Wondering about a perfect wizard name for your little one can be one of the most challenging tasks for a parent.

Especially, in today’s scenario, having a unique name gives you so much edge ahead in various domains.

Furthermore, it adds to more charm when you pick up some wizard names in consideration!

On the other hand, people use such names for game characters, Halloween, and much more!

But, everything becomes more beautiful when you add magic to it. Even if it’s a name. Most importantly, magic adds positivity, energy, and happiness to one’s life.

With that being said, just imagine, having a name that screams magic would be so lucky for your baby!

Hence, if you share the same ideology and have been looking for cool wizard names, then you have got yourself the best article!

In this article, you will get a complete idea as to how to proceed in giving your baby mage names that corroborate with ultimate strength and capabilities!

Let’s have a look as to what we are going to learn:


Are you ready to explore these interesting name ideas? Well, let’s hop right in!


The concept of wizards or witches has always been looked down upon. People think it’s something evil and haunting!

But that’s totally a subjective opinion, as bad sides are always accompanied by good sides and all you need is to focus on the positive!

Moreover, this purpose can be fulfilled by making the use of medieval wizard names, as they enchant the holy and pure spirits of magic! Here is a list of ideas you can choose to form your very own medieval feel name:

  1. You can choose a name that reminds you of some old and famous wizards of all times, someone who is known for their tremendous power and achievements! Naming your baby after such a brave person is itself a blessing in disguise! This name would have an ancient feel too, giving it a unique look in modern times.
  1. Some human wizard names are also based on old theories or fairy tales. Many are inspired by fantasy stories of Satan or Wiccan characters. There are many ancient mythological tales related to them, where you can take up plenty of ideas! Such names encompass the enlightenment these concepts hold. You will find all such names here in this article only!
  1. Medieval time wizard names were full of will, power, enlightenment, the urge to win, freedom, fight and respect. Their names hold so much more meaning than modern witchcraft. It’s not that modern witchcraft doesn’t hold importance, but many people prefer deep meaning names, just like they were in old times. Hence, choose upon a wizard name that portrays a positive and holy meaning.

See, how old times and mythologies can still prove so useful to you!

Now you know that old wizard names are of two types, whether it will be totally fictional or it can be a real name too!

We have gathered upon some tremendous name ideas that are inspired by many such old wizard names. The table down below is going to provide you with all that.

Wizard Name Ideas


We bet that you are mesmerized by learning all such medieval names. Don’t underestimate their charm just because they give off an ancient vibe, these names have enough power to rock someone’s entire personality!

Although all these names were neutral on the basis of gender. So let’s get to a more gender-specific appeal to these names. Firstly, we will look for female wizards names.


Selecting a name related to witchcraft and magic for yourself is a really great choice, signifying how you focus on something beyond the common reach! The potential a woman holds in herself is perfectly displayed in a wizard’s name. But out of all the names present for a female wizard, it can really be a task to choose one! That’s why we are here for your rescue with these amazing little tips to decide on a name. Let’s see:

  1. Something about women doing witchcraft and all those wizard stuffs is so badass! How could anyone not want to have this type of quality in their kids’ name? If you are choosing some badass wizard names for your little girl, then you are doing a great job! The wizard’s name should indulge fear in everyone’s mind regarding your abeyant. When people will get to know you by your name, they will act with you accordingly by that badass attribute!
  1. Well, everybody has their own opinions and not everyone vibe with the strong names! Some like cute and chill names. Sometimes, people just want to have the wizard element in their name and not into the whole fierce name factor and it totally makes sense! If you want a cute wizardry name for your child, make sure it highlights the positive aspects of witchcraft. Try to mix and match cool attributes with the wizard ones and you would do wonders! This would also make your name cute and fun and at the same time, breaking all the stereotypes related to this area.
  1. If you are looking for female mage names for a game character, then definitely go for some devilish and spooky names! In games, being evil is better and instills some kind of authority in your name. You can name it on some landmark evil character or terms that mean witch in different origins: Latin, Greek, French etc! By seeing such a name, your opponent would lose half the game then and there!

All these ideas would do wonders for you! These tips will get you fully covered whenever you need a female-friendly wizard name! Have a look at our wizard name list, specially curated by keeping in mind all these tricks to rock on a name!

Badass Wizard Names


Now you know what is a good female wizard name is by seeing this much variety! All of these names are ready to be picked up and be yours! Hence, it’s safe to say that your hunt for a perfect female wizard name is over!

Now, let’s move on to what we have an inbox for what male desires regarding wizard names!


Finding names for wizards, especially males, can be very difficult since there are very rare cases relating to it.

Witchcraft or wizard names are just seen as something a female would do, but in thinking so, they forget to realize how much everyone is a lunatic fan of Thanos, Harry Potter!

There are many male wizard characters to look upon! It’s no big deal even if parents want a wizard name for their baby boy! Wizard names male are rare but always exotic! That is what exactly should reflect in your selected name. Here are some points in regard to that:

  1. What is better than having a boy wizard name inspired by one and only Harry Potter! Having said that, discover your inner ego and wizard by having a name related to this well known wizard boy. Most of the wizard names you would see in Harry Potter would be really common, yet something is really special about them, that always fascinates you! Henceforth, wizard names Harry Potter related can be a good to go option for you!
  1. If you are a big marvel fan, you might know how male wizards always have a special power allocated to them. What’s more interesting is how creatively this power can turn into a unique name of your dreams! Take inspiration from so many idols out there or discover a new special power that might bring a huge change in society according to you! The name that you would decipher after this would be full of creativity and hope for a good change!
  1. You can also go for opting male warlock names. Especially those which are a reminder of a famous ancient king or a monster that shakes everyone even till date! Hence, this would attempt to make your name strong and fierce among the others in this area and you will also hold a lot of impact! On the contrary, if you don’t wanna sound mysterious or serious and just want to have fun and want more like a normal human wizard name, then go for pun intended ones! This won’t harm you in any way, in fact you will be the unique one among all the others, you combined comedy with witchcraft!

