyTitle WitchySuccess WitchyUtopia Witchy
Strategies WitchyToday WitchySuccessful WitchyValley Witchy
Streaming WitchyToolbox WitchySunray WitchyValues Witchy
Streams WitchyTop WitchySunrise WitchyVelocity Witchy
Success WitchyTopia WitchySunset WitchyVery Witchy
Successful WitchyTopics WitchySunshine WitchyVest Witchy
Sunray WitchyTornado WitchySuperior WitchyVibe Witchy
Sunrise WitchyTotal WitchySuperstore WitchyViewer Witchy
Sunset WitchyTouch WitchySupplier WitchyViews Witchy
Sunshine WitchyTown WitchySupreme WitchyVillage Witchy
Superior WitchyTracking WitchySurfer WitchyViol Witchy

So, these are some of the good witchy names that you asked for.

Witchy Girl Names

There are lots of witchy names for girls and female witch names because in ancient history the female witches possessed more power and more ability to perform witchcraft.

The term witchcraft was basically coined for the masculine society but later it was used for the feminine society.

Now in today’s world, the term Witch is so much into use with females that people think only females are witches.

Why girl witches are powerful?

Witchy name suggetions

Female witches have cast a captivating shadow over centuries of storytelling, though they have traditionally

occupied a rather unsettling role. They are self-centered and don’t depend on anyone.

So here are the witchy names for girls to get inspired from and get a perfectly witchy girl name.

Here we have a list of Witch names from your favorite on-screen witchy cauldron brewers to the out-of-the-world pseudonyms witch.

These names will give you the perfect feel of witchy girl name.

Superstore WitchyTracks WitchySurge WitchyTaste Witchy
Supplier WitchyTrend WitchySwift WitchyTemplates Witchy
Supreme WitchySpotting WitchyTab WitchyTender Witchy
Surfer WitchySpree WitchyTactile WitchyTera Witchy
Surge WitchySpring WitchyTael WitchyThemes Witchy
Swift WitchySprint WitchyTags WitchyThink Witchy
Tab WitchySprout WitchyTales WitchyThrifty Witchy
Tactile WitchySpry WitchyTap WitchyThrive Witchy
Tael WitchySpur WitchyNikuro Logo DomainifyThug Witchy
Tags WitchySquad WitchySurge WitchyTip Witchy
Tales WitchyStamp WitchySwift WitchyTitan Witchy
Tap WitchySpotting WitchyTab WitchyTitle Witchy
Spree WitchyStamp WitchyTactile WitchyToday Witchy
Spring WitchyStar WitchyTael WitchyToolbox Witchy
Sprint WitchyStart WitchyTags WitchyTop Witchy
Sprout WitchyStat WitchyTales WitchyTopia Witchy
Spry WitchyState WitchyTap WitchyTopics Witchy
Spur WitchyStation WitchyNikuro Logo DomainifyTornado Witchy
Squad WitchyStock WitchyTrick WitchyTotal Witchy
Amoosu BabaReports WitchyPronto WitchyShops Witchy
Barangan BoszorkanyReps WitchyPros WitchyShore Witchy
Bruha BruixaRepublic WitchyProtector WitchyShowcase Witchy
Bruja cadiRequest WitchyProxy WitchyShows Witchy
Caliieach CarodejniceResults WitchyPulp WitchySigma Witchy
Carovnica DabRevolution WitchyPuma WitchySignal Witchy
Haxa HeksRewards WitchyPure WitchySignals Witchy
Hexe IfritaRich WitchyPush WitchySimple Witchy
Incantrix KijoRicochet WitchyQuad WitchySimplify Witchy
Magissa MakutuRident WitchyQuality WitchySimply Witchy
Start for FreeRise WitchyQuat WitchySingle Witchy

We know that now you are confused on which name to select and which name to leave.

Always choose names meaning witch which suits your requirements and your necessities.

Witchy Boy Names

Are you searching for Witchy boy names? You must already know how tricky it is to give names meaning witch.

Witchy Names Idea

Finding male witch names can be a bigger challenge than finding witchy girl names.

The increase in the hype of finding witchy names has entered into people’s heads since the epic outburst of movies and series like The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragon.

Want to know why there are not much boy witches’ names?

According to history and based on ancient culture Witchy boy names are hard to find. This is because there is not much given about male witches.

There are not many resources on the Male witches, there are very few male names meaning witch. Yet we have worked hard on the resources and collected a lot of data on Witchy boy names.

Eager for the names?

So, without taking much of your time, here we present you the best of the Witchy boy names.

Rad WitchyRocks WitchyQuest WitchySites Witchy
Radiant WitchyRockstar WitchyQuestion WitchySkep Witchy
Radical WitchyRogue WitchyQuiet WitchySkua Witchy
Rah WitchyRoma WitchyQuint WitchySky Witchy
Rail WitchyRow WitchyQuipo WitchySlash Witchy
Rainbow WitchyRoyal WitchySeeker WitchySlate Witchy
Rale WitchyRules WitchySeekers WitchySleuth Witchy
Rally WitchyRunners WitchySelection WitchySlue Witchy
Rancor WitchySelector WitchySeeker WitchySmar Witchy
Rank WitchySells WitchySeekers WitchySmart Witchy
Rapid WitchySafari WitchySelection WitchySmarter Witchy
Rapt WitchySage WitchySelector WitchySmarts Witchy
Rasp WitchySample WitchySells WitchySmew Witchy
Ratchet WitchySaver WitchySerf WitchySnog Witchy
Rater WitchySavers WitchyServ WitchySoldier Witchy
Rates WitchyScanner WitchyServe WitchySolution Witchy
Rating WitchyScape WitchySession WitchySoul Witchy
Ratings WitchyScapes WitchySetup WitchySource Witchy
Ratio WitchyScat WitchyShack WitchySpace Witchy
Re WitchyScoot WitchyShadow WitchySpaces Witchy
Ready WitchyScope WitchyShare WitchySpad Witchy
Real WitchyScout WitchyShared WitchySpan Witchy
Realtime WitchyScouts WitchyShares WitchySpark Witchy
Reaper WitchyScrapbook WitchySharing WitchySpecialists Witchy
Redhot WitchyScry WitchySharp WitchySpecials Witchy
Reference WitchySearcher WitchySheet WitchySped Witchy
Register WitchySecrets WitchyShift WitchySpeedy Witchy
Registry WitchySection WitchyShine WitchySpirit Witchy
Reporter WitchySeek WitchyShopper WitchySpots Witchy
Salem SamanthaKith WitchyMogul WitchyPatch Witchy

This name list of Which names is concluded from the likes of the best and knowledgeable people.

So make full use of it and we hope that the list of Witch name comes in handy.

Witchy Last Names

These days, witches real and fictional are more welcomed in our society. They’re seen more as a mystery than menacing, intriguing not fun dome killing.

Not all the witches are bad nor they all are good.

Value of Witchy Last names?

You surely want your characters to have an uncommon last name that sounds good, matches the genre, and significantly relates a place.

Without any specified list of Witchy last names which goes well with any Witchy first name is one of the biggest headaches you would be facing. So we help you out here unquestionably by providing you the best list of witch names.

Witchy Names

It is not going to be hard as we have done some groundwork for you.

However, unique last name trends change drastically over time so it can be hard to find the perfect one that stays forever.Here is a list of Witch names that are cool and can go with your characters from the past, present, or future.

Singa SmokeyKyat WitchyMount WitchyMode Witchy
Snowball SootyLance WitchyMountain WitchyPeak Witchy
Sukie TabithaLanx WitchyMountains WitchyPerch Witchy
Tarot ThackeryLast WitchyMove WitchyPerfect Witchy
Tilly Lpswitch UrsulaLatest WitchyMungo WitchyPeta Witchy
Vroni WendyLaunch WitchyMuno WitchyPicker Witchy
Yvaine Zelda SpellmanLeader WitchyNative WitchyPicks Witchy
Zoe Benson Ahil SihirLeaders WitchyNatural WitchyPico Witchy
Aje AkubaLeading WitchyNavy WitchyPlaces Witchy
Live WitchyLegacy WitchyNeat WitchyPlans Witchy
Load WitchyLegend WitchyNeo WitchyPlat Witchy
Locator WitchyLess WitchyNeon WitchyPlatinum Witchy
Locker WitchyLessons WitchyNets WitchyPlethora Witchy
Logic WitchyLibra WitchyNexus WitchyPlex Witchy
Loin WitchyLife WitchyNiche WitchyPlus Witchy
Loop WitchyLift WitchyNimble WitchyPoint Witchy
Love WitchyLight WitchyNon WitchyPoints Witchy
Lucid WitchyLimited WitchyNonstop WitchyPop Witchy
Lung WitchyLine WitchyNumber WitchyPortable Witchy
Lush WitchyLink WitchyOasis WitchyPortfolio Witchy
Machine WitchyLinked WitchyOffers WitchyPower Witchy
Machines WitchyLinks WitchyOfficial WitchyPractical Witchy
Macro WitchyLinq WitchyOgre WitchyPreferred Witchy
Magical WitchyMates WitchyOkra WitchyPremiere Witchy
Maniac WitchyMatters WitchyOption WitchyPreview Witchy
Map WitchyMaven WitchyOptions WitchyPriceless Witchy
Maps WitchyMax WitchyOracle WitchyPrime Witchy
Marker WitchyMaximum WitchyOrigin WitchyPriority Witchy
Markets WitchyMechanics WitchyOur WitchyPrize Witchy
Marks WitchyMember WitchyOust WitchyPro Witchy

Lists Of Witch Games And Genre

After knowing so much about witches and their names it is important that you know about the different types of Witches too.