There might be other interesting wizard name-related ideas but for a male, these ideas beat all the other ones! You would yourself see the results once you brainstorm these ideas and reach upon a final name for your purpose! By taking inspo from a lot of blockbuster names of all time, we have compiled some famous mage names for you boys!

Famous Wizard Names


These samples of names are enough to get an idea of what is expected out of you while thinking of a male wizard name! Take ideas from all these names and find the perfect fit for you!

Many people reading this article might have been here for the dark wizard names, well here we go!



Dark wizards are basically witches or wizards that specialize in dark arts and dark magic.

If you have been looking for dark wizard names, then you might need them for gaming or party purposes as there is no good way to use them as a name for humans.

Also, names for wizards like these in themselves mean curses, horror, demon, death!

Their names have always freaked out everyone, that’s why dark names are the popular choice for everyone to choose!

Here are some mind-blowing tricks to implement while thinking of a dark wizard name:

  1. Alongside your wizard name, you can add on an attribute that perfectly describes your dark personality. Express how malicious, evil, dangerous your character can be. This idea’s supremacy had always prevailed and never failed to disappoint! This trick is universal and applies to both male and female names.
  1. Mostly, functions of being a dark wizard include use of life changing spells, giving curses, inflicting death upon mankind, invention of dark magic objects and weapons, having unmatchable special powers, making a cult of all such dark art wizards and attacking innocent people or opposing parties! Well, there are plenty of these functions and you can choose one and modify it into a cool name. You can also pair the functions with a strong last name.
  1. If you want to do something out of the box, go for an ironic name, that is totally opposite to your roles and powers. Think about it, it would be so extraordinary and surprising for everyone! Furthermore, this would automatically gain you an edge over everyone else in the game.

All these new ideas will help you a lot in shaping a perfect name for your purpose. With a little patience and understanding of these tricks, you can achieve the name everyone would be jealous of! Besides the list of sample names we will provide you, you should also explore the whole range of wizards in movies and short stories that might attract you! Here are some collected famous wizard names to have a look on

Cool Wizard Names

Sturgis PodmoreAppiusBeneRegis
Cadmus PeverellAlatarNurasNox
ThorBlaiseBob OgdenPlacido
CaligulaIgnotus PeverellBloiseLumos
Draco MalfoyMalthusNanteAntioch Peverell

Now, you have pretty much all the ideas one can need to have a brilliant wizard name.

So, set up your mind and start choosing a name out of all these gazillion ideas!

In some cases, people don’t get satisfied enough with their own thought processes and constantly stress about finding a good name. Well then, you need to make use of

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1. What is a good wizard name?

A good wizard’s name reflects the power of magic that witchcraft holds. It should be strong enough to highlight a wizard’s potential and bring back its forgotten importance in today’s world.

The quality and genre depend on what your purpose is regarding selecting a wizard name. It should be broad enough to portray what a person’s personality and character are going to be.

2. What is a male wizard called?

Mostly, the male magicians of this field are either called wizards or warlocks. Although, some men took pride in calling themselves witches, breaking the stereotype that this word is limited to females!

Also, the male witch’s life varies a lot from time to time. Sometimes, it’s a normal family day and dealing with all the responsibilities, however, some are high power devotees of God and feel a special connection with them while some are officially all-time wizards practicing magic and witchcraft on a daily basis.

3. Who is the darkest wizard of all time?

The all-time dangerous dark wizard was:

  • Lord Voldemort

He is known to be the all-time wizard and villain. He led two civil subversions against the British Ministry of Magic under the identity of “Lord Voldemort”, by which he tend to overthrow the Fundamental Laws of Magic and establish a sinister, make a tyrannical world order run by pure-blood supremacists, and himself declared the immortal ruler of all time.

Other memorable wizards were:

  • Gellert Grindelwald
  • Peter Pettigrew
  • Amycus Carrie

4. Who are some of the coolest wizards?

Here are some of the top coolest and best wizards (fictional characters) that everyone absolutely loves!

  • Merlin (Arthurian Myth and Legend)
  • Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit)
  • Glinda the Good Witch (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Yoda (Star Wars Franchise)
  • Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter Books)
  • Rand al’Thor (The Wheel of Time)
  • Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files)
  • Prospero (The Tempest)

5. What do you call a powerful mage?

A ‘sorceress’ is known as a more powerful witch than others as they endure the sharp abilities others lack. Most importantly, the word sorcery often resonated with a high level of black magic that comes into use for evil purposes.

Moreover, this kind of magic requires a lot of practice and experience in this field. That’s why sorceresses and sorcerers ( used for males) are remembered whenever high skills of magic are needed.

Sometimes, these sorceresses can be good too, but their general perception of being the evil ones has led to ignorance of this fact.


To conclude, adopting a wizard name can light up your world! It holds the power to embrace the inquisitiveness and beauty of magic life offers us!

Also, this article is loaded with samples to rock on your gaming adventures, or character naming or having to find a wizardry name for your baby!

Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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