  • Hedge Witch.
  • White Witch
  • Siren
  • Sorceress
  • Enchantress
  • Crone
  • Voodoo Queen
  • Shapeshifter
  • Pot Stirrer
  • Dreamer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard
  • Sorcerer
  • Voodoo King
  • Enchanter
  • Necromancer

These are types of witches which is important to know as the name changes based on the types of witch.

More Wicked Witch Names

Why are witches known to be wicked?

From the long-past history of the witches, they are known to be wicked. It is not that all the witches are wicked but some of them are wicked.

Are you looking for wicked witch names? Then this is the right place for you to be.

When you need evil and wicked witch names, it is necessary that you use names that possess power and names that has wilderness within themselves.

Choose wicked witch name for a character or a person or even for Halloween and make sure that the name has to develop an attitude and a wickedness ego for itself.

So here are the list of wicked names meaning witch which are chosen from our expertise after lot of hard work and dedication.

Massive WitchyMent WitchyOwn WitchyProducts Witchy
Master WitchyMeter WitchyOxen WitchyProfessionals Witchy
Matcher WitchyMetro WitchyPages WitchyProfessor Witchy
Milli WitchyMuse WitchyPals WitchyProfits Witchy
Millions WitchyMyna WitchyPanel WitchyProgram Witchy
Miner WitchyMyriad WitchyParadise WitchyPrograms Witchy
Mingle WitchyMystery WitchyParadox WitchyProject Witchy
Mixer WitchyMystical WitchyPassion WitchyPromotional Witchy
Mobil WitchyNational WitchyPassport WitchyPromotions Witchy
For Life WitchyFrig WitchyHerb WitchyKingdom Witchy
Force WitchyFrisson WitchyHeroes WitchyKings Witchy
Forever WitchyFroe WitchyHometown WitchyKite Witchy
Form WitchyFusion WitchyHorizon WitchyKith Witchy
Gap WitchyGenius WitchyHub WitchyKyat Witchy
Gate WitchyGlobal WitchyHuge WitchyLance Witchy
Gator WitchyGlow WitchyHumble WitchyLanx Witchy
Gawk WitchyGlum WitchyHunter WitchyLast Witchy
Geeks WitchyGlut WitchyHunters WitchyLatest Witchy
Genie WitchyGo WitchyIconic WitchyLaunch Witchy
Jadis GrimalkinFortune WitchyGoto WitchyIgniter Witchy
Jane KiKiForums WitchyGrabber WitchyImpact Witchy
Kit LicoriceFoster WitchyGrace WitchyIncorporated Witchy
Lilith Madam MimFoundry WitchyGrand WitchyIncredible Witchy
Maleficent ManonFrame WitchyGraph WitchyIndo Witchy
Morticia NyxFresh WitchyGreatest WitchyIndy Witchy
Obsidian PantherFriendly WitchyGrok WitchyInfinity Witchy
Phoebe PlutoFrig WitchyGround WitchyInsane Witchy
Prospero Prudence BlackwoodFrisson WitchyGroups WitchyIdeas Witchy
Pyewacket SabrinaFroe WitchyGrow WitchyInsider Witchy
Faro WitchyFusion WitchyGrowth WitchyInsight Witchy

Italian Witch Names

You must be wondering, what is so special about Italian Witches?

Here are the details you shouldn’t miss:

In Italy, Stregheria is a form of Italian American Witchcraft. Stregheria is sometimes referred to as La Vecchia Religione which means the Old Religion.

They are known to be the longest-reigning families of witches.

witches idea of names

The word Stregheria is an archaic Italian word for “witchcraft”. In the present world, the modern Italian word for witchcraft is Stregoneria.

The Italian word “Strega” is derived from the Latin word “Strix, Striges” which meant “Wood Owl”. It was believed that these birds brought bad omens to those who came in contact with them.So, here are the famous Italian Witches names that you might wish to use.

Fast WitchyGap WitchyGuardian WitchyInsights Witchy
Faux WitchyGate WitchyGuava WitchyInspire Witchy
Favorite WitchyGator WitchyGuides WitchyInstant Witchy
Feature WitchyGawk WitchyGulf WitchyIntelli Witchy
Feedback WitchyGeeks WitchyGurus WitchyIntra Witchy
Feeds WitchyGenie WitchyGuys WitchyIntro Witchy
Final WitchyGenius WitchyHabit WitchyInvisible Witchy
Finders WitchyGlobal WitchyHacks WitchyJackpot Witchy
Finds WitchyGlow WitchyHall WitchyJam Witchy
First WitchyGlum WitchyHandbook WitchyJawa Witchy
Fixer WitchyGlut WitchyHappy WitchyJoint Witchy
Flash WitchyGo WitchyHarvest WitchJoy Witchy
Flax WitchyGolden WitchyGenius WitchyJump Witchy
Flex WitchyForums WitchyGolden WitchyJustice Witchy
Flow WitchyFoster WitchyHaven WitchyKeen Witchy
Flower WitchyFoundry WitchyHead WitchyKey Witchy
Focus WitchyFrame WitchyHeadquarters WitchyKilo Witchy
Folder WitchyFresh WitchyHeart WitchyKine Witchy
For Less WitchyFriendly WitchyHeaven WitchyKing Witchy
Cost WitchyButterfly WitchyElevate WitchyFlower Witchy
Courses WitchyBuyer WitchyElite WitchyFocus Witchy
Craft WitchyBuys WitchyEmotion WitchyFolder Witchy
Crafter WitchyBytes WitchyEmpire WitchyFor Less Witchy
Crawler WitchyCache WitchyEnd WitchyFor Life Witchy
Create WitchyCalculator WitchyEnergise WitchyForce Witchy
Creators WitchyCamo WitchyEnergy WitchyForever Witchy
Crimson WitchyCampaign WitchyEnjoy WitchyForm Witchy
Allied WitchyCapital WitchyEquality WitchyFortune Witchy
Rocky WitchyCapitol WitchyEquinox WitchyForums Witchy
Broadcast WitchyCare WitchyEssence WitchyFoster Witchy

Witchy Last Names

You must be wondering, why witchy last names are vital?

It all began as a process of identifying people and distinguishing one family from the other. The last name also helps to set the mood and convey the period and place that your characters belong to. So, don’t forget to choose the one.

Here is a list of witchy last names to complete the character:

Theory NamesCase WitchyEssential WitchyFoundry Witchy
WitchyadoraCaster WitchyExact WitchyFrame Witchy
Mastered WitchyCatalyst WitchyExcellent WitchyFresh Witchy
Felix GayeletteHonor NamesDoup WitchyFaqs Witchy
Glinda HarperLight WitchyDowntown WitchyFard Witchy
Clutch WitchyApex WitchyDr WitchyFaro Witchy
Collect WitchyNamopediaDream WitchyFast Witchy
Collection WitchyWitchyluxDreaming WitchyFaux Witchy
Collections WitchyShare NamesDrift WitchyFavorite Witchy
Collective WitchyVoice WitchyDrip WitchyFeature Witchy
Collector WitchyFusion WitchyDrive WitchyFeedback Witchy
Companies WitchyNamopsDynamic WitchyFeeds Witchy
Comparison WitchyVariety NamesEarnings WitchyFinal Witchy
Compass WitchyBrite WitchyEarth WitchyFinders Witchy
Complex WitchyBrokers WitchyEco WitchyFinds Witchy
Concept WitchyBrowse WitchyEcru WitchyFirst Witchy
Connect WitchyBrowser WitchyEden WitchyFixer Witchy
Connection WitchyBucks WitchyEdge WitchyFlash Witchy
Conscious WitchyBureau WitchyEffective WitchyFlax Witchy
Control WitchyBusk WitchyEfficiency WitchyFlex Witchy
Core WitchyBuster WitchyEfficient WitchyFlow Witchy
Blackberry BlackjeckShotgun NamesCatcher WitchyExciting Witchy
Braucherei DiablerieRate NamesCavil WitchyExotic Witchy
Eclipse GoetyHorizon NamesDiscovery WitchyExpert Witchy
Gramarye JinxVibration WitchyDish WitchyExperts Witchy
Lamia MysticRide NamesDisplay WitchyExplosion Witchy
Onyx BruxoWitchyoozeDivision WitchyExpress Witchy
Ward Dr BombayNamellaDollar WitchyFactor Witchy
Edwina ElphabaWave NamesDoozy WitchyFans Witchy
lavender LilyAdvisor WitchyAwards WitchyBrite Witchy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should try witchy and why I should go for witchy names?

Witches are clever. They are crafty. They are downright captivating. Considering these names for a character that has a similar role will improvise the visibility.

2. How can you proceed by making your own Witch name?

It is easy to create your own witchy name. Firstly you would need to think about the personality of your witch, like are they good or evil?

Then know the type of which character you are looking for. From there, you can give your witch a suitable first and last name.

Final Verdict

A name should reflect the qualities or the spirit of the character and so knowing the background always help in making a wise choice.

Hope the shared details of ancient times along with powerful witchy name ideas get you closer to your final selection.

We have almost spelled on every different category of witches to get you the list of which names which were the best from the rest.

We would be glad if you could share about us too.

